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 Past Days "The First Day of the Jobs Exam." (Work Post)

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Past Days "The First Day of the Jobs Exam." (Work Post) Empty
PostSubject: Past Days "The First Day of the Jobs Exam." (Work Post)   Past Days "The First Day of the Jobs Exam." (Work Post) EmptySat Jul 01 2017, 00:06

The next day seemed to be far away as Toshi was awaken by a strange scent in his room. Opening one eye slowly he turned his head to see the flowers by his bed side. Turning to the away from them to face the wall that his bed was against he started thinking to himself why she even put them in his room. But sighing lightly he turned back over only to see eyes beaming at him. Blinking at this for a short second he turned back around to close his eyes only to mumble under his sheets.

“What are you doing…”

The female smiled poking him on the back to nudge him a bit. Taking her palm she would place it softly on his back to nudge more before having to crawl into the bed cuddling with him while he was under the blanket. Sighing to this Toshi just ignored it for a bit before she would whisper into his ear softly with her lips slightly pressing against his ear lobe.

“You’re going to be late for the entrance exams for the police force you know.”

With that his eyes opened widen as he knocked her off the bed sitting up but hearing the loud thud of a body hitting the floor as Toshi rolled out of bed rushing into his closet to grab his clothing dressing up nicely for it all as he finished staring at his sister laying on the ground as she had a thumbs up for her being okay. Toshi placed his headphones on his head only to stare at her for a bit.

“Odd ball…you need to get up instead of laying there you know…”

Toshi noticed the time bowing to her as he ran out the room sliding down the hallway in his socks rushing to the front door. He’s father would peek around the corner only to see his son rush out the door in a hurry blinking to this the father turned to see the young woman walking down as her hair was a mess and she was rubbing her eyes. Blinking he sighed thinking to himself but then kept quiet about the two as he turned back to his papers.

Rushing downward past the shops Toshi could hear the horns going off for the starting of the ceremony making a sharp turn he stopped for a bit looking over at the entrance way as the officers that told him about the exams were waiting at the front with excited expressions on their faces the younger one looked over bowing to the Hyuuga.

“You made it just in time they were getting ready to explain the rules to it all just as you heard the horns going off so please follow the brick path to the section where everyone will be located at we will be rooting for you at the stands.”

The younger officer smiled having his hand wave down showing the path as Toshi nodded rushing off as he did not hear a word they said as the headphones were playing music he was able to read the lips from the younger officer rushing off to the location of everyone else. As he came to the area the officer’s chief was speaking from the alter.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it brings me great pride to welcome you all to the entrance exams for the police force. Here we test your skills in fighting combat but also solutions that way we can see how well you act under pressure to see if you are even ready for it all, if you perform well then we will start with the talk of everything else so please begin with the first set of rules breaking up into a group of two this will test the partner skills.”

Toshi blinked only to see the younger officer waving over to him as Toshi walked over as the younger officer smiled leaning over to whisper into his ear.

“We can be a team because of the fact this is the entrance exam for me as well, I’m Daichi by the way it’s a pleasure to meet you Toshi correct?”

Toshi nodded to that as he knew the man heard his name from somewhere before as its not very hard for his sister to keep her mouth closed. After several minutes the entrance exams was about to begin as everyone had found a partner the chief came back to the alter with a smile on his face as he took out two scrolls one was white the other was black as he tilted his head Toshi was a bit confused for a second.

“Okay now that you are all in a team, we shall be passing around a number this number will allow you to come over to the tent picking a scroll one will read Yin the other will read Yang in order for you to get pass the first test you must be able to see which team has what and there are a lot of people so please be sure to play it off carefully on what you want to do with everything and use all tools that you have that includes your brains.”

Toshi nodded to the information that was gathered quickly continuing everyone that was in the area nodding to them as he finished turning to his partner. To pull him down to explain to him the plan of how things were going around.

“Hey…so from what I can tell you it is an odd number meaning 1 team will have a scroll that is extra that either we need or don’t need. That means we will not need to worry about one team…”

His partner Daichi was amazed at the age of the young boy was able to gather the information as he watched the boy leaned forward only to have his eyes activate the byakugan as everyone was getting different numbers odds and even as they walked into the tent. As he tried to focus on the tent it seemed to be blocking his vision before long he sighed heavily before thinking to changing his plan a bit.

Toshi leaned over to poke Daichi as they got their number to head into the tent. Daichi turned to see Toshi was trying to get his attention as he leaned over trying to figure out what the plan was.

“What’s wrong Toshi?” < Daichi stared at him but leaned over to listen.

“Okay…so the number we have is odd was able to scan everyone’s number and it was a total of five odds and only six evens that five includes us by the way so we have to get ready to go in and see what scroll we get understood.”

Toshi explained as Daichi nodded as they both walked in to get their scroll after hearing their number be called out they soon walked in grabbing the scroll as they turned to head out but was stopped suddenly by another Hyuuga member leaning over to Toshi to smile whispering into his ear.

“The byakugan may show you what others have but…that does not mean what you see is truth…”

The man leaned up smiling as he walked away leaving them to think about it all before the chief came walking back to the alter once more to explain something.

“Good you all got the scrolls wonderful now…the fun part collect the scrolls however as long as you are holding them…I will say this is an all out fight to see how well you can track also locate a target to defend someone from getting hurt good luck everyone.”

Shortly after finishing one team was yelling as they suddenly vanished, then another, then another until Toshi looked over at Daichi and they both looked at the scroll only to be warped as well to a different location which was in the middle of a forest sighing to this Toshi had his byakugan active to see what was happening around the area. Soon from the blue a team came ambushing them before long as Toshi blocked only to double punch one in the stomach then face but Daichi turned quickly grappling the other tossing him to the ground holding him calmly.

“Nice work Daichi…”

The younger officer nodded before holding the person down. Now came the other person whom was knocked out after the two hits leaving them to question the examinee that decided to ambush the team.

“What scroll do you have, cause your partner is out cold, you are pinned and well I’ll beat the living shit out of you if you do not tell…”

Toshi was cracking his knuckles as the pinned person yelled out, “We…we do not have a scroll.”

Thinking about it Toshi stared at Daichi wondering what that meant as they checked Daichi’s bag pulling out the scroll but they turned to look at the person once more confused.

“What do you mean you do not have a scroll?” Toshi questioned the person carefully trying to gather the information.

“When we walked into the tent the man said, something about the light covers the dark but the dark covers the light. I do not know what it meant but he pushed to leave again.”

Toshi thought about it more as he was gathering the information carefully then came to wonder something as he leaned over at the target saying softly.

“What was your number an even or odd?”

The man blinked saying, “It was even why?!”

Thinking about it Toshi turned thinking about it marking off what he figured in the dirt have the other two gather around him as he pointed to the ground.

“That means the number of teams was going to be an odd to begin with, meaning every other odd and even has scrolls while the others do not. Making it even harder to locate or even to know when someone will attack having the correct scroll, which would mean…they odds of fighting and finding the correct scroll increased but also lowered on the other end. Cause now its either wait or ambush a team that does not have a scroll or has the wrong scroll versus the one that has the correct scroll leaving us to wonder what we should do next.”

Both men blinked at the young hyuuga as he gathered that much from what spoken between until he turned looking over at them smiling even more.

“So…I wonder…”

Using the byakugan once more he looked into the pouch of the both the shinobis as he pointed saying.

“You have a scroll take it out of your pouch.”

The man blinked saying, “I do not I tell you!”

Taking out his pouch he pulled everything out only to show that the piece of paper with the number on it. But to the naked eyes it was just a number but to the byakugan it was the scroll.

“So that’s what he meant…Daichi let’s leave them be and continue heading back to headquarters.”

Daichi blinked as they rush to dart off towards the police headquarters as the male that ambushed them smiled as they vanished turning to see his partner sit up with a smile on his face nodding.

“That kid is quick to gather that information and solve the puzzle that fast…here I thought it would take him a while at least.”

They both vanished leaving the scene only to have Daichi and Toshi rushing back to the police headquarters several minutes to arrive with the chief staring at them as they both appeared within the section as Toshi walked slowly over pointing to the chief.

“Why hand us both items at once, that’s what I’d like to know…”

Daichi looked over at Toshi wondering what he meant by that as the chief stared at the young boy.

“What do you mean boy?”

Toshi pulled his scroll and then the paper with the number on it pointing to them.

“The scroll is fine when I see it but the paper on the other hand seems normal until I use my byakugan to which it’s the other scroll Yin. So why hand off the scrolls to us if we already had them within our hands the time you gave them to us.”

The chief laughed with amusement as he clapped his hands to the young hyuuga boy as he walked over to him as he began to explain his reason for hiding the scroll in plain sight.

“You see…we do not see what is right under our noses, however when we try to look for the items or the things we want we get blinded by what we really need to see in front of us. As you noticed I’m sure you were ambushed for a scroll as the team was defeated by you but then on your search you found nothing correct? So then why give teams different numbers and leave every other team to locate both scrolls. It would mean that you notice what was wrong with the scene. Which you did when you scanned everything, using the “tools” I told everyone to use. Which you did, so tell me Daichi how did Toshi do on your scale of 1 to 10 of performance?”

Daichi smiled as Toshi turned to see the man smiling at him only to say, “Excellent he was quick to gather information at the beginning even by breaking the teams up to whom would get what but until he noticed something was wrong he quickly changed his battle plan and then turned to decided to change the actions of his first plan and play it out by steps as he continued to move carefully. Even after teleporting he kept a calm and level head as he took care of one target leaving me to pin and corner the other target but instead of having them finished he questioned them with short questions but rather quickly to obtain the information that you saw that he presented before you.

Over all…the young boy has a skill of this I believe he will do great on the force with his brute force but also with his skills of gathering. So I would give him flying colors with a mark of 10 out of 10.”

The Police Chief smiled nodding at him as he walked over towards Hyuuga Toshi to extend his hand out for a handshake as Toshi was smiling accepting it as the chief nodded calmly saying to him.

“Welcome to the Force, Toshi you passed the exam now with that I shall be sending you pay today for today because you displayed a wonderful show of every bit of skill you had. So go and get some rest we will call on you for everything that comes up and I want you ready for the first day.”

Toshi nodded then bowed to everyone as he was smiling darting off heading to his home with a big smile on his face leaving the other Hyuuga to walk from the corner knowing he’d figure out but knew the hint would help a bit more for him as he turned to see the others smiling shaking their heads walking off turning his attention to them he smiled at them knowing why.

“What I did not do anything wrong, I just gave him a hint is all.”

Toshi had made it home finally smiling as he walked into the door with his sister jumping from the top step hugging him tightly Toshi leaned forward thinking to himself as to why she was on him but sighed and just melted into her warmth as he lifted his hands up embracing her hug. She blushed heavily confused for a moment but just melted into his touch thinking to herself.

‘I wish I could stay like this…with just you…’

The night seemed quiet down as he turned to gaze into her lovely brown eyes as he smiled at her before turning to head upstairs blushing.


The boy was starting to get feelings for her, he knew that it would be odd cause some know her background but even more so he knew that it was not his true sister by blood but a child his father saved but even more so. Could it be wrong to love someone that was saved by your family in the end he knew he’d love her until the time was right for both of them to be together.

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Past Days "The First Day of the Jobs Exam." (Work Post)
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