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Clan in the Work
Thu Aug 09 2018, 19:34 by Grave Breaker
”Kokushu Clan Clan” wrote:
<- Kokushu Clan ->
>This clan is a strange one as they are not truly grouped together but it’s a clan with a clan. They each have a clan leader based upon some powers they control. The one to become a king obtains a higher power then any others member of the clan member. They are based upon color if born one is able to choose the power by touching an object shaped like a blade. Once accepted this starts the …

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Sorry for being gone
Wed Aug 08 2018, 09:38 by Omnicron
Hello everyone,

Sorry for not being able to message or be online I had gone to a wedding last next but afterwards found out my grandfather had passed. Because of my family being under grief I have been watching over my family. I will be on tonight and give heads up to things. Im sorry again.

Thank you,

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Guess whose back... again
Fri Aug 03 2018, 17:24 by Raijoku
Hehe, I've considered my retirement but now that I have a tablet I can now check in on the site, about to make a return like never before lol.

Grave I need you to get a hold of me either through text or email. I need to know your times so we can talk n catch up I need a full 411 rundown yo.

Haya, I hope you are ready for your rival to return ????????????????
Awwwwww yeah the demon lord of …

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