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As of Today (6/11/18)
June 11th 2018, 10:33 by Omnicron
+ The character known as Uchiha Hayabusa has fallen in battle against a strong foe, the character's body was recovered by Suna Shinobi and hidden in respects to his powers and grand abilities.

Anything of Uchiha Hayabusa will be auctioned off. The way this is done is a each member is allowed to roll 1d20 whatever it lands on is what they obtain. This is limited to only 1 time use! if another …

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Where's all the white women at?!
June 10th 2018, 01:18 by MasterFlutter
I have returned from the valley of the storms, its shit but i'm back bitches!

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Jidai Update: v3.0.1
June 9th 2018, 17:04 by Omnicron
x Hello ladies and gentlemen,
This message was posted up a while back but its called a repost to give you all a fair amount of information of what has changed or what you are walking into. The site is a bit much for most but its easy to get started as I will enjoy watching each of your characters grow as I join in everyone's RPs. Some places are still being worked on cause of the coding we used …

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