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New Things to come...
Naruto Jidai - Jidai Intro EmptyFri Nov 02 2018, 13:07 by Omnicron
New Changes are never too bad.

- Good [Morning, Afternoon, Evening] Everyone,

I'm here to help announce that I will be working on the next set up for season three. When will it start I'm hoping to have it all taken care off by December and started up in Jan 1st. That way it can start a new year with a blast and also hoping everyone gets time and use to the systems.

First notice....

+ Player's you will be allowed to now …

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Ending Event [Date: 9/22/18]
Naruto Jidai - Jidai Intro EmptySat Sep 22 2018, 20:31 by Omnicron
< = Ending Event = >

Hello NJ Members,

- - - This is the notice and ruling of all battles to come now. The barrier that kept the dragons sealed from entering and staying in our dimension has been lifted. For some that would mean praise however this is not what it means. As humans betrayed the dragons by having them all sealed they are now free and not allies to humans. This has now sparked a war between the two …

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Dark Background and no Theme
Naruto Jidai - Jidai Intro EmptySat Sep 15 2018, 14:46 by Grave Breaker
So yeah, I noticed something for anyone that is having this issue still. The site is breaking because of either browser or some form of coding that is on the end of the Forumotion themselves cause Firefox I do not have any issues with it on background but on my phone I do. Soooo yyeeeeeah. Yall is welcums

- GB -

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