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 Past Days pt2.5 "The First Day of the Job." (Work Post)

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Past Days pt2.5 "The First Day of the Job." (Work Post) Empty
PostSubject: Past Days pt2.5 "The First Day of the Job." (Work Post)   Past Days pt2.5 "The First Day of the Job." (Work Post) EmptyThu Jun 29 2017, 21:44

The night was long for Toshi as he had begun staring outside his window to notice the cloudy weather thinking about the sunlight just made him seem more depressed as he placed his headset on to listen to his music. Nodding his he smiled once again thinking of the time with his sister.

- Past Day –

Reading a newspaper the hyuuga father turned to see the young female working on the dishes as she had finished with breakfast with her father. Snapping her fingers she had turned to glance at the old man only to waltz over taking a knee at the table to place her hands within her lap.

“I have a question for you father?”

The hyuuga turned his attention back over to his paper before placing it down shifting his seat to stare at her for a bit. He placed his hands on his lap as he watched waiting to see her how she would respond with asking him something.

“What is the question for you?”

She started playing with her hair for a bit leaning forward, blushing lightly she turned away laughing and giggling like a school girl before she turned back to ask him.

“Do you think…I’m able to become a wife?”

Blinking to the question he let out a small laugh before waving his hand at her to shake his head softly before turning to grab his green tea taking a small sip from it. Then turning his attention over to her nodding softly he knew why she even asked but to keep her spirits high he answered nicely.

“Of course you are able to become a wife, you will make a fine wife at that.”

She turned to think about it as well, jumping up to run back over to the dishes to clean them again smiling big with her eyes closed. As Toshi was getting dressed for the morning walking around his room trying to find his headphones before he heard his father calling to him.

“Toshi…Hyuuga Toshi you are going to be late for work!”

Hearing that Toshi sighed trying to forget he had jobs he had to run and deal with. Before long he nodded to himself as he smiled in the mirror checking his teeth after brushing them, fixing his hair as he smiled giving himself a wink as he darted off to head down the stairs smiling at his father.

“No worries…I’m all set bye everyone!”

Rushing out the door quickly as he had slipped into his shoes his sister came running to say bye but stopped herself sighing as he had already took off at the door with her sighing she turned to her father then turned walking away. Leaving the hyuuga father to sigh heavily shaking his head at her and then his own son.

“That boy will never learn…she’s not his sister…”

Toshi hurried down the dirt path heading over to the owner of the store that he had helped save merchandise from some thieves. Sighing as he walked into the store hearing the bell chim at him as he walked in. The elderly man came leaning over the counter.

“Oh well if its not my old friend, Toshi!”

Toshi waved at the elderly man before having to run into the back to get his uniform on for work. The old man shook his head at the young hyuuga as the boy came back with a white apron and black pants and a white t-shirt. He also tied a hair band on him to keep the dust from coming into his hair as he started sweeping up the store, getting it cleaned and ready for opening.

After finishing the store had opened several minutes later with him having to get the final touches on the sell signs done. Breathing he turned over to see the old man talking with people he gave the strange look at Toshi for a bit which he knew what that meant as Toshi rushed off to his break smiling. He slid to the backroom as he laid back thinking to himself.

‘That old man knows how to make me work, at least he’s nice enough to let me just relax at least.’

Soon the door bell chimed once again as the elderly man said, “Welcome!” before a sudden pause he noticed whom it was and was shocked to see how the person was dressed.

“Oh well now, are you going on a date there dear?”

Toshi heard date and dear, thinking the old man had a daughter as he leaned to take a peek it was not his daughter at all. But it was Toshi’s so called sister, as she was in a yellow top with a yellow skirt on as though she was heading to a school or something. This left him blinking confused but was amazed to see her like that thinking to himself she was pretty. But the only thing about it, he could not do anything as he was too young as is and she was older than him by only 2 years. Sitting back he thought about marriage when he got older and closed his eyes thinking about it.

The elderly man listen and spoke with Toshi’s sister for a bit longer before having to wave good bye to her as she left but Toshi’s break was over but the old man came back to see that Toshi’s daze caused him to sleep basically while on break. Shaking his head the old man poked Toshi a bit and smiled at him.

“Hey boy wake up before you completely fall asleep on your shift.”

Toshi woke up blinking a bit as he turned wondering if his sister was still in the shop before long turned to see the old man smile at him shaking his head before turning to have Toshi come back out to teach him a few things about the shop and what to expect if he was ever going to run a shop of his own. Toshi thought about it for a bit just kept to himself about it all before nodding to every kind of item within the shop from healing to poisons to even weapons and training gears that were all located within the plaza allowing him for purchased. Before long though the old man snapped his fingers turning to Toshi.

“Hey…can you run over to the weapon shop and get some items from me, its shipment that was suppose to come in today but it came early and I was closed so they dropped it off to the next store for me. Mind if you could get it for me?”

Toshi nodded to the elderly man as he went to get his shoes, walking outside with everything still on taking a small jog over towards the weapon shop. Walking into the store he noticed the many different weapons and nin tools. Turning his attention to everything that sharp and pointy the weapon shop owner came from the counter to stare at the young man confused as to why they were dressed in a shop uniform, as they were not working for him.

“Hey kid…need help with something?”

Jumping back he stared at the giant for a before smiling big nodding at the person with his headset on.

“yes sir, I’m here for an order from the old man at the item shop by any chance do you have it?”

The tall figure placed their hand on their chin rubbing softly as one could hear the scratching of the beard before raising a finger to walk off to the back leaving Toshi to blink confused for a bit. Soon the tall gentleman returned with a small box handing it to Toshi.

“Yes this came in for him, its seemed to be a supply for ointment. But as the old man is never open on the third day of the week I took it for him please give it to him I’m sure he may need it quickly.”

Toshi nodded but bowed before taking the box from the gentleman rushing out to deliver the items to the old man that was in need of them. Toshi was soon stopped by two police officers staring at him for a bit before nodding to him.

“Hey…are you not Hyuuga Toshi?”

The younger officer asked as the one with a mustache looked at Toshi pointing at him confused for a bit as he was trying to figure out how this young boy could be the one that did so much damage to thief that stole from the item store owner.

“No way…this kid is the one that did that stuff to that man?”

Toshi tilted his head as he couldn’t hear them really well as he was wearing the headphones but lifting to remove one side Toshi was able to capture what they were speaking of as he could read some lips.

“Yes, I’m Hyuuga Toshi why?”

The younger officer leaned at the other officer poking him on the chest, “Told you motion.” It left the other officer turning away crossing his arms pouting in which Toshi stared for a bit a before mumbling under his breath.

“Stop, being a baby…”

Releasing a soft sigh as the younger officer turned back to Toshi with a smile.

“Hey why not join the police force, tomorrow I know they are doing the entrance exams if you are willing do to it. I’m sure you already have a clear spot in for it all if anything cause of the way you handled that thief last time what do you say?”

Thinking the young Hyuuga would be a great addition to the force as well with his brute force of handling people. It would make a find idea for Toshi to even join as he was not to worried about it all or about joining the police force for that matter. Nodding to it Toshi placed his headphones all the way back down glancing at the officers.

“Sure I’m not doing anything at all tomorrow I’m off work anyway because the old man just asks that I help once a week at least that way I can focus on school as well.”

Both officers nodded to the young man they knew he’d be happy to join them.

“Awesome, well if you pass the exams you can finally join the forces that help with Konoha plus you’d be a perfect addition to the force to help with the crimes that have been happening around the village and a few towns.”

Toshi nodded as he placed his headphones back on to get ready to leave them as he still had the box to deliver to the elderly man. He quickly ran off listening to his music as he made it back before the old man turned lifting his hands to the air worried about Toshi as the young boy was breathing heavily.

“There you are I was worried about you I almost called the weapon shop owner to see when you left.”

Toshi blinked before handing the box over bowing to the elderly man take a step back to answer to elderly man as to what happen and the reason it was taking him so long to returned as he explained the police force entrance exam. The elderly man thought about it blinking for a second before nodding to the boy.

“That would be perfect for you as well as the brute force of handling anyone that tries anything on you. Make sure you report that to your father tomorrow but at the moment its getting late and you should be heading home and resting if you are going to be ready for it.”

Toshi thought about it and nodded to the elderly man as he went to go change out of his uniform in the backroom, turning to leave he waved to the elderly man running out the shop heading home for tomorrow was going to be a different day for him.


Work Post: Shop Worker Job

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Past Days pt2.5 "The First Day of the Job." (Work Post)
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