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 Custom Clan's

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PostSubject: Re: Custom Clan's   Sat Jun 30 2018, 17:17

Kogeta Clan
The Kogeta have been a suna village clan for a long time, they at one time served the Kazekage but that was long ago. Too many rogue ninja started coming out of their clan and they fell out of favor for the kazekage’s advisors. Since that time the Kogeta have attempted to instill a fierce loyalty in their younger generations as well as the secrets of the clan. Kogata ninja have a natural affinity for the Shakuton combination element and most are born with the katon and fuuton, the stronger ones are also naturally good at Scorch release. The Kogeta however are still somewhat bitter at the clans from the hidden leaf, even now instilling at least a mild distrust of the leaf ninja and at worst an utter resentment. This is due to a past experience of being nearly wiped out by one of the prominent clans of the leaf.

Clan Emblem

Clan Type: Kekkei Genkai

Clan Elements: Clan members must start with these elements.
- Katon
- Fuuton
- Shakuton (Scorch)

Clan Positions:

Clan Abilities:

Clan Techniques:
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PostSubject: Re: Custom Clan's   Sat Jun 30 2018, 20:27

Seeing another Suna Clan brings a smile to my face and only a few words I can say,
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PostSubject: Re: Custom Clan's   Sun Jul 01 2018, 00:41

I'm updating the Jiin clan to make sure it meets the new standards.
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PostSubject: Re: Custom Clan's   Sun Jul 01 2018, 07:43

Alright . ^^ send me a link when you do. Btw we have a new chat presence over discord. Let me get you a link. '

That is the discord channel and a lot of new people so if you want to chat live you can. But yeah i think you said something about lack of discord or something. It doesn't matter. anyway i look forward to see the changes. THanks.

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PostSubject: Re: Custom Clan's   Wed Aug 15 2018, 00:02

Presenting my very first custom clan and the dawn of a new spiritual age... enter the Kamigawa!

< - Kamigawa Clan - >

Clan Crest:

( - Clan Hierarchy - )

x Clan Founder: Minamo Kamigawa
x Clan Leader: n/a
x Clan Second in Command: n/a

During the early dawn of Ninshu, many students had dedicated itself to act as students to the spiritual arts. Often scholars, madoshi, priests and monks, they formed a group to pacify or banish evil spirits that plagued the mortal plane. One clan stood out among them as having mastered the techniques to open the veil between the worlds, and commune directly to the ancient spirits that existed parallel with our world.

One day, a young maiden priestess searched through the veil and called forth a spirit right into the physical world. His name was Minamo, a water spirit. Benevolent and wise, the spirit bestowed knowledge to the clan, teaching them about the spirit world and arts to help them use the same energies to better their world. Though he was aware of the darkness that mankind was capable of, the sincere dedication the clan showed to balance, peace and knowledge renewed his hope in man. Becoming at home in this world, he soon took human form—to live and act among the members of his clan. In due time, the spirit and the priestess who summoned him fell in love and were married.

Through this union, a contract was forged between the spirits and those of the Kamigawa. Their chakra, potent with more spiritual energy than any other, was tied to the same energies that made the Spirit World. As a result, the clan became bridges for the very spirits to come through into the shinobi world.

As centuries past, the Kamigawa had remained neutral in the disputes of the world at large, not affiliated with any nation. They kept their abilities hidden, as to not draw the attention of those who might want to abuse their abilities—or act in fear from what they could do.

Those who do find the Kamigawa act in either envy or fear—for they harbor powers almost akin to those of Jinchuriki—and often result in the same reaction people of old had.

Sacred Sites:

( - Clan - Types - )

+ - Ancestral Kamigawa Successor - >
> The direct bloodline of the original Kamigawa clan since the time of the Sage of Six Paths. Since then, those born from Minamo Kamigawa bloodline, carry the power to be the bridge themselves that allow spirits to cross over and adapt their own bodies as if they were spirits themselves. They are physically humans, but are part-spirit as their souls and chakra transcend this world.
+ Limit: [6/6]
[Clan Abilities:] Asura Type = Gain +15% Suiton at birth. | Indra type = Gain +15% Fuuton at birth
+ Gain one clan technique of choice (excluding Kami-Control requirement jutsu)

Restrictions: Cannot make a mercenary from this branch. + Must be born in River Country

+ - Spirit-Touched Kamigawa - >
> Over time, the Kamigawa had many students and learned to use spiritual energy. Though not to the same potency as those of Minamo Kamigawa's heirs, their chakra have undergone changes to become more attune to spiritual forces. Those born directly into the Kamigawa clan. They possess the power of the spirits within their very blood, making them almost part spirit. They have a deep understanding and respect of the spirit world and can easily manipulate the energies of this world into the physical world.
+ Effect: Int & Sanity get 50% more at birth + Gain one clan technique of choice (excluding Kami-Control requirement jutsu)
+ Limit: -----

+ - Awakened Kamigawa: Disciple - >

> Though not true Kamigawa clan members, exposure to the special chakra the clan possesses can trigger an awakening in a person’s spirit. This results in manifesting an incarnation of their very soul akin to the spirits. These are people who admire to the Kamigawa’s teachings enough to devote themselves to their clan and cause.
+ Effect: (TBA)
+ Limit:  - - - -
+ Restrictions: Cannot learn “Uchugan “ or "Avatar"  + Must meet and be accepted by a player of Kamigawa clan that has “Uchugan” + Infuse Chakra with new member to awaken the spirit within.


+-Blessed Soul ->
>  Those of the Kamigawa clan are blessed by the spirit world. Not only does their gifts allow them knowledge of that world, but their inner strength is exceptionally large compared to a normal human, as well as their chakra.
+Type: Passive
+Effect: Int +10 & Chakra +25% [Birth] [Permanently]
+Cost: Birth

+-Ancestral Soul ->
>  Those from a direct descendant of the first madoshi of the Kamigawa are not completely human. The power of spirits literally flows through their veins, making their chakra far stronger than most humans can be.  
+Type: Passive
+Effect: Int & Sanity +15 & Chakra +50%  [Birth] [Permanently]
+Cost: Birth
+Restrictions: Ancestral Descendant Branch only. + Cannot obtain Blessed Soul.  

+ - Spirit Fusion - >
> As the clan mastered the power over the spirits, they learn how they are entwine with the physical world and the elements within it. They have learned to use the same method of combining chakra natures just as other clans have—with the aid of the spirits themselves.
+ Type: Passive
+ Effect: Treat this effect same as “Mix Elements”
+Cost: 1000 AP

+ - “I am thou, thou art I…” - >
+ The Kamigawa are a bridge between the spirit world and their world. Literally. Their very bodies are similar to portals to allow these spirits to cross over— and to do the spirits become bound to the chakra of those who summon them. The two enter a contract that allows the Spirit to share its chakra and powers with its summoner. This bond is very similar to the relationship with a Jinchuriki and their Tailed Beasts, becoming a temporary host for the spirit’s power and chakra known as 'Avatars' or "Demi-Kami".
< Type: Passive (Activate on summon)
< Effect: Unlock Kami-Control Gauge and Kami-Summoning + “Kami“ Summon and Summoner share resources, elements, and abilities between them.
< Price: 1000 AP

+ - Postcognition - >
> Due to the nature of the Kamigawa, they have an extreme psychic awareness. Through physical contact with a person or object, one is able to have visions of an individual’s past. Through focus and training, one can find specific details via this gift.
+ Type: Inactive
+ Effect: Gain 1 piece of IC knowledge from target.
+ Restrictions: Must be a past event a character/item has done, not future or plans. + Can only be performed once per week.
+Cost: 500 AP

+ - Tamashī Kanchi - Soul Perception - >
> The Kamigawa not only can see the spirit world—they can see the spiritual energies within their own world. This includes other human’s spiritual energies or more easily defined as souls. For a shinobi with sensory potential, they can perceive and track individuals souls through this trait far more accurately than most.  Also via the Uchugan, one can track the soul’s location and their wavelength to follow it even from great distances.
+ Type: Passive
x Effect: Sanity + Intelligence + Awareness = Spiritual Detection Limit
x Requirement: 1000 AP + Trade: Awareness Detection

Clan Doujutsu: Uchūgan
"The Cosmic Eye"

+ With deep meditation and spiritual awakening, the eyes of the Kamigawa clan can awaken the power of the Uchugan. The whole of the eye becomes veiled in a starry energy, and the iris of the eye becomes negative in color. The same mysterious chakra seeps from the eye as one’s spiritual energy overflows to transform the user’s vision. Though this powerful doujutsu, one can see beyond the boundaries of their world to see what was once unseen. It is even said to transcend the laws of reality into what the user wishes. With the eyes, one may freely see beyond the veil of the physical world into that of the spiritual world where the entities there live.

Doujutsu Abilities:

Kami Summons :

The Kamigawa have a long history of working with the spirits of the spirit realm. Their chakra is akin to the energy and essence of the spirits themselves. As a result, the connection gives them a form of contract with the same spirits that reside in that parallel realm. These spirits can govern forces beyond most animals in the shinobi world, and work in conjunction with the chakra natures of those who summon them. These entities are known more commonly as “Spirit Beasts” , great creatures that are physical manifestations of our world via the Kamigawa’s unique chakra.

Access to Kami summons, Aka, Spirit Beasts requires reputation grown among the spirit world. Training for Kamigawa summons act similar to “Chakra Control/Kekkei Genkai/Nature Control” , using 3 TP. Also similar to Bijuu-control, this is done either by learning to harness the spirit’s energy OR growing closer with the summons in particular for a more mutual friendship.

Kami-Control: 0-100% Mastery.

Kami-Summon Chart wrote:

< Kami Spirit Beast C rank >
+ Summons a spirit roughly of a smaller animal to human-sized animal from the spirit world. They are mostly lesser familiars but have the potential to grow. They are not superiorly strong compared to other spirits but can last much longer.
+ Cost for Creation: 200 AP
+ Attributes: Character [Base] Attributes +200 | Lv: 5
+ Kami-Control Required: 25%
+ Summon Cost: -20%
+ Known Element: 2 | Start: 40%
+ Hijutsu Count + Total Jutsu Count: 2 + 6
+ Max: 1 Summon {C} Rank
+ Limit: 40 Turns

< Kami Summon B (Medium) Rank >
+ A full size spirit that ranges from a creature of inhumane size to a humanoid creature. They normally take on the forms of both animals, but also inhumane shapes, legendary heroes or demi-gods.
+ Cost for Creation: 300 AP
+ Attributes: Character [Base] Attributes +250 | Lv: 15
+ Kami-Control Required: 50%
+ Summon Cost: -25%
+ Known Element: 2 | Start: 60%
+ Hijutsu Count + Total Jutsu Count: 2 + 6
+ Max: 1 Summon {B} Rank | 2 Summons {C} Rank
+ Limit: 30 Turns

< Jounin - Summon A (Large) Rank Creature >
+ Calls upon mighty spirits from the spirit world that govern the physical world. These summons often take the shape of either gigantic creatures or beasts, or god-like incarnations viewed by our world. They can command various forces of nature when brought into our world.
+ Cost for Creation: 400 AP
+ Attributes: Character [Base] Attributes +350 | Lv: 55
+ Kami-Control Required: 75%
+ Summon Cost: -30%
+ Known Element: 3 | Start: 80%
+ Hijutsu Count + Total Jutsu Count: 3 + 6
+ Max: 1 Summon {A} Rank | 2 Summons {B} Rank | 4 Summons {C} Rank
+ Limit: 20 Turns

< Kage | Sannin - Summon S (Huge | Legendary Beasts) Rank Creature >
+ The strongest spirits capable in the spirit world, even those the Kamigawa are reluctant to summon as contracting with them require deep favors with them. Either by earned respect, or deals. These spirits demand respect. They take the form of incarnations of man’s gods or ancient beings like the long-forgotten dragons or beasts of legend.
+ Cost for Creation: 500 AP
+ Attributes: Character [Base] Attributes +400 | Lv: 75
+ Kami-Control Required: 100%
+ Summon Cost: -40%
+ Known Element: 4 | "Legendary Beasts Information" | Start: 100%
+ Hijutsu Count + Total Jutsu Count: 4 + 6 “Legendary Beasts Information”
+ Max: 1 Summon {S} Rank | 2 Summons {A} Rank | 4 Summons {B} Rank | 6 Summons {C} Rank
+ Limit: 10 Turns

In addition to site abilities, Kami summons have access to unique abilities that set them apart from others. These abilities may be purchased upon creation
Kami/Spirit Abilities:

( - Clan Styles - )

+Onmyoudouji: Art of Talisman Seal Mantra+
> A unique power only usable by the Kamigawa Clan. Through a state of focus and clarity of mind, they can manifest talismans out of chakra and control them through the air telekinetically.  The flow of the talismans and combination of the seals show the same chakra molding means to launch jutsu against an enemy.
+ Type: Inactive
+ Limit: ------
+ Effect: No hand signs are needed to wield fuinjutsu + ninjutsu. | Fuin jutsu costs halfed. | +5% chakra to create required seal tags if fuin jutsu requires it.
+ Requirement:  Must be Kamigawa Clan.

( - Clan Techniques - )

+ - Kamigawa Hiden: Spectral Repulse - +
> Manifests one’s soul-wavelength into a physical barrier, capable of repelling attacks. The stronger one’s focus, the more potent the barrier becomes.
+ Type: Defense
+ Chakra Cost: 20%
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 1 + ?
+Effect: Block Target attack. Blocked Damage = 50% of Soul Gauge + Immune to Direct Damage/ Piercing. + If blocking a melee/taijutsu/bukujutsu move, the enemy is stunned ( 1 turn)

+ - Hiden:  Soul Shackle  >
> Focusing on the ground, the user manipulates and open small points in the ground. Chains of spiritual energy emerge from the rifts and wrap around the target. The enemy is bound by the chains, tied in place by the caster’s willpower and focus.
+ Type: Offense + Supplementary
+ Chakra: 40%
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 3 (Unique) + ?
+ Effect: Restrained Status (Bind Strength = Soul Gauge (Int + Sanity)  Vs Opponent’s Brawn.)  +   Damage Dealt to bound target deals X 1.50 extra damage.  

+ - Hiden:  Celestial Sphere Bombardment >
> The caster conjures energy from the spirit world in the form of three spheres that appear around them. These spheres glow of an ethereal power, either as red, blue or purple in color, reflecting the caster’s soul. On closer look, starlight seem to shine within them as if part of the night sky—showing their spiritual origin. The caster uses his will to launch the spheres at a target. They deal a potency of spiritual energy, but also have an impact of the target’s psyche.
+ Type: Offense + Combo
+ Chakra: 30%
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 0 + ?
+ Damage:  35% of Dex
+ Combo & Effect: 3 + Damage = 25% of Soul + Enemy Sanity drops by 15% per hit.

+ - Hiden:  Dragoncall  >
> A Kamigawa art that works by using a spiritually charged kunai or blade, and slashing it in the air. The tears performed actually rip the veil between the real world and the spirit world. Using ninjutsu, the caster channels the raw energy from that realm into the form of two dragon-like projectiles, which fly around and strike in unison on the enemy.
+ Type: Offense
+ Chakra: 50%
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 0 + ?
+ Damage: 55% of Dex
+ Effect: Damage = 70% Soul Gauge (Int + Sanity) + Reduce Target Nexus Attribute by 25% if successful.

+ - Hiden:  Shishen Kuchiyose no Jutsu >
> The Spirits contracted to the Kamigawa are not created via drawn blood and hand signs, but via their own chakra itself acting as a doorway. Activating their chakra, or via other means, the Kamigawa can summon their contracted spirits at will without any such requirements. They emerge out of the user's own chakra, as if extensions of their bodies to manifest.  
+ Type: Supplimentary
+ Chakra: X= Based on Created Summon
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 0 + ?
+ Effect: Perform Kamigawa style summonings.  

+ - Hidan:  Ōbāsouru -- Over-soul >

> When partnered with a Kami summon, a member of the Kamigawa can use their chakra to not only give the spirit form—but transform it as well. As a result, they combine their chakra with the spirit’s to create a unified shape. The shape can vary from a weapon or adornment of some kind, but can also become a unified part of the summoner’s body. In short, they are able to turn the Spirit into a living- weapon.
*Acts as Weapon equipped to Character*
+ Type: Supplementary
+ Chakra: 50% (Upkeep=25% )
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 0 + ?
+ Effect: Summon become an equipped weapon (type declared at performance) + Summon stats are stacked on top of wielder when equip. Rarity (Super Rare) Weapon Dmg= ½ Summon’s Brawn  + Jutsu are shared between summoner and summon when equipped.
+Requirements + Restrictions: Effect of Sunder immediately ends transformation on Summon and cannot be transformed within summoned limit. + Summon limit reached = weapon state ends. + Requires 100% chakra control & 50% Kami-Mastery.

+ - Hiden: Jōtai no Abatā-- Avatar State >

> Though unnatural in the mortal world, spirits have means to possess items and individuals. Normally, the forced union could potentially kill the host. However, the Kamigawa can willingly offer their bodies and cooperate with the spirit—allowing them to become one entity in mind and body. The resulting mutual fusion causes both their chakras to transform the physical body. The style of this transformation varies from the adapted spirit, from a physical change in the host to a chakra-energy construction surrounding the caster. However, even for the Kamigawa, prolonged possession of their bodies can result in death.
+ Type: Supplementary
+ Chakra: 70% (Upkeep= 35%)
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 0 + ?
+ Effect: (Nexus) Attributes x2 + Can use Kami & Character Techniques, abilities and resources. (including HP)  
+Requirements + Restrictions: Kami-Mastery 100%  + Fusion ends at end of summon’s duration. + End of Transformation =Caster stats are halfed till healed.

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PostSubject: Re: Custom Clan's   

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Custom Clan's
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