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 Leaving: The Morning Storehouse of Two famous Clans.

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Leaving: The Morning Storehouse of Two famous Clans. Empty
PostSubject: Leaving: The Morning Storehouse of Two famous Clans.   Leaving: The Morning Storehouse of Two famous Clans. EmptySun Jul 01 2018, 15:07

That cloudy evening it seemed impossible for Toshi to think of anything else as he came to think more and more about that figure in the mask then the other Hyuuga clan member. He closed his eyes thinking for a bit more as to what he was going to do about it. Each time the thought crossed his mind he continued to worry more and more about his own place in the world. Coming into the room carefully the female that was married to him came placing her arms around him holding him tightly.

Kou: “What are you thinking about?”

Turning his eyes to her, he could only give a slight smile before telling her about the small bout with the strange figure that was outside their house. Staring at him Kou took a step back and sat beside him with a smile telling him.

Kou: “Why not go after them again, with how the world is traveling is freely now but with everyone we still need to be on guard on things, go after them and see what they can offer. I can wait for you again.”

She gave a smile kissing him softly before he turned to her and nodded as he stood up glancing at the sky and nodded.

Toshi: “Right…I will.”

As he gathered his things he finished packing for a trip once more as he turned to Kou. He knew things would be a bit different but at this moment in time. He knew he would come back to her.

Toshi: “I will return this time…I promise.”

She smiled knowing it to be true as he rushed from his window to start head off towards his next adventure. Rushing to the gates he smiled leaving the village waving to everyone has he was more excited then ever to start another adventure around the country side.

Time passed several hours of running down the dirt route he came to a stop and started to feel a swift in the wind before long a figure appeared with the blade drawn. Toshi began to spin with a great amount of speed pushing the person away. Only to stare them in shock, it was the figure from before. However Toshi left his guard down as he was captured by the other figuer in a full nelson.

Toshi: “SHIT!”

Tsukiyomi: “Hold on…I know you…you’re that Toshi person. What are you doing out here?”

Toshi: Turning away with a smirk on his face, “I wanted to come with you I wanted to see how you train and got stronger…”

Phantom was puzzled by this and looked over at Tsukiyomi whom was glancing at the also figure. Before long Tsukiyomi raised his hand to have Phantom let go as Tsukiyomi also took his sword placing it away.

Tsukiyomi: “You want to train and see how I got stronger, no I didn’t get stronger at all…but I will take you to someone that did…”

Turning his attentions over to Phantom they shook their head before turning to hear a voice coming from behind them.

Grave: “Is this what is taking you guys so long?”

A man wearing a mask and strange armor would appear before them. Tsukiyomi and Phantom knew who it was but it seemed to cause Toshi to question things a bit.

Tsukiyomi: “Yeah..well he wants to come and train with us…he’s looking to become stronger…”

Grave turned his eye over to the yellow eyed person and shrugged it off as he turned to look over at Tsukiyomi.

Grave: “That’s fine with me, did you get the mission completed like you were suppose to though?”

Tsukiyomi and Phantom stared at one another and sighed cause they got distracted cause of the male behind them.

Tsukiyomi: “No sir…”

Clapping his hands Grave leaned over and smiled under his mask.

Grave: “Well that’s wonderful news come on let’s head back!”

He placed his hand on to the ground and yelled out, “Open” soon the vortex would open as he turned over to the figure pointing to them.

Grave: “If you want to join us find by me…but remember this…you are free to leave when you feel like you’ve completed that goal of yours.”

Each one would walk into the vortex as Toshi was staring at it and then gripped his things as he walked into it as well leaving behind the fire country only to have a darkness swallow him whole. Before short time frame passed there light would shine and appear within a village filled with people as Toshi was now in a new location.

Grave turned his head and smiled saying, “Welcome to Hikari…”

Words: 773 [End]

257 Grave
258 Tsukiyomi
258 Toshi
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Leaving: The Morning Storehouse of Two famous Clans. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Leaving: The Morning Storehouse of Two famous Clans.   Leaving: The Morning Storehouse of Two famous Clans. EmptySun Jul 01 2018, 22:46

Back at the riverside…

Shao felt the stranger was gone now and his focus finally diverted to what matter. Or lack of matter anyway.

Splash! Once again he nearly tumbled into the water. He wished he had done more tree climbing training on his own as this was much different. He had to adjust how his chakra moved and pushed on each millimeters against his feet to keep above the water. Because water was a fluent element,they had to adjust to every shift in the water. While Shao wobbled a bit for balance he was able to stay standing on the water most of the time. Mari was better than him as while her legs trembled she never fell into the river. Sweat did dot her forehead to show how much concentration she exhorted. Kyle on the other hand…

“Whaaah!”Spash!! Kyle fell in a dozen times. What peaceful state of mind Shao tried to keep his focus was cut off by his shouts and the inevitable rant rant followed. “Damnit! This is stupid! What sort of guy walked on water anyway!!”

From the riverbank Yasha looked on , his mask keeping any tell of emotion at Kyle’s outburst. “The angrier you get, the harder it is to focus, Kyle,” he warned with an exhale.

“Focus won’t keep me from --- blubbbl--- *spat* falling through water!” he screamed.

Shao sighed and glanced down. “Kyle… you need to keep your chakra flowing against the water’s current. The more it moves, your chakra has to move as well.” he instructed.

Kyle swam back to the shore and shook the water from his hair. “Oh sure, sound so smart Mr. class rep.” he talked back.

Shao couldn’t help him any more and just focused. He now closed his eyes, and listened to his own rhytme of things and the water around him. His feet still shook from the strain on his muscles, but soon the ripples around the water began to fade. He soon was standing on the water with minor difficulty.

Even as the evening passed, he was aware now of his growth to control chakra.

The three of them trained till night had fallen, and then they went home. Shao felt confident that he took a big step as a shinobi, to master that fundamental exercise. It didn’t even upset him to go home and get a good night’s sleep.

Training ends and rolls: Chakra Control , 1, 2 rolls dex, 2 rolls sanity + quick learner

Leaving: The Morning Storehouse of Two famous Clans. OfvuwFm
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Leaving: The Morning Storehouse of Two famous Clans. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Leaving: The Morning Storehouse of Two famous Clans.   Leaving: The Morning Storehouse of Two famous Clans. EmptySun Jul 01 2018, 22:46

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Leaving: The Morning Storehouse of Two famous Clans. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Leaving: The Morning Storehouse of Two famous Clans.   Leaving: The Morning Storehouse of Two famous Clans. Empty

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Leaving: The Morning Storehouse of Two famous Clans.
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