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 Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank D - Delivery)

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Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank D - Delivery) Empty
PostSubject: Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank D - Delivery)   Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank D - Delivery) EmptySat Jul 08 2017, 12:11

Toshi had visited an elder of his clan then came to visit an old classmate of his. Thinking about it the boy was trying to see what the next location was as he arrived to the next location staring up at it. As he took a look at the list for the address he blinked at it then stared back at the location once more.

“Well…umm… how do I get into this place?!”

The location was a bit different from the usual as two bodyguards were on the outside guarding the entrance. It seemed like to be a club that minors were not allowed into but sighing to this Toshi just turned walking away for a bit thinking to himself trying to find a way around it if anything. But he nodded as he came up to the body guards.


As he tried to rush into the area he was grabbed by his shoulders and picked up slowly by one of the body guards as they stared at him with their sunglasses blocking their eyesight.

“Really kid…nice try like we are letting you in there…”

Placing him down they turned him around pushing him away leaving Toshi to sigh heavily before turning back around yelling out.

“Well I hope mister Suda understands their package will never get to them.”

But soon the bodyguard that picked Toshi up pointed to themselves saying.

“I’m Suda and what package?”

Taking out the package Toshi handed it over to the man, as they would take it opening showing a new pair of sunglasses that were sharper with a strong covered tint then the color was navy blue but a note was on it saying, “Happy Work Anniversay.”

Shedding a tear the man was happy to explain that he had started working at the location a year ago starting today. So the package was from his boss to a co-worker. Toshi nodded as he left finishing up the last mission he had.

Mission Completed
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Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank D - Delivery)
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