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 Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank D - Delivery)

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Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank D - Delivery) Empty
PostSubject: Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank D - Delivery)   Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank D - Delivery) EmptySat Jul 08 2017, 11:09

Rushing out the shop keepers place Toshi was smiling big as he was passing everyone left and right dodging in and out of the crowd heading to the next location for his deliver. He smiled big only to have him come to a sudden halt once more as he was on top of a building thinking to himself carefully.

“Odd…this place isn’t within Konoha at all…its on the outskirts of it…But from the looks of it the person is staying at the inn for their package. Well that makes things a bit easier for me to not have to worry on being late at least.”

Smiling the Hyuuga jumped down landing softly onto the ground as he hurried towards the Inn to meet with the person. He noticed a crowd of people were starting to cross from the dirt street over as he came to small stop he waited until it was clear for him to move forward. Walking lightly he came to the front door stopping himself to open it and glance around until someone waved at him from the desk.

“Oh hello, how can I help you?”

The young man was very polite with speaking to Toshi. Because of it Toshi smiled but then almost forgot his package as he reached back taking out the package to hand to the teller.

“ This is for one of the residents here.”

The teller took the package smiling at Toshi, “Thank you, I’ll be sure the manager gets it I promise you that.”

Toshi nodded as he made his way out the door heading to the next location.

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Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank D - Delivery)
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