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 Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank D - Delivery)

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Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank D - Delivery) Empty
PostSubject: Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank D - Delivery)   Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank D - Delivery) EmptySat Jul 08 2017, 11:10

Taking out a list to study over the next mission location Toshi was curious to the next spot he’d need to head to as he was unknown to the area that it was wanting the package to be delivered but it soon came to hit him as he knew the area at least from a night point of view.

“Where the three logs are used to punish.”

Toshi smirked nodding to the note and turned his head rushing off quickly to the next location to where he was doing battle against the first figure that challenged him but then morphed into Toshi having the two battle it out without any help from the outside. Thinking about it he knew what that meant to him. Coming to the location it was the training ground that allowed him to have memories flash about the night as he stared for a moment coming from the entrance.

“So…its been a while since I came here.”

The figure turned smiling as they heard a voice coming from the entrance of the training grounds.

“Oh sorry did you say something, I was doing some training before my passing exam.”

Toshi shook his head thinking back to his passing exam day as he only had to write down everything he learned that day. Handing the package over to the young man Toshi gave a light bow saying to the young male.

“Good luck and do your best!”

The man nodded with his eyes become sharp with a dream to follow.

WC: 253
Mission Completed.
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Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank D - Delivery)
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