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 Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank D - Delivery)

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Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank D - Delivery) Empty
PostSubject: Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank D - Delivery)   Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank D - Delivery) EmptySat Jul 08 2017, 11:12

After leaving the training grounds Toshi stared a bit into the sky with the sun shining from the other direction he could only close his eyes feeling the warmth from the sun on his back. Slowly opening them a figure stood before him like the previous one’s as he got ready for a battle the figure just pointed but then vanished leaving nothing but a feeling that Toshi should stay on guard.

“Just a day I wanted to finally be without worries this happens…what else could possibly appear now…”

Thinking to himself he reached back to place his headphones than noticed the next address that he would have to go to deliver the final package. Nodding to that he sighed taking his hands placing them into his pocket leaning forward to suddenly push off the ground suddenly vanishing leaving nothing but the prints of where his feet were placed. Rushing through he arrived back into the village as he rushed over to take a closer look at the address it was to the Hokage’s office.

Thinking it was a joke he shook it off as he arrived finally staring at building with two guards smiling at the arrival of Toshi.

“See I told you he’d show up.”

One guard spoke as he reached over to Toshi saying softly, “hey…did you bring the package?”

Toshi reached back pulling out a small box from his pouch handing it to the young man. Whom would soon open it and smile hugging against.

“Finally my card collection is done!!!!”

Toshi was confused by this but shook his head waving to the two as he headed home to finish off his day.

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Mission Completed.
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Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank D - Delivery)
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