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 Shoto Kino (Konoha Criminal)

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Shoto Kino (Konoha Criminal) Empty
PostSubject: Shoto Kino (Konoha Criminal)   Shoto Kino (Konoha Criminal) EmptySat May 07 2016, 12:03

Knowledge wrote:
Shoto Kino

History >
+ Born within a family of 3 with their twin. Not much is truly known as the young male attack a general store that kept relic sealing scrolls that were used during the fourth shinobi war. The contents are unknown as they have a powerful seal on them. The target is wanted alive in order to find out reasons for stealing the scrolls and to put back on the right path.

Criminal Rank: C
Shinobi Rank: Genin
Battle Level: "??"
Element: "??"

Location: "??"
Equipment: "??"
Most Used Techniques: "??"

Clues Needed to Locate: 3

+ Reward +
Alive: Player's Rep x 10
Dead: Player's Rep x 0
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Shoto Kino (Konoha Criminal)
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