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 Ido Ryu (Konoha Criminal)

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Ido Ryu (Konoha Criminal) Empty
PostSubject: Ido Ryu (Konoha Criminal)   Ido Ryu (Konoha Criminal) EmptySat May 07 2016, 01:59

Knowledge wrote:
Ido Ryu

History >
+ Known for medical knowledge, treating the sick within a small village outside of Konoha. Ido was known to help anyone in need of medical treatment. Though it seemed after several years people started to stay way from the medical genius as soon people within the village started to vanish and strange noises could be heard. As a recon team was sent to investiage the location they came to a showing discovery. The medical man had been performing human experiments.

To the max knowledge of knowning why or whom was suppling him with the money to continue purchasing of equipment its best to say that the man could have connections to the sennin, "Orochimaru" Whom is said to still be continuing experiments on certain areas of the world. Through unknown locations. Konoha request that this person be found alive for more questioning.

Criminal Rank: S
Shinobi Rank: Jounin
Battle Level: "??"
Element: Raiton (Lightning) + Fuuton (Wind)

Location: "??"
Equipment: "??"
Most Used Techniques: "??"

Clues Needed to Locate: 5

+ Reward +
Alive: Player's Rep x 25
Dead: Player's Rep x 0
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Ido Ryu (Konoha Criminal)
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