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 Aba Renji (Konoha Criminal)

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Aba Renji (Konoha Criminal) Empty
PostSubject: Aba Renji (Konoha Criminal)   Aba Renji (Konoha Criminal) EmptySat May 07 2016, 01:51

Knowledge wrote:
Aba Renji

History >
+ Starting from a family of nobles, Aba Renji grew to fame rather quickly with his father and mother having already taking a noble name to begin with. Being part of the Aba clan they learned the use of swordsmanship quickly. However it rather noted that the clan had a rival clan of unknown origins. At the age of 16 the young male was able to defeat the clan leader taking position rather easily. This began to lead the Aba Clan to the set of darkness. As Aba Renji soon started to place orders of assassinations on other country leaders. Soon after it would see that man would take it to his own hands to kill an entire clan without reasoning. Which broke the first moral code of the Aba Clan.

With that he was listed within Konoha as a dangerous and highly wanted target for questioning of assassin location and list of targets that were wanted dead.

Criminal Rank: S
Shinobi Rank: Jounin
Battle Level: "??"
Element: Katon (Fire) + Doton ((Earth)

Location: "??"
Equipment: "??"
Most Used Techniques: "??"

Clues Needed to Locate: 5

+ Reward +
Alive: Player's Rep x 25
Dead: Player's Rep x 0

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Aba Renji (Konoha Criminal)
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