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 Asakura "Hikari" Clan - Hikari Country

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PostSubject: Asakura "Hikari" Clan - Hikari Country   Tue Feb 03 2015, 16:48

+ - Asakura "Hikari" Clan - +
~ The spiritual clan that is strongly known for producing powerful priest and priestess at very young age. The lightning country had several branches before their destruction by one of their own. Due to the rebirth the new leader found old teachings that even they were unaware of. They new formed clan stays within Hikari Country with their new leader. The clan is broken into four major branches now, the Royal, Guards, Sealers and Warrior Branches each one is given a seal placed upon by the leader to which cannot be removed. However a few traveled to different parts of the lands only to return wild and uncontrollable showing new powers. Roaring now with rage they seek battle but stay under controlled for a while it seems. The rise of the Mazoku Branch has started now.

< - Clan Hierarchy - >
x Clan Elders (Adviser): Open
x Clan Leader: Asakura Grave
x Clan 2-n-Command: Open
+ Branches +
( - Royal - )
- Those born of high sanity and intelligence, due to them said to be reborn from another life time.
x Effect: Sanity + Intelligence +5 at creation. | Cannot use/learn Mazokujutsu

( - Guards - )
- Those born to protect those of the royal branch, due to them being born with a powerful endurance and awareness.
x Effect: Endurance + Awareness +5 at creation. | Cannot use/learn Mazokujutsu

( - Sealers - )
- Those born with the duty of sealing "evil" spirits away or keep powerful artifacts from falling into the wrong hands.
x Effect: Fuinjutsu creation/learning -15% Word Count/Price | Cannot use/learn Mazokujutsu

( - Warriors - )
- Those born with a strong sense of will and justice. The power to strike down any evil follower is their duty as warriors.
x Effect: Brawn + Dexterity +5 at creation | Cannot use/learn Mazokujutsu

( - Mazoku - )
- Those born with a strange demonic aura They show no mercy in battle as the blood lust continues to grow. But those born of this bloodline seem to have a hidden power.
x Effect: Cannot use/learn Mukeijutsu | Unlock “Dark” Chakra
x Restriction: Chakra is changed to Dark Chakra

( - Outcasts - )
- Those born within a branch that have become rouges of the teachings. With this they are unable to gain further knowledge after a crime that have commit. The seal given to them actives
and only the leader can remove it.
x Effect: Curse Seal of the Asakura is triggered.
( - Abilities - )
+ - Reinou - Spiritual Ability - +
+ One unlocks the use of spiritual guidance for battles.
x Effect: Unlock/Create Mukeijutsu.
x Restriction: Cannot be a Mazoku Branch

+ - Goei Reinou - Buddha Spiritual Ability - +
+ One unlocks the highest use of spiritual guidance for battles.
x Effect: Unlock/Create both (Goei)Mukeijutsu.
x Requirement: 1500 AP + Trade: Reinou & Calm Mind
x Restriction: Cannot be a Mazoku Branch

+ - Reikanji - Spiritual Sensing - +
+ Feel a person/object spiritual presence, the form it usually gives is a twisting yellow aura.
x Effect: Sanity + Intelligence /2 = Spiritual Detection Limit
x Requirement: 1250 AP + Trade: Awareness Detection.

+ - Curse Seal - Akazuno - +
+ A curse seal that is placed onto the Asakura members, they cannot remove it only the leader can.
x Effect: Causes one unable to learn Mukeijutsu + GoeiMukeijutsu
x Requirement: Gained at birth [Will only trigger if one becomes Rouge]

+ - Yonou - Demon Ability - +
+ One unlocks the powers and spiritual uses of a demon.
x Effect: Unlock/Create Mazokujutsu (Demonic Techniques)
x Requirement: Must be a Mazoku Branch

+ DaiYonou – Great Demon Ability +
+ One unlocks the highest use of spiritual guidance for battles.
x Effect: Unlock/Create both (Goei)Mazokujutsu.
x Requirement: 1500 AP + Trade: Yonou & Dark Mind
( - Kekkei Genkais - )
+ - Mazoku Curse - + Attributes x1.xx [ xx = Battle Level]

- Godougan - Enlightenment Eye - Chakra Cost: -10% | -5% Per
(Non Asakura Hikari members Costs x2)
- Limit: 4/5
- Asakura Grave

- Goseigan - Understanding Eye - Mid evolution - no abilities or costs.

- Tokugan - Rebirth Eye - Chakra Cost: -20% | -10% Per Turn (Non Asakura Hikari Members Costs x2
- Limit: 0/1
- Asakura Grave
( - Clan Style - )

+ - Daishin - Great Body of the Buddha - +
- The powerful fighting style developed by the ancestors of the Asakura Clan that was brought to light by the leader. Their body as the center point for Spiritual Prowess to its peak. Turns the member into a destructive or peacekeeping weapon depending on the user.
x Type: Inactive + Varies
x Effect: Mukei Techniques Cost Halved + Total DMG x1.15
x Restriction: Cannot be Mazoku Branch

+ - Daiyokai Ikari Paumu - Great Body of the Demon Fury Palm - +
x The Mazoku Clan's fighting style that was developed when facing against powerful priest and priestess.
x Type: Inactive + Supplementary
x Limit: Mazoku Curse "Ruling"
x Effect: Mazoku Techniques Cost Halved | Melee + Taijutsu DMG x1.15
x Requirement: Must be Mazoku Branch

< Satsuijhinteki Mazoku – “Murderous Demonic Being“ Style >
> The form uses dark chakra flowing around the entire body. Allowing them tap into the darker nature of demons. The desire to survive, trample and impose over others. It spreads like a virus however if one is struck by the power of this style they will soon obtain the weaker version of the Mazoku Curse. Mastering this form causes even greater forms of powers.
x Type: Inactive
x Limit: - - - -
x Effect: Mazoku Curse: +1 Turn | Melee + Taijutsu gain “Mazoku Parasite Effect
x Parent Style: Daiyokai Ikari Paumu Style
x Requirement: Must be Mazoku Branch + Daiyokai Ikari Paumu

( - Kekkei Genkai - )

+ - Mazoku Curse - +
+ The blood of a demon flows through the person as the battle goes on the demon blood boils growing stronger.
x Effect: Attributes x1.xx [ xx = Battle Level]
Time Limt: B.Lv 1 -25 = 1 Turns | 26 - 50 = 2 Turns | 51 - 75 = 3 Turns | 76 - 100 = 4 Turns
x Restriction: Does not Exceed over Battle Level: "100" | Must be Mazoku Branch

< - Godougan – Enlightenment Eye - -
+ Reacting to the spiritual training within an Asakura member, they begin to feel the flow of life around them. By deep meditation and control over one's body. They begin to enlighten themselves to the powers of the Asakura. The eye's pupil will twist becoming a star within the iris of the eye.
< Requirement & Restrictions: 100% Chakra Control+ Five Elements (100%) + 750 Words (Meditation of Enlightenment) | Cannot be Mazoku Branch
< Asakura: Chakra Cost: 10% /-5% Per Turn
< Non - Asakura: Costs x2
Doujutus Abilities:

< - Tokugan – Rebirth Eye - -
+The true evolution of the Godougan, a legend among the Asakura Clan, it was said the eye can only be born from the one that completes the ritual of rebirth, to which one that has become "enlighten must come to understanding and be reborn once again." The pentagram that formed seven points now shrinks becoming a yin and yang symbol within the pupils as the with the iris turning the opposite color. Each eye has its own abilities, however in order for them to work both eyes are needed if one is destroyed the eye other eye becomes weaker.
< Requirement & Restrictions: One must perform a Massacre Mission. (Clan or Family), + Removal of two Abilities [Ability slot permanently decreases.] + Awaken Godougan
< Asakura: Chakra Cost: 20% /-10% Per Turn
< Non - Asakura: Costs x2
Doujutus Abilities:

( - Clan Techniques - )
- GoeiMukei + Mukeijutsus | GoeiMazoku + Mazokujutsus - They are a sub class to Ninjutsu or Taijutsu will be stated in Jutsu information.

- Soul is determined by Sanity + Intelligence

< Battle Effect: Mazoku Parasite >
> This Effect causes one to tap into the powers of the Mazoku Curse. However they only can trigger temporarily when the requirements have been met.
x Effect: Attributes x1.xx [xx = Battle Level] | -5% HP Each Turn
x Limit: 2 Turns
x Requirement: Must have 50% HP to Trigger. Hitting 25% HP auto triggers.




Mukeijutsu - Five Great Wisdom Kings:


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Asakura "Hikari" Clan - Hikari Country
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