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 Taki Country > Hikari Country (Prologue & Chapter 1)

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Taki Country > Hikari Country (Prologue & Chapter 1) Empty
PostSubject: Taki Country > Hikari Country (Prologue & Chapter 1)   Taki Country > Hikari Country (Prologue & Chapter 1) EmptyThu Aug 04 2016, 00:00

Prologue ~
^ Grave Asakura, the young man that was is hard to follow it seems in most times. The shinobi that was born within the clan of powerful priests that were able to perform amazing feats as some would say. Within the Kumo Village the clan has been keep their nose clean but clearly the things that have been happening allow the country’s leaders to start to question a few things. “How long will they continue?” A leader’s thoughts are usually what goes on within one’s mind that has been seeing a rise in power. Grave’s only thoughts now appear above all when it comes down to his own country his own land and his new home and the future of the country. He allowed so much to finally happen, a creation of a new country, the creation of a bond, the fall of a country, the capture and hunt for the tailed beast. Grave’s own mind seemed to be following how to make other’s happy but never himself. It seemed as though the a gun was pointing at his target but was missing ever single shot. Now as time when and continued on would the fall of the new world be quick and swift or would Grave allow himself to catch up to the new things that were to come. The new shadow that seemed to hunt not just him but others that seemed to leave everything in question. The Asakura’s old enemy will finally show themselves and allow nothing to live in their path and this allow one to make the choice to create either a fate that can be rewritten or continue its course into the ground.

^ The founding fathers of the new country known as Hikari have vanished, without a trace nobody knows of the location nor understanding as to why this has happen. The task force that protect their leader vanish without a trace and the task force that attacked the tailed beast and help bring order. What does this mean to the world what did this mean to the new land. But now it all comes together leaving the unanswered questions to finally come to light.

Chapter 1 ~ Asakura Grave…Falls…

^ The moon’s rays would shine through the dark night with it being a full moon, the stars would continue to only sparkle like small candle lights. Within a tree Asakura Grave would continue to stare at the sky only to release a sigh to the way things have been for his life and how he wishes he could return and make chances to what he had done for his life.

Place his right hand softly on his chin to lean forward thinking to himself, ’If only…I could turn the hands of time back…could I change the way I am now…’

^ The young priest would close his eyes to think of this carefully before having someone walk under the branch of the tree that he was sitting under. The figure took a rock only to release quickly to pop Grave’s head softly to where he would shake glance under him to see whom it was. The figure smirked for a moment, with their green hair brightly reflecting the rays of the moon across the ground.

The figure would smile up at the priest before vanish to appear in another branch before him saying softly, ”Everyone’s been looking for you Master Asakura, what seems to be the problem?”

^ Grave would be left sighing heavily before shaking his head to lean back on the branch of the tree once again. He wanted to answered but he felt it was pointless, Grave was too far off his own studies he did everything he felt made him happy, but it only seemed to bring sorrow. A void was left within him as he was left incomplete, sure he had a bijuu sealed within him and the other tailed beast, but what point was it. He even had a country that allowed the tailed beast to exist within their own world to finally understand that they do not have to worry about humans. But he sighed knowing that if he released them they would just attack him without mercy. Waiting for the right time to release them would be either be the wrong time for the world, or the wrong time for himself in a general way of speaking.

Grave soon opened his mouth slightly place his right arm over his eyes to softly speak to the member of his task force. ”You know Sou, you and everyone completed your task so…why do you bother staying by my side? I mean sure you all have your own land within the country but what really holds you all from really leaving?” The curious mind of Grave continued to run in circles with this question. Before having to stop himself to hear the voice of Sou speak.

The young figure only released a bit of a giggle before speaking, ”Really…did you just ask that question again, Let’s ask yourself that question…why do you stay by our side, better yet why do you even bother learning and creating techniques if you are done with the task that we set out to do? What is it you are really after Master Asakura…”

Grave was shocked by the question counter attacking him. Thinking about it Grave was unsure himself what he was truly after, he knew he was after the tailed beast in order to keep the world a bit safer, allowing the countries to never fight over power. But then again he made the small country a bigger target then what he thought he did. Sighing to this he was unsure what to do next. He obtain techniques but what was the point, they had no effect on certain targets or they were too costly on his own body. This left him shaking with anger for a bit before he could even think of what he wanted to even do. A lab was created by him to continue doing his research, but for what reasons did he even want to do the research because of a myth because of a strange man that allowed him to hunt his dreams. What was the real purpose of everything. Shaking his head he just answered back softly, ”I’m unsure what I truly want honestly Sou…I guess I should really find what it is I honestly want to do with my life then just let it wither away to nothing. I should travel and found out myself to what it is I really want to do…but we should return to Hikari first I have to deal with everything else first.”

^ Jumping down from the branch to land on the dirt land once again, they had left Taki’s village but teleported to the outskirts, they were aiming to head towards Ame Country. Grave suddenly turned to see everyone as they waited for the return of their two members. Grave shook his head to have everything escape him before he sat down with everyone to speak with them.

”We all want something in the end…correct…so let’s take what we really want…from this moment on ward…let’s return home to relax and collect information on what we need to know the most. Because I want to actually understand myself and what it is that means to be strong if you all understand what I mean by that.” Grave left those words sit on everyone before they stood up nodding knowing what it meant for them all. Grave smiled nodding knowing it was time as he was afraid of everything else. As they all would stand up tall Grave placed his hand softly on the soil as he smirked saying ”Open…”

^ The black spiral would open allowing them all to walk within the unknown shortly after teleporting to the white sand darkness. Grave for saw all the items he wished to obtain, blinking he shook his head knowing what this meant for him. He leaned over picking up everything and had the portal open once more leaving the white sand world to appear back within the country he would call home now. The country was given the name Hikari, because of the light he hoped for the future that would lead to true peace of the world. In the end, in order for him to truly obtain peace he needed to first accept whom he was fighting against the most. He needed to defeat himself in a battle to truly understand that the only way to live life is by having the understanding of what you want.

^ Two large tigers would come walking over towards the group of shinobi. After which Grave smiled knowing them to be Yin and Yang. They were trusted by another priest as Grave had located them on the island, smiling he nodded to them only to see the female that would stay by his side waiting for him at the front of the house. Grave shook his head as he took a few steps, ”I’m sorry to be gone for so long, but I have to release everything I have kept a secret from the world and allow myself to get stronger and understand…the way I want the world cannot happen not just yet at least. Everyone…we are heading to Han’ei Lake…that is where it shall all take place so be ready for anything.”

^ Everyone nodded as they soon vanished leaving the area only to suddenly appear within the location that was spoken. That moment everyone watched as their master would take a step over take four gourds from behind him. Smiling he knew what the time meant for him and he knew that keep things the way they were would make it worse. Upon that thought coming across Grave took the gourds and broke the seal allowing the chakra to leak out that was sealed within it. Grave took a step back from each gourd as everyone watched only as the figures that were sealed would finally appear. The sealed tailed beasts now freed once again but this time what would they do to the new location they are born in.

The steps taken to appoarch them, ”…Hello everyone, I am Asakura Grave, the one that sealed you and brought you to this location to speak with each over you about not what it is I want from you, but what it is I can do to finally fill the void within myself to express how it cannot just help but help all of us in the world if you would listen…”

^ Will they escape leaving the world or will they accept this talk and listen…only time would tell now that the tailed beasts have been freed from the prison that held them for so long. Though it seemed like the only way to prove himself to them will they listen or attack…

-End- (Closed Thread)

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Taki Country > Hikari Country (Prologue & Chapter 1)
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