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 Genin Exam

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PostSubject: Genin Exam   Genin Exam EmptyMon Jul 09 2018, 18:26

link to first half

@Fuu [NJT] HP: 95
Rank: Chunin
Chakra | Stamina: 100/100% | 100/100%
Soul: 154

O Brawn:95
O Endurance: 93
O Dexterity: 101

O Awareness: 81
O Sanity:77
O Intelligence:77

Turning his head, "This..technique again...oh great." ducking watching the flames fire over him as he dropped quickly with his hands crossed, then jumping up to throw a punch at her.
Melee (Kick): 48 DMG

[size=13]Grand Dice Master: AvraeBOT-Today at 6:07 PM

@Omninshu [NJTGM] Genin Exam 1adc9faf91526bb7a2c1d0b7b3516cae
Result: 1d20 (6)
Total: 6


[size=13]Fuu [NJT]-Today at 6:13 PM

Fuu was starting to get a feel for how the flow of the battle would be, and not to be a one trick pony but if he was going to keep aiming at vitals then it was only fair. She dropped back out of the range of the fist and brought her scythe around to sweep at his legs.
Scythe= 64 DMG
Genin Exam 1adc9faf91526bb7a2c1d0b7b3516cae


[size=13]Grand Dice Master: AvraeBOT-Today at 6:14 PM

@Fuu [NJT] Genin Exam 1adc9faf91526bb7a2c1d0b7b3516cae
Result: 1d20 (13)
Total: 13


[size=13]Omninshu [NJTGM]-Today at 6:23 PM

Feeling the sweep from the scythe brush against his legs the shinobi tried to pull back in time but was caught only to fall backwards onto his back. Landing but soon spinning to get back up and land further away from her. "Nicely we can move to the next part of the exam." He walked over pulling out 4 kunais to place them in his pouch smiling. He rushed over doing a flying jump kick at her stomach.
Melee (Kick): 48 DMG
Damage Taken: 0 (Due to End)


[size=13]Grand Dice Master: AvraeBOT-Today at 6:23 PM

@Omninshu [NJTGM] Genin Exam 1adc9faf91526bb7a2c1d0b7b3516cae
Result: 1d20 (14)
Total: 14


[size=13]Fuu [NJT]-Today at 6:32 PM

Fuu had done it! she caught him up and he even fell on his butt, and the first complement. Fuu couldn't start disappointing now, she figured that he was going to grab some more equipment or something so she was farly suprised to find him launching at her again. It seemed like he had a solid hit in but then, just as suddenly she poofed and he was kicking a shuriken. Fuu was above him now and she pointed her weapon like a baton as the wisps formed again and launched at the ground where he was.
[using + - Kawarimi No Jutsu - Change of Body Stance - >
> Trade places with an object or item in order to dodge incoming attacks. But the item that is used is instantly destroyed.
+ Type: Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s)+ Rank: 1 + E
+ Effect: Counter replace with [Object or Item] in Player's Battle Equipment to Evade 1 Attack
+ Drawback: Object or Item is instantly destroyed on contact. for Counter]
[Using Kyoukai Kaika Damage= 128 (after all calculations)] for attack
!r 1d20


[size=13]Grand Dice Master: AvraeBOT-Today at 6:34 PM

@Fuu [NJT] Genin Exam 1adc9faf91526bb7a2c1d0b7b3516cae
Result: 1d20 (19)
Total: 19


[size=13]Fuu [NJT]-Today at 6:34 PM

oh... crit I guess

[size=13]Omninshu [NJTGM]-Today at 6:35 PM


Bursting in the flames he would suddenly vanish as the damage dealt to only have the body vanish as it fell to the ground leaving nothing. Jumping back down shaking his cloths off he would stare at her, "Finally took you long enough, you need a bit more practice before you get even get in the league of a did well for the counter allowing you to attack. But next time be more ready for it. You landed a total of 2 hits to my clone. So for that you pass the test. But the road is going to be harder on you just so you know... Anything you wish to ask me do it now."(edited)

[size=13]Grand Dice Master: AvraeBOT-Today at 6:46 PM

@Omninshu [NJTGM] Genin Exam 1adc9faf91526bb7a2c1d0b7b3516cae
Result: 1d20 (3)
Total: 3


[size=13]Fuu [NJT]-Today at 7:14 PM

Fuu smiled "Wow! that was really all a clone!" She shook off her excitement a little, "So... I'm a genin?"

[size=13]Omninshu [NJTGM]-Today at 7:15 PM

Reaches over to take a suna village headband. "That you really think you can improve?"

[size=13]Fuu [NJT]-Today at 7:20 PM

Fuu grabbed the headband and tied it around her head. "I'll work hard and there's nothing I can't accomplish. And one day, I'll be the Kazekage." She grinned with the kind of cheeky grin that only a child with dreams can give.

[size=13]Omninshu [NJTGM]-Today at 7:21 PM

"You remind me of a story from my grandfathers father telling him about a boy with blonde hair that had that same dream but it was guys are weird. Oh well good luck." He would turn getting ready to head out from his location.

[size=13]Fuu [NJT]-Today at 7:22 PM

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Genin Exam
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