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 Tsukasa's Genin Exam.

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Tsukasa's Genin Exam.  Empty
PostSubject: Tsukasa's Genin Exam.    Tsukasa's Genin Exam.  EmptyThu Jul 19 2018, 13:09

Tsukasa [NJT]-Today at 11:01 PM
Stats: O Health Pts: 64/64

O Chakra Gauge: 100%
O Stamina Gauge: 100%

O Strength: 75 [64+11]
O Endurance: 68 [58+10]
O Dexterity: 57

O Awareness: 96.
O Sanity: 89
O Intelligence: 88

Equipment:O Waist Slot:
[Left] – Starter Pouch
[Right] – + - Iron Samurai Gauntlets - >
> Made from the iron metal within Iron Country, it has a great boost in defense and allows good grip when wielding swords.
+ P.Effect: +10 END & +15 Wep DMG
+ Effect: [Only Sword Weapon]
+ Placement: Arms

+ Battle Equipment +
- Waist Pouch: Beginner Pouch - - L.O.E: (2 Slots | 2 Copies)
O Item(s)
- n/a
- n/a

O Tool(s)
- x10 Kunai
- x10 Shuriken

+ Weapon(s)
+ - Tanto - > (Full-Moon Glow) [Equipped.}
> Blade that is designed with a blunt tip, but makes up for it with razor edges. Allowing slashing never stabbing.
+ Type: Marital
+ P.Effect: +11 BRW
+ Damage: 20
Jutsu: + - Bunshin No Jutsu - Clone Technique - >
> Create a double of one's self, however the clone will mimic everything that is done by the caster. They will vanish after having contact being made.
+ Type: Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 1 + E
+ Effect: Create 1 "False" Copy + Cannot cause Damage of any kind.

+ - Ransaa - Lancer - >
> The quick jolt of a fist flying across the battlefield to make contact to the target.
+ Type: Offensive
+ Rank: E
+ Damage: 25
+ Drawback: - - None - -

+ - Fukin Ashige - Axe Kick - >
> Bring the leg above the head only to bring it down with a crushing force.
+ Type: Offensive
+ Rank: E
+ Drawback: None

+ - Raiton: Nami Reikan - Lightning Style: Wave of Inspiration - >
> Ones generates lightning chakra within one hand causing one to fire it from a distances to shock another. The surge of electricity causes one to freeze for a short moment. It can be powered with metal to increase its stun ability.
+ Type: Offensive
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 5 + D
+ Effect: Stun (1 Turn) | +1 Turn if used with Metal Tool(s) or Item(s)
Abilities/Seeds: -+ - Dog - >
> Long life is something the canine beast have in store for them.
+ Type: Active
+ Effect: HP never falls below 0 (3 Turns) (Every 2 Weeks)

-+ - Swordsmanship - Lv: 10 | Max: 10 - >
> At birth a Mibu is strong with a sword no matter what but also are able to obtain the abilities of hearing the voices or spirits of the "Heart" Though it is limited to only a few.
+ Type: Passive
+ Effect: Sword WEP DMG x1.50

-- Ken (Sword)
- Masterful Knowledge -
> The art of using the sword, though you have not gone through the training that a samurai has gone through the powers of a blade a lacking.
-Type: Passive
-Effect Damage x1.15 & Able to create [Ken-jutsus]

Omninshu [NJTGM]-Today at 11:04 PM
A shinobi soon walks onto the floor dusting themselves off to look over at the new academy student that is wishing to take part in the exam. "So you came here thinking you can pass correct?"

Tsukasa [NJT]-Today at 11:06 PM
Tsukasa turned to face the shinobi "Yes." The student would let his hand hover over the sheath of his sword. "When can we start?"

Omninshu [NJTGM]-Today at 11:08 PM
Stats: O Health Pts: 96/96

O Chakra Gauge: 100%
O Stamina Gauge: 100%

O Strength: 96
O Endurance: 87
O Dexterity: 86

O Awareness: 144
O Sanity: 134
O Intelligence: 132

Jutsu Listing
10: Hidden
9: Hidden
8: Hidden
7: Hidden

"We start now!" Vanishing the chunin would move without a trace coming from behind the young student throwing a kick aiming for his side.
Melee Kick: 48 Dmg
Grand Dice Master: AvraeBOT-Today at 11:09 PM
@Omninshu [NJTGM]
Result: 1d20 (16)
Total: 16
Omninshu [NJTGM]-Today at 11:09 PM
C-Dmg: 1.15 x 48 = 55 < New Dmg

Tsukasa [NJT]-Today at 11:13 PM
Tsukasa's eyes widened when the chunin disappeared, and before he knew it he would get kicked across the training field. "Ow..." Tsukasa would force himself to stand, and unsheathed his tanto. "Damn..." He then ran forward, and attempted to slice his opponent.
Basic attack with Tanto.

[Alright thanks to Omni, found out that's damage is 95. TIME TO BOMB THIS ROLL.]

Grand Dice Master: AvraeBOT-Today at 11:32 PM
@Tsukasa [NJT]
Result: 1d20 (7)
Total: 7

Tsukasa [NJT]-Today at 11:32 PM

Omninshu [NJTGM]-Today at 11:33 PM
[You called that hard...]

Omninshu [NJTGM]-Today at 11:35 PM
Watching as the tanto came flying pass him the chunin blinked and looked at the young man, " forgot the short has a very short blade...a common mistake...if you are not use to using it." Turning fast he bulked his leg in and released with a powerful kick to sent the boy spinning.
[Leaf Great Light Rotation - DMG: 96 Effect: Stun [Stun Cannot be used back to back]

Grand Dice Master: AvraeBOT-Today at 11:35 PM
@Omninshu [NJTGM]
Result: 1d20 (10)
Total: 10

Tsukasa managed to barely duck under the kick. Alright, that could have gone better. But it was fine, he could still do this...
He would go for another attack with his blade!
[Basic Weapon Attack: 96 Damage.]

Grand Dice Master: AvraeBOT-Today at 11:37 PM
@Tsukasa [NJT]
Result: 1d20 (14)
Total: 14

Omninshu [NJTGM]-Today at 11:41 PM
The blade would slide dealing some damage to the chunin as he took a few steps back and nodded. "Better see up close that blade works better." He returned with that bulked leg and spun kicking again.
Dmg: -9 HP
HP: 87/96
[Leaf Great Light Rotation - DMG: 96 Effect: Stun [Stun Cannot be used back to back]
Stamina: 80% /100%

Grand Dice Master: AvraeBOT-Today at 11:41 PM
@Omninshu [NJTGM]
Result: 1d20 (13)
Total: 13

Omninshu [NJTGM]-Today at 11:44 PM
You loss only -28 HP

Omninshu [NJTGM]-Today at 11:47 PM
[Player Stunned next move]

The Chunin smirked rushing over once more bulking down to spin kick the young boy once more.
HP: 87/96
[Leaf Great Light Rotation - DMG: 96 Effect: Stun [Stun Cannot be used back to back] < The Effect is ignored
Stamina: 70% /100%

Grand Dice Master: AvraeBOT-Today at 11:47 PM
@Omninshu [NJTGM]
Result: 1d20 (19)
Total: 19

Omninshu [NJTGM]-Today at 11:48 PM
[With you stun until start of turn you are unable to move taking -42 DMG total]

Tsukasa [NJT]-Today at 11:48 PM
[Oh yeah I definitely lost.]

Omninshu [NJTGM]-Today at 11:49 PM
Walking over to the the Academy student he leaned over to him and helped him up, "Hey kid do you understand battles are going to be a lot harder than just this, I was going easy on you."

Tsukasa [NJT]-Today at 11:50 PM
Tsukasa would only nod and grunt, he was still feeling the effects of that attack.

Omninshu [NJTGM]-Today at 11:51 PM
The chunin would hand him a headband for his battle, "Welcome to the ranks you better train harder next time or it will be your life."

Tsukasa [NJT]-Today at 11:52 PM
Tsukasa nodded, and accepted the headband.
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Tsukasa's Genin Exam.
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