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 [solved]The Returning Sneak Peak Weekend.

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[solved]The Returning Sneak Peak Weekend. Empty
PostSubject: [solved]The Returning Sneak Peak Weekend.   [solved]The Returning Sneak Peak Weekend. EmptySat May 26 2018, 15:09

x Hello everyone,
For those that do not know i'v Omnicron the Game Master of Naruto Jidai for 4 years this prototype site has ran a large amount of experiments to get a good grasp on the system that is now being used here fully and been revamped to make things fair.

Modification that came with the site are as of now and will carry on until problems are reported.

+ Dices: The removal of the Loot/Treasure dice is now in effect as PvE and PvP allow the winners to obtain items of the dead. However the bios for PvE will be posted up and shown what these targets have on them to make it easy to loot, they will be located on the NPC Profiles under the Approved ones.

+ Rarity System: The rarity colors have been altered to become see able on the sites background and stand out more. The color change is located on the Stone Tablet under the shinobi rules.

+ Traveling: The time frame to reach a new country has been reduced from 3 days in real life to only 1 day or 24 hours. Dexterity has a special ability that lowers this cost if one wishes to view it under the shinobi rules in our first topic labeled, " Stone Tablet.

+ Rolls Increase/Decrease: Those that have earned the reward of keeping their characters after the beta test will know of this effect. As of today it is to be removed from ALL custom made jutsus. Only Site jutsus and effects can obtain these effects this
includes doujutsus that are site created. Custom Clans with Doujutsu that have roll increase/decrease are not allowed to keep the effect it will be revamped to having DEX be increased/decreased by +/- 25%.

+ Battle Rules Players as they get ready for a battle are only allowed to use a max of 8 jutsus. Techniques like fuinjutsus, or jufuinjutsus that have been placed on a character before hand do not count towards the 8 as it either triggers or is passive.

What counts towards the 8 jutsu limit
- Ninjutsu | Sub Categories
- Genjutsu | Sub Categories
- Taijutsu | Sub Categories
- - Doujutsu - [That Shift forms ie. Sharingan to Mangekyou to Rinnegan still count as 1 all together.]

What does not count towards 8 jutsu limit.
- Fuinjutsu [That has already been applied and is either a trigger/passive.]
- Jufuinjutsu [That has already been applied and is either a trigger/passive.]

Mercenaries/Pets/Summons have their jutsu limit of 4 and follow the same rules as the players.

+ Soul Gauge/Energy This is classed as "Soul" now and will still be used and changed to match. For Soul to be calculated its Attributes Sanity + Intelligence.

+ Personal Gain Definition Nothing can be obtained by personal gain. Meaning, "The original owner [Member] cannot use it for themselves to obtain something." This is only excluded by items or weapons used on the battlefield. This is a ban rule if it is seen being done by a Enforcer Member your bio's gains will be removed and placed on a 2 week ban as this is a warning and only warning.

+ Custom Jutsus with Sp.Effects These count towards the the number of effects used for a jutsu or creating one. They can only have Sp.Effects if the jutsu shares a Version 2 or higher within it. These change the original effects to the Sp. Effects they do not stack on one another.

+ Counter + Evading in battle Counter can only happen if a player performs the jutsu during mid turns OR on a previous turn as it will not be stocked for later use it only triggers when the said requirements have been made. After which it vanishes at the start of the Turn or is canceled by the Player before the start of their turn.

In order for a player to Evade damage from an incoming attack they must either perform a technique to counter OR their Dexterity is x2 of the incoming damage.

+ If a Player leaves or quits without a "will" Their items and equipment will go to their team or one of their team that is second in command. This also includes their country if they are existing in it. Any rarity items higher than Super Rare will not go to the next player instead it will return "BACK" to the quest lines to be re-earned by others. Their custom made techniques will be removed from the site also to respect their ideas.

More will come after this weekends memorial weekend sneak peek Thank you again and good luck out there.
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[solved]The Returning Sneak Peak Weekend.
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