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 Gojisou [Guardian Monk] Clan

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PostSubject: Gojisou [Guardian Monk] Clan   May 25th 2016, 00:31

”Gojisou Clan” wrote:
<- Gojisou Clan ->

> The pride of guardian monks that are known for housing the powers and secrets that were known to rival gods. Protecting the secrets of the village their job is to defeat any enemy that tries to sneak into the village. Though they were feared by the villagers later on because of the powers they obtain to control Shukaku after their head priest fell in battle against Shukaku. They live in the desert north-east of Suna behind the gates of a the Wind Temple, one cannot seek their power unless joining them.

( - Clan Hierarchy - )

x Clan Elders (Advisor): n/a
x Clan Leader: n/a
x Clan Second in Command: n/a

( - Clan Spots - )

+ - Outsider Gojisou - >
> Those that come from the outside of the clan are able to join in the clan in order to obtain the techniques that are meant to be mastered. It should be known that even though one joins.
+ Effect: Able to learn Gojisou Clan Techniques  & Abilities
+ Limit: - - -
+ Rule: Must speak with a Gojisou Clan Member

+ - Pure-Bred Gojisou - >
> Those born within the clan have a higher understanding of the clans true powers and being able to unlock the technique, “Godaimyouou”
+ Effect: Able to unlock Godaimyouou & Abilities
+ Limit: 4/6

+ - Fuin Gojisou - >
> This side of the clan is known to do battles with or against bijuus or more less the terrible Shukaku because survival is upmost importance this part of the clan members will not die so easily.
+ Effect: Able to unlock Fuinn Gojisou Techniques
+ Limit: 3/3

( - Clan Abilities - )

+ - Intense Training - >
> One trains the body to the next level rather its physically or mentally. Become stronger and wield the powers of the Gojisou Clan with pride and honor
+ Type: Passive
+ Effect: +1 TP & Training Gains x1.15
+ Price: -750 AP

+ - Shugorei - Guardian Spirit - >
> One’s spirit enters a state of protection allowing them to stay safe from harm’s way. Because of this they call the ability the protection of the deities
+ Type: Inactive
+ Effect: END increases by Soul Gauge
+ Limit: 2 Turns
+ Price: -1500 AP

+ - Shifu – Guardian and Tutor of the Noble Child - >
> Only a pure-bred Gojisou can understand the power hidden within them. As they are trained and protected by one another during which this cycle has been repeated numerous times in the generations. During battle it seems they are able to see and calculate the incoming attacks weak points saving themselves.
+ Type: Passive
+ Effect: DMG reduced x.15 & Opponent’s Rolls – 2
+ Price: -2500 AP + Pure Bred Gojisou Clan Member

( - Clan Styles - )

+ - Style: Sanrei – A Mountain’s Guardian Deity - >
> As the name suggest, its what allows a great battle to last long as they are protected greatly during which they enter this style several techniques are released but only a true Gojisou Clan member can unlock its full potential.
+ Type: Inactive + Defensive
+ Limit: 3
+ Effect: END x1.50 (Pure Bred) or END x1.25 (Outsider)

+ - Style: Gojisou Genko – Guardian Fist - >
> The battle style that helps with dealing with power techniques. The Gojisou clan member will only become stronger when entering this style. As its improves the striking force and removes the minds thought process and implies the feel form of fighting.
+ Type: Passive
+ Effect: Melee + Taijutsu DMG x1.30 (Pure Bred) or Melee + Taijutsu DMG x1.15 (Outsiders)

(- Clan Jutsu - )

+ - Hogosha - Protector- >
> Releasing one soul into their body, they will not understand defeat as they will be able to battle until they completely have no body to use in battle. However this causes a bigger strain on the body depending on how long its active.
+ Chakra + Stamina Cost: 150
+ Type: Supportive
+ Rank: [?]
+ Effect: Nexus Attributes STR+END Increase by Soul Gauge /2  +  -15% HP (Per Turn +5% every 2 Turns)
+ Requirement: Nexus Attributes each (excl. INT) +100 + Chakra Control: 25%

+ - Hojonin – Limited Guardian ->
> One chant’s , “Hear my cry guardian of the sky protect thyself from the enemy in front of my eyes.” With that the monk is protected by a deity that floats behind them. Any form of attack that comes at the monk, the guardian will protect them but in exchange it will require a large amount of energy to hold.
+ Chakra + Stamina Cost: 250
+ Type: Defense + Supportive
+ Rank: [?]
+ Effect: Blocks All DMG (Player cannot move) + -20% HP (Per Turn)
+ Requirement: Chakra Control: 50% + Stamina: +1000

+ - Godaimyouou – Five Great Guardian Kings - >
> Taking a stance that seems like a battle pose, the member will launch with great speeds only causing damage with performing 1 punch from each fist, 1 kick from each leg and finishing with a powerful headbutt to cause heavy damage to their target, but once doing so the target will be stunned as though they are being held by the five kings.
+ Stamina Cost: 300
+ Type: Offensive
+ Rank: [?]
+ Damage + Effect: STR + Soul Gauge = DMG + Stuns (3 Turns) + Can only be used 2 times a day.
+ Requirement: Chakra Control: 75% + Gojisou (Pure Bred) + Stamina: +2500

+ - Niou In’you – Two Guardian Kings Yin and Yang - >
> The sealing technique that summons two great beings that one is completely white and the other is completely black. But within the center each one as the opposite color in the chest of the heart. As they rush over to their target they wrap around causing a target’s energies to become depleted in a short amount of time. The technique will never vanish until it absorbs every last drop.
Chakra + Stamina Cost: 600
+ Type: Supportive
+ Rank: [?]
+ Effect: White Figure = Absorbs Chakra equal to Player’s Soul Gauge | Black Figure Absorbs Stamina equal to Player’s Highest Nexus Attribute (STR, END, or DEX) < (excludes INT) + Seal stops after 3 Turn or target KO’s
+ Requirement: Chakra Control: 50% + Fuin Gojisou + Fuin Seed Lv: 3

+ - Sanjuurokushin – Thirty-Six Guardian Deities - >
> The high level crushing technique that was said to hold and control the bijuus without a problem. Its not as strong as the one created by Hashirama Senju. But once in effect thirty six figures appear attacking the target. The technique creates a mimics of guardians that attack draining energies and binding the target of chakra.
+ Chakra + Stamina Cost: 650
+ Type: Supportive
+ Rank: [?]
+ Effect: Summon Thirty Six Figures (+5 Actions - Cannot be used by Player)  -1 Action = Bind: STR + INT + Chakra Control | -2 Action: Absorb Chakra = to Player’s Soul Gauge | -3 Action: Bind + Absorb Chakra (But player must give up 2 of their actions as well.) (Count 36/36 – Hitting 0 releases technique decrease by actions used.) (Must roll for Actions)
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Gojisou [Guardian Monk] Clan
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