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 A. Arrested, Charges and Prison

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A. Arrested, Charges and Prison  Empty
PostSubject: A. Arrested, Charges and Prison    A. Arrested, Charges and Prison  EmptyTue Jan 14 2014, 21:02

~ Arrested, Charged & Prison ~

x One is able to sneak in and out of country with a status of closed.  In order to complete Bounties, Quests, and/or Missions. If caught sneaking into the village, charges will be placed on to that character. Having to follow being imprisoned until the sentence is completed after which, the character will be released in the area of previous location. Though if time is not within reach its best to escape then, but better find the right person to remove the seal which was placed.

~ Performing the action! ~
> Wishing to perform the "Sneak" action you would need the ninjutsus, "Sneak Steps" or "Silent Walk".

- Failure -> Rolling Sneak Dice Results = 16 or Higher
- Success - > Rolling Sneak Dice Results = 15 or Lower

~ Results of Failure! ~
> Alarms are going off and the character has been spotted; the charges are coming from your country to keep peace among said country. First time it may seem like a slap on the wrist but after it will become a big problem leading to the village possible cutting ties.

+ Strikes +
- Once caught paying the fee is the best way, if unable to then be ready for jail for a small amount of days.

< Strike = Getting Caught
< Strike Fee = Sneak Dice Result x 500
< Jail Time = 1 Day IRL Per Strike [TP is reduced to 3 Max]

+ Prison +
- Entering prison is not something to be happy about, after hitting three and over strikes one will be sent to prison. The sentence is worse and the drawback even has a huge killing effect. One can only either way till time is up or escape.

+ - Fuinjutsu - Gokui - Prison Uniform - >
> The seal wraps from the back of the neck down the person's body, sealing their chakra and control of chakra. It can only be removed by the warden
+ Effect: Emits a burning feeling lowering one's HP by -5% | Cannot be removed unless using "Warden's Key" | Chakra & Control reduced to 1% & 0%

< Prison = 3 Strikes total.
< Prison Time = 2 Weeks IRL [TP reduced to 2 Max]
< Prison Seal = Gain after 1st day of Prison.

+ Escaping +
- Time for a "break" the escape plan and get out with others. Characters will have to either work with other PC's in prison or NPC's of Staff choice. But getting out may not be always easy as the seal will still be on that character.

< Escaping = 1000 Words and 3 DAYs within Prison
< Prison Break = Team breaking member out Max of 2000 or more words (Total) as to how.
(Seal remains on character until removed by special means)
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A. Arrested, Charges and Prison
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