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 A father's worries.

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A father's worries.  Empty
PostSubject: A father's worries.    A father's worries.  EmptyMon Jun 26 2017, 14:29

Shao knelt down in the Hyuga meditation room quietly, awating to hear what his father thought. The man held a piece of paper, showing the grades of Shao's classwork in school. His grades were indeed impressive for his class. Any father would of been proud of his grades, however, the man looked at them with a firm gaze.

"SHao... why do you always neglect this subject," he said with a sigh of regret.

Though the words of his father stung, the young Hyuga kept his composure. These meetings were nothing new and Shao took it as he only could. In silence. His father, a part of the Hyuga's main branch, was firm with him regarding him to develop the one skill that Shao lacked.

Taijutsu. Though he had all the skills and marks of a Hyuga clan member, he lacked the endurance and strength for effective Taijutsu skill, and that worried his father.

Even with training and sparring, Shao came short in comparison to his family.

"Father, I am doing better... but I also need to keep up with my studies," he replied, "They are just as important."

His father with his narrow gaze looked to Shao, his white eyes piercing. "You are of the Hyuga's main branch. You must be capable of using those skills to their fullest advantage. I expect better from you in the future regarding your training." he said and put the paper down on the table before him. "YOu have great potentaial. The thought to see it go to waste would sadden me, Shao. Do you understand?"

"Yes... Father," Shao said. Without waiting for permission, Shao rose up and turned to leave the chamber.

As he closed the door behind him out into the garden that overlooked his home, he felt his teeth clench.

Frustration rushed through his mind. He tried-- he really did when asked to. But it was not enough for his father. Shao was a soul of knowlege, someone who valued intellegence as much as power of ninja arts-- so why was he made to suffer at the hands of someone who raised him? Without the strength to wield the gentle fist-- was he truly useless as a Hyuga clan member?

It was how Shao felt and it saddened him to be rejected, by his own father.

Shao wandered around the estate for a bit, watching the gardens. As he entered the dining room, he soon was greeted by the appearance of someone. His mother. She smiled as she saw her son. "Oh, Shao. I saw your grades. Wonderful work in school, sweetie. "

However, Shao just walked past her, his expression straight and emotionless. "At least you liked them," he said and knelt down at the table. Unceremoniously, he leaned forward in a sad position.

His mother, one who didn't have the Byakkugan's white eyes, looked to her son. She knew all too well how stern her husband, SHao's Father, was on him. The need to upkeep the Hyuga clan's prowess, was strong with his pride, and it fell on Shao's shoulders to maintain it. An understanding but unnecessary stress to put on a child.

"Shao... you really are doing well," his mother said and sat beside him. "You shouldn't let your father's issues weigh you down."

"But they are there because of me. Sometimes I wish I wasn't born in this stupid clan," he grumbled. "I can't even use my Byakkugan yet."

His mother wrapped an arm around his shoulders, hugging him. "You will, sweetie... You're father is just stubborn, but I promise you, he is wrong." she said and Shao looked to her. "Just because you are slow on one thing, doesn't mean it dwarfs your other qualities. Shao. You have NOTHING to be ashamed of."

Shao just sat there, his arms wrapped in front of him. "I Just wanna do better... otherwise, I'm afraid father will never approve of me. No matter what I do..."

His mother hugged her child, but at the same time, cursed the man who saddened her son. Even though she was no Hyuga herself-- she knew all too well the talent that her son possessed.

To nurture the talent he had, was more important than simply force him to develop what he lacked alone.

Thread End.

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A father's worries.  OfvuwFm
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A father's worries.
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