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 Present Day pt2 "The Haunted Dream" Solo/RP/ (Technique learning)

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Present Day pt2 "The Haunted Dream" Solo/RP/ (Technique learning) Empty
PostSubject: Present Day pt2 "The Haunted Dream" Solo/RP/ (Technique learning)   Present Day pt2 "The Haunted Dream" Solo/RP/ (Technique learning) EmptySun Jun 25 2017, 10:07

The morning sun would shine its rays thru the cracks of the blinds that would try to keep much of the light out. It was until one beam would bounce around the room from shining objects striking Toshi’s eyes as he awoke to glance around a bit before turning to see nothing changed at all for him yawning lightly he sat up only to think about it all before walking over towards the dresser grabbing his pants to place them on until he heard a knock at the door.

Walking over he opened the door slowly peeking out as a brown haired female with a large rack would be standing out his door yelling at him.

“Mister Toshi! You are very late for the training that we had planned for today please be sure to…to…get up at once…”

The female seemed older however she was the same age as him, her name always escaped him because he did not truly care but it was the time where he just shrugged nodding to her.

“Gotcha…I’ll be there…”

Shutting door slowly her face turned red as she stopped the door from closing before having to look down whispering under her breath before leaning over to whisper to him.

“I’m…truly sorry please understand that…”

The comment made Toshi open the door a bit more before pushing her lightly out of the way shutting the door as he went back to the room. She stood there for a moment placing her hands onto her chest only to think and stare at his door saying softly.

“She…loved you very much…didn’t she.”

Turning away the female walked away leaving the hallway heading to the training ground. After several minutes had passed, Hyuuga Toshi appeared to the training ground noticing that a total of four peers before him. Sighing to this he knew it was not a training for them or himself. He turned to see the shadow figure nodding their head as the four started to move in close to him. Sighing to this the memory’s came back to him of the techniques created during his early days of starting off.

“No…you guys will not do…”

Roaring with rage he took his stance waiting as everyone moved in close to him. Moving left he turned performing a punch that was cutting across the air hitting the first person into the kidney pushing them away. The female was by the figure as she watched with a smile saying to her self.

“He…performed his slashing punch…”

Another person was coming from behind Toshi as he turned over to do a two hit combo on their body then head. Moving again he jumped back seeing the other two peers chase at him. Sliding to a stop he relaxed his body as the figures moved closer to him. One jumped into the air to counter him but leaning down and jumping forward into the air Toshi performed an uppercut landing in front of his last target as he did four hits onto the person yelling out.

“Machine Gun Punch!!!”

Four quick jab hit the figure stopping them in the tracks as they fell over leaving Toshi standing alone as he turned to only see the female standing by herself now. With that Toshi turned away placing his headphones walking away quickly only to think to himself.

‘Those…people annoy me…I’ll kill them if this continues…’

Heading back to his quarters the young male laid down for a bit only to think of his music coming through which was classical music playing for him as he relaxed his body. The thoughts continued to rush his head but soon would vanish as he slowly closed his eyes taking a nap. Though he opened his eyes lightly the female from before was in his room laying on top of him with a smile on her face.

He did not move as he continued to stare into her eyes before closing his eyes once more but only could just feel her embrace as though she was hugging him, but it soon changed as he felt cold air rush across his body. It was then he truly woke up saying to himself.

‘A genjutsu?’

Getting up he rushed over to the door to see if she was around but she was nowhere down the hallways. Closing the door and turning to see her standing behind him. The female before him was not the one from the training he would be left shaking in fear and sorrow. As he had tears coming down his face before he reached over to touch the female that was in front of him.

“Sis…is it really…”

As he was about to touch her face he woke up once again in a cold sweat breathing heavily removing his headphones. It was a nightmare…first a dream then a nightmare…something to torture him by. He knew he had to remove the images in his head as he rushed over to the bathroom to run water splashing some on his face. But the sound of the water triggered the memory once again as he yelled in rage punching his mirror as blood was slowly flowing downward leaving him crying.

“I’m…so sorry…please…just let me move on and protect the others…please!!!”

The shadow figure appeared outside his doorway and then turned to walk into the hallway vanishing like a ghost leaving no trace of anything or itself.

WC: 900
Learned: 4 Custom Techniques
- Double Strike
- Rising Uppercut
- Slashing Punch
- Machine Gun Punch: Novice
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Present Day pt2 "The Haunted Dream" Solo/RP/ (Technique learning)
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