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 [Traveling - Solo: From Iwa, To Kumo

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[Traveling - Solo: From Iwa, To Kumo Empty
PostSubject: [Traveling - Solo: From Iwa, To Kumo   [Traveling - Solo: From Iwa, To Kumo EmptyWed Jan 15 2014, 18:30

After leaving to make it to the port city Grave looked around and then notice the same captain once again that was getting ready to leave. " you just wait for me or what?" Grave said with a smile on his face. The captain looked up and smiled at the young man, "So the priest again I see where you headed this time?" Grave bowed, saying, "I'll be going to Kumo if that's where you'll be heading." The captain turned glancing at his men. "Seems like we are headed that way as well. So hop on and we'll be on our way." Grave nodded taking his time getting on to the boat as he looked back noticing he had that fake kinjutsu scroll on him. "Well now...seems this will be an interesting thing for me to keep a hold of until Raijin get back to Kumo." Thinking about it the boat started to sail off as the young priest leaned against the edge of the boat and started to rest.
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[Traveling - Solo: From Iwa, To Kumo
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