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 Solo - Training Doton Mastery: Training on the open seas.

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Solo - Training Doton Mastery: Training on the open seas. Empty
PostSubject: Solo - Training Doton Mastery: Training on the open seas.   Solo - Training Doton Mastery: Training on the open seas. EmptySun Jan 12 2014, 23:03

Several minutes passed as they were out to sea. Grave slowly sat up looking at the vast ocean smiling. "Its been a while since I've seen anything…truly peaceful." The captain of the boat turned to look at the young male, "So you woke up, Sorry we're not where we need to be but I was going to wake you either way." Grave stood up glancing at the captain, "It's all good I've been wanted to look at the sea as we sailed. But I get weak in the feet so its even harder for me." Grave smiled big and turned back to the ocean to see whales in the distant. Thinking for a moment, 'I still have a mission I have to take care off if anything…I cannot believe that all this is happening so fast…I have to get back to training soon if I want to get stronger. I know Raijin must have completed what he needed though I need to wait and see what the future can hold for me in the end.' Grave sat down in the middle of the boat as he began focusing on his training that he had to do. "Hey…I hope you don't mind using the power of my chakra to train for a bit." The captain shook his head, "No, not at just try not to sink us alright?"

Grave smiled nodding at the captain as he rested his eyes once more focusing on his chakra. Though he was more on working on the element of his control as the small pieces of dirt started to float around him for a bit as they were slowly just bouncing around. But soon landed beside him as he stood up carefully looking at the sea once again then back at the captain. Seems the open sea was causing him to get sick but was also causing him to not be able to train correctly. "Great…it seems I'm unable to truly training until I get to land." Grave said lightly as they were nearing a patch of land. "Funny you should say that, we are coming on some land right now. If you like I could stop allowing you to complete what you needed before we continue if you are alright with that." Grave nodded as time passed they came to a stop at the land as the captain and few of his friends stayed on the land with Grave as he placed his hands down on the ground causing earth to shoot from the ground causing a wall.

Grave was relaxed more allowing him to focus more on the moving his right palm back and slamming it against the wall he was able to cause the rock wall to shoot spears from it allowing it stab into the trees at a distant. "Nice…It seems I haven't lost my touch just yet…But I have to keep training just in case." The rock wall soon came crashing down into nothing but a giant pile of destroyed rocks and pebbles. Grave turned with the men waving for him to get on the boat once again. Grave jumped as they set sail. "Thanks for the stop it was something I had to get it done with if anything." Grave smiled as the boat was leaving the area heading towards its next stop. "Its alright, we need to get some rest anyway being out to sea for a while leaves us with nothing else to do so might as well right?" The captain said with a smile. Grave nodded and sat back down to rest some as he waited for the location to come up.

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Solo - Training Doton Mastery: Training on the open seas.
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