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 Traveling RP Solo: From Kiri, To Suna

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Traveling RP Solo: From Kiri, To Suna Empty
PostSubject: Traveling RP Solo: From Kiri, To Suna   Traveling RP Solo: From Kiri, To Suna EmptySun Jan 12 2014, 17:35

After arriving on to the shores of the water country's port city Grave carefully walked off the boat feeling land once again at the top of his feet. Sighing lightly with relief the shinboi priest shook his head and turned to look around once again. Thinking to himself Grave was not here to sight see he wanted to quickly into the area he need to look at but wanted to see Raijin get his tasks completed as Grave's tasks were a little different than most. Pulling his scroll out of his back pocket that was given to him from his grandfather it seemed things were a little different at first it was noticed that the seal placed on it read, 'Safe and Love' Grave shook his head once again thinking to himself. 'Only you grandfather…tough love is real love no matter where we look for it at.' Thinking about it for a moment he laughed and then remembered, he could complete his missions while Raijin was Kiri. As he walked back aboard the boat, Grave asked, "Hey what's the next location you are all heading to?" The captain turned to look down confused for a moment, "Where you not going to stay in the Water Country?" Grave shook his head answering, "No sir…my friend need me to get him out of our country for his mission." Nodding to the young man the captain had answered his previous question. "We'll be head towards the Wind Country next if that ok with you?" Grave smiled and nodded as that was his missions location anyway. "Yeah…that's actually perfect." The ship then opened its sails once more as it went back out to sea. 'Raijin…I'll get you back once you've finished everything I'm sure you'll have enough time while I'm away.' Thinking to himself as he closed his eyes while on the ship to rest a bit.

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Traveling RP Solo: From Kiri, To Suna
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