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 Water Country - Hidden Mist Village and Sites

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PostSubject: Water Country - Hidden Mist Village and Sites   Sat Mar 16 2013, 19:34

    Water Country Quick-Note wrote:

    - Short Information -
    < The Water Country has had harsh times within the past time, as it was known for the graduation program. That the one to kill their entire classmates would only graduate to become a Shinobi. Thus earning them the nickname, "The Bloody Mist" even as things continued down hill shinobi came into play having small wars within the country with clans and kekkei genkai clans. After the war people still had fear over the kekkei genkai clans as they believed that they were the cause of the wars. But now things have settle down with the Mizukage in control of everything and watching over the Country.

    < Jidai Mizukage: ? ? ? [Sandaime] | [RP/Guru Controller: ? ? ? ?]
    < Jidai Damiyo: ? ? ?
    < Ji - Village Advisers: - - N/A - -
    < Military Power: 4
    < Country Fund[s]: 275,000 Ryo

    -Village Hidden in the Mist -
    < A large village that is surrounded by the nothing but a large mist. As the name says it is the Hidden Mist Village. So no saying that this village doesn't live up to it's name.
    Territory Controller: Hidden Village of Mist
    Administration Building -
    < The building and home of where the Mizukage lives at. It's the basically holds small meetings and mission request offices within as well.
    Territory Controller: Hidden Village of Mist
    Small Snowy Village -
    < Some of the best herbs can be found within this green house to be able to combat against certain poisons. It's also helping with making income for the Suna Shinobi by selling some herbs to the merchants
    Territory Controller: ? ? ? ?

    Hidden Village Kiri Hospital -
    < In order to heal one must come and relax once in awhile shinobi are found here mostly cause of their missions and rough training life.
    [This removes HP Markers & completely heal[s] you.]
    Check-In Cost: HP Marker X 12 Ryo - 1 Check Up [Kiri Shinobi get 10% discount]
    Territory Controller: Hidden Village of Kiri
    Hidden Village Kiri Inn[s] -

    < These are for guest[s] from different villages as they come and visit. They provide some rest and relaxation but it will never seem like enough honestly.
    [This Halves HP Markers & restores 50% of HP, Chakra, Stamina]
    Check-In Cost: HP Marker x 10 Ryo - 1 Night
    Territory Controller: Hidden Village of Kiri
    Small Village -

    < A very small village that is lucky enough to have a Inn for travelers. It's quiet in some places but they still fear the ability or those with Kekkei Genkais. They placed a barrier that stops all kekkei genkai's and chakra from being molded.
    Special Affect: Kekkei Genkai's / Chakra cannot be used here.
    Territory Controller: ? ? ? ?
    Gufuu Beach -

    < The beach surrounds all of the Water Country. But to the west of Kiri is the home of the three tailed beast, Isonade. This large shark stays close to the shore to end the lives of others that trespass in its waters. Some have called it the blood sea because of the amount of dead that are killed within the location. So be on guard if you travel by water.
    Territory Controller: Isonade [3rd Bijuu]
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Water Country - Hidden Mist Village and Sites
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