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 Sennin Reborn [Speed run]

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Sennin Reborn [Speed run] Empty
PostSubject: Sennin Reborn [Speed run]   Sennin Reborn [Speed run] EmptyMon Oct 08 2018, 19:23

It was beginning to snow as he was coming to the island of the water country. As he turned his head to the captain he began to speak to him calmly.

Tsukiyomi: “Excuse me sir is it possible to move to that location.”

He pointed over to the shores of the eastern beach to which the captain nodded to the young man. That location is where the training started for Tsukiyomi in the events of him learning the dark sword style from the old man. As they reached the beaches the waves continued to crash against the boat as they became rough. As they neared the captain stopped the motor walking out to see the young man.

Captain: “This is as far as I’ll go due to the crashing waves and rocks.”

Tsukiyomi: “Understood, I can handle the walk from here thank you.”

Jumping off the boat the captain reached to catch the boy as he landed on the water and began walking on it softly only to feel some water enter his shoes. The captain blinked in confusion for a moment turning his head away.

Captain: “Geez I will never get use to taking strange people on my boat.”

Rushing off as the waves continue to become violent Tsukiyomi jumped around dodging each wave. Taking his blade yamato and slashing at the waves he moved faster evading each crash. As he moved closer to the beach he would jump into the air sheathing his blade landing on the soft sands once again of the Water Country. Taking in the view he smiled feeling the slight chill only to glance upwards as the cloud rolled in a while ago as it began to snow slightly.

Tsukiyomi: “This feeling…its too familiar to me but if anything I have to move to that location before it is too late. He continued to help me…and I have to continue to keep my promise to always keep this place safe as well.”

Rushing as the snow continued to fall he began searching for the location that he was told of. That would help in the time of need when the time came. It was soon a fox would stop in front of Tsukiyomi. He stopped in middle of his tracks looking at the fox as its fur was white due to the seasons it soon turned running into the woods as he blinked for a moment and followed. Something in his stomach was causing him to follow this animal but why. What could it possibly be that would cause him to follow such a creature. As he came to a stop it was soon that fox would be sitting in front of a cave with the world engraved on it “Kin”

Tsukiyomi nodded to this as he took a small step forward but soon saw the fox move and growl at him for something. It was then Tsukiyomi looked at his weapons. Nodding with respect he removed them placing them onto the ground and then turned to the fox once more now as they took a step back allowing him to pass. Nodding to this Tsukiyomi began walking softly into the cave as he continued walking deeper into the mouth. The light was starting to fade as he continued further down into the cave. Thinking back to it all he came to the point where he could hear the drips of water fall as he carefully was listening to his surrounding in the darkness.

It came down to him feeling the cool rush of water flow over his feet. He continued moving forward into the water as he began to cover his entire body going to his head. As he floated downward into the cave lake he began to hear a voice whispering to him as he closed his eyes.

Mysterious voice: “You have come to a place to obtain something but you cannot obtain something until you have found what you lost or lack. You must allow your heart to become complete and express to me what it is you wish to obtain and what it is you lost?”

The voice echoed on the same word again and again in several pauses to Tsukiyomi as he continued floating downward into the darkness he could think of anything he had lost but came to remember everything he lost. The images started to flood him mind the friend the love the family all of it was gone. He continued to relive each time the pain that was following within him he came to feel strange as energy began to flood into his body little by little. He continued to not move his body as he continued to relax his mind and he found what he had lost piece by piece.

The images were starting to stitch together as he continued to hear the voice and continued to continue to sleep deeper. Only then did he see everyone with a smile on their faces placing their hands around him hugging him tightly he would release a tear opening his eyes and smiling at everyone as they began to vanish into white particles leaving him in the bright room only soon to turn seeing the figure of the person whispering to him.

Mysterious Figure: “In order to obtain something, you must first find what you have lost. For it will be the only way to obtain everything you need for a battle.”

Within his chest his heart began to feel warm and continue to flood with energy to his body as he nodded to them. But as Tsukiyomi pointed to the figure he could only ask.

Tsukiyomi: “So…who are you really?”

The figure smiled showing its teeth as it turn back around running off the voice would only echo.

Mysterious Voice: “Oh I’m just a lone fox spreading knowledge to those that are lost.”

Within that moment he awoke in the cave still but floating above the water in a Indian style sitting stance as he glanced around for a bit and smiled. As he stood he began walking out to the cave but saw the piercing light hit him in the arm a bit as he continued outwards he came to see the fields of snow covering the land and on the his blades with a note reading.

“Congrats…you can now move to the next stage.”

Turning his head the white fox howled a bit. As he ran off leaving him behind but Tsukiyomi reached down picking up his blades and followed the little critter confused for a moment as he remembered the visions and the voice. Who was this person or creature as he continued to chase the animal curious in his own way. As he rushed over the fox vanished into the snow that was in an open field as he moved he came to a stop as well confused for a second. But it was soon he noticed the snow start to move and rush at him as he blocked with each blade. The third was missing only to have a clone appear with it attacking to which the snow fell to pieces leaving only him and a clone.

His eyes turned into the sharingan scanning the area but felt something was off as he was rushed once more. By the waves of snow figures yet they did not have chakra. What was going on as the surrounded him he could only feel the chill of death grasp on him as he froze in place with his eyes closing from the frost. The figures soon came to cover him as he passed out only to soon be carried away. Coming to waking up with a fire by his side he felt a blanket on him but then turned to look down seeing it was a tail moving side to side. He quickly jumped back reaching for his blade but was unable to find them and his shirt as the beast howled with another walking with a smile on their face.

Mysterious figure: “Welcome stranger seems you had a home welcome from our tribes warriors. Please let me introduce myself. I am known as Kin around here and you are?”

The voice from before, tsukiyomi shook his head pointing at creature that was a white fox but on their hind legs as he was confused for a moment. It could not have been this being could it but shaking his head he just said carefully.

Tsukiyomi: “My name is…Tsukiyomi of the Uchiha Clan…but you sound familiar from when I entered the cave of Kin.”

Kin turned and smiled for a moment before answering the young man. Though he turned to see his child just waltz in barking kneeling at the young man. Before standing up on its hind legs pointing at the young male.

Kin’s child: “That’s the man father!”

Kin: “Oh this is the one that went into my cave…well now…Tsukiyomi of the Uchiha Clan. I created that cave to test people and the fact that my daughter saw you entered after leaving your weapons. It means you respected my wishes just like a friend of my mine in the past. With that welcome to our home and I believe we can begin getting connected with one another.

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Sennin Reborn [Speed run]
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