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 Fire to Water

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Fire to Water Empty
PostSubject: Fire to Water   Fire to Water EmptyMon Oct 08 2018, 17:38

Tsukiyomi continued to rush through the forest as he continued to move forward. Only flahsback of the man that trained him would appear before him.

Old man: "Now listen Tsukiyomi...if times call for help you must return to these lands and travel to the kin cave to which it will help and house the great powers of a fox priest that helped me during my time of need."

Tsukiyomi closed his eyes and nodded saying, "yes father..." As he rushed faster.

Start Time: 24 Hrs
World Map - 50% Travel Time - 12 Hours
Body Flicker - 50% Travel Time - 6 Hours
Dex: 503 - 5 Hours - 1 Hour Arrival Time.
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Fire to Water
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