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 ~Era of Dragons Battle 2~

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PostSubject: ~Era of Dragons Battle 2~   ~Era of Dragons Battle 2~ EmptyMon Oct 01 2018, 15:00

Hayabusa found himself at Forge Country, standing against a running crowd. Already equipped with his Rinnegan and his paths, he dove right in to track down the Dragon.
He felt slightly different, unbeknownst to him, he had an unknown curse.
He looked up at the dragon, preparing to battle and protect these innocent people. Without a word, he made it known what his intentions were…
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PostSubject: Re: ~Era of Dragons Battle 2~   ~Era of Dragons Battle 2~ EmptyTue Oct 02 2018, 12:24

"Well now human seems you have the guts or maybe you are a fool in battling against me." Its red eyes would glim at the human once more before it stood tall. It roared as it slammed it claws on the ground. "I cannot tell you know you will not win this battle if you start this battle."

Same Attributes.

Technique 10

Abilities: 10

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~Era of Dragons Battle 2~
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