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 Hikari - Learning Distortion

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PostSubject: Hikari - Learning Distortion   Hikari - Learning Distortion EmptySun Sep 09 2018, 02:34

The mystery of the world was coming to a close for even Grave to even decided on anything. As he finally had the tailed beast sealed within him. The chakras of each beast would flow through his body as he would be left smiling a bit as he continued to walk into the forest located in his country. He believed it was time as he removed three scrolls from his pouch to begin opening them and reading each one. As he held his hand out a large white blade would form as he smiled at it.

Grave: “The chakra is still mine but its flowing more wildly than before. With the powers of the Goei Mukeijutsus I think I may be able to finally do what it is I promised them so long ago.”

Closing his eyes he could come back to see the five warriors and the dragons that flew around him as his brother. To which he could only remember the battle between the king and the results that left them wanting to free them from the prison they were stuck behind. He gripped tightly on the light blade before having it vanish as he moved back pulling a chakra blade out from his side though they were no place for it be held at. The energy blade would grow slightly as it continued to release energy from it.

But it would soon fade as he turned to look up at the cloudy sky. The night sky continued to shed no light for the dark path that was about to be set for him as he finished reviewing over his notes.

Grave: “Okay, the elder opened the portal to the dragon domain when it was at the Tower of the Dead. I remember that it somehow mimic what I created with limbo. All that needs to be done is break it, but in order to do so…I need a stronger time/space technique that can do so. Though what could I really do with that…”

Thinking he turned his side to look over at Jouten the Supreme Being blade he forged for himself but created copies allowing him to deal heavier damage in battle. Now It came down that he have finally thought of a key in order to save them this time.

Grave: “A physical key…instead of a host I’ll just use the powers of limbo, then layer it with the spirit blade and with that power fuse it with the Goei Mukeijutsu…the Ceremonial blade will do best for it. But…then I need a good hosting object.”

Turning his head he smiled glancing over at Jouten once more and nodded to it as he finished writing out the formula for the technique. It took careful timing and planning as he had to be sure not to over use his chakra or misplace it in a certain point of a strike as he would finish. He smiled leaning back at the work after several minutes had passed. He nodded as he started with his palm taking the handle of Jouten pulling is slowly from its sheath.

He showed it to the sky smiling up at the clouds, “The night may be closed but I shall open a way to the night sky after today.” Grave whispered to his blade as he took it having the blade shine brightly only to transform into a white ember like sword with it soon turning into a violet blade with a white aura as he was able to focus the right amount as he was performing his time/space technique in order to bend the distortion of time/space. With one swing he could feel no decrease in his reflexes but felt the slight cut of something. As he soon saw his own time/space soon shatter before him as it was the barrier that protected the village.

Grave: “Woah…I did not think that would happen but…I should be able to do it now. As I promised I will set you all free from that domain.”

Sakura: “So you really are going to do it?”

Grave froze as he turned to see his wife staring at him. Smiling he knew what it meant for him to show what he had created as they came to embrace each other in warmth. He smiled and nodded to her only to say.

Grave: “This time…I may not come back…so just do me a favor…and live on okay?”

Sakura: *winking* “You better come back or else I’ll hunt you down myself!”

Grave smiled nodded as he turned place his palm down opening the vortex leaving to head over towards the rain country.

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Hikari - Learning Distortion
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