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 Test Fight.

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Test Fight.  Empty
PostSubject: Test Fight.    Test Fight.  EmptySun Aug 12 2018, 17:02

Tsukasa Details:


O Strength: 99.
O Endurance: 58
O Dexterity: 57

O Awareness: 96.
O Sanity: 120
O Intelligence: 88

Omninshu [NJTGM]Today at 12:20 AM
O Strength: 99.
O Endurance: 58
O Dexterity: 57

O Awareness: 96.
O Sanity: 120
O Intelligence: 88
I shall copy those then.
Due to us being the same rank for the beta test.

Tsukasa [NJT]Today at 12:21 AM
Abilities and Seeds:

-+ - Dog - >
> Long life is something the canine beast have in store for them.
+ Type: Active
+ Effect: HP never falls below 0 (3 Turns) (Every 2 Weeks)
-+ - Swordsmanship - Lv: 10 | Max: 10 - >
> At birth a Mibu is strong with a sword no matter what but also are able to obtain the abilities of hearing the voices or spirits of the "Heart" Though it is limited to only a few.
+ Type: Passive
+ Effect: Sword WEP DMG x1.50

-- Ken (Sword)
- Masterful Knowledge -
> The art of using the sword, though you have not gone through the training that a samurai has gone through the powers of a blade a lacking.
-Type: Passive
-Effect Damage x1.15 & Able to create [Ken-jutsus]

+ - Bunshin No Jutsu - Clone Technique - >
> Create a double of one's self, however the clone will mimic everything that is done by the caster. They will vanish after having contact being made.
+ Type: Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 1 + E
+ Effect: Create 1 "False" Copy + Cannot cause Damage of any kind.

+ - Ransaa - Lancer - >
> The quick jolt of a fist flying across the battlefield to make contact to the target.
+ Type: Offensive
+ Rank: E
+ Damage: 25
+ Drawback: - - None - -

+ - Fukin Ashige - Axe Kick - >
> Bring the leg above the head only to bring it down with a crushing force.
+ Type: Offensive
+ Rank: E
+ Drawback: None

+ - Raiton: Nami Reikan - Lightning Style: Wave of Inspiration - >
> Ones generates lightning chakra within one hand causing one to fire it from a distances to shock another. The surge of electricity causes one to freeze for a short moment. It can be powered with metal to increase its stun ability.
+ Type: Offensive
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 5 + D
+ Effect: Stun (1 Turn) | +1 Turn if used with Metal Tool(s) or Item(s)

Omninshu [NJTGM]Today at 12:23 AM
What is your level

Tsukasa [NJT]Today at 12:23 AM

Omninshu [NJTGM]Today at 12:24 AM
Next comes the fun part on who you get to battle.

Grand Dice Master: AvraeBOTToday at 12:24 AM
@Omninshu [NJTGM]
Result: 1d3 (1)
Total: 1

Omninshu [NJTGM]Today at 12:24 AM
Lol That is ironic I was thinking that would be the best person for you to fight.
Jutsus are hidden until used in battle just like any boss battle without a walkthrough.
I can tell you I have a max of 5 though
Arriving to the battlefield the strange figure with an orange outfit would appear with a smile on his face. "Hi...I'm Goku! You seem strong how about we do a spar does that sound alright to you?"

Tsukasa [NJT]Today at 12:32 AM
Tsukasa would only stare at the strange man for a few moments, He wanted to spar, seemingly out of nowhere. Normally, Tsukasa wouldn't care for random challenges. But recently, all his days seemed to be sour. So a fight sounded good right about now, it would help him clear his mind for a bit.
And so, the Genin unsheathed his tanto and took a fighting stance. "Alright... I accept your challenge." He then realized that he should probably introduce himself as well "My name's Tsukasa."

Omninshu [NJTGM]Today at 12:36 AM
Getting excited the man leaned over with a basic stance but was leaning over more allowing him to launch fast as he smiled at the person. "This is going to be great!" He would soon jump rushing at the person with a smile as he brought his fist over to strike at Tsukasa.
Melee: 50 DMG

Grand Dice Master: AvraeBOTToday at 12:36 AM
@Omninshu [NJTGM]
Result: 1d20 (18)
Total: 18

Omninshu [NJTGM]Today at 12:36 AM
oh Critical too.
58 Dmg

Tsukasa [NJT]Today at 12:46 AM
Tsukasa was surprised at the man's speed, this was no doubt going to be hard for the boy. But he wouldn't let himself be discouraged. So he would also jump, and attempted to slice his opponent with his blade!
[Counter: Sword damage is 109.]

Omninshu [NJTGM]Today at 12:51 AM
Dmg taken from Counter leaves Goku with 41/99 HP

Tsukasa [NJT]Today at 12:58 AM
Tsukasa would land onto the ground. He thought that he managed to hit the man, so that was good. But he needed to keep this up if he wanted to win against an opponent like this. So he quickly sheathed his blade and brought his hands together and did five unique signs. Which caused lightning to start coming out of his hands, he then unsheathed his blade. The lightning would then start to go up the blade, making it glow rather brightly.

The boy then turned to his opponent, and then performed a stabbing motion. Causing the lighting to shoot from the blade!

[Using Nami Reikan, charging it with the sword for the effect.]

Grand Dice Master: AvraeBOTToday at 12:58 AM
@Tsukasa [NJT]
Result: 1d20 (12)
Total: 12

Omninshu [NJTGM]Today at 1:05 AM
"Yikes!" Placing his hands on his forehead head he vanished appearing behind the person with a smile only to voice a phrase, "!!!!" He fired a chakra blast at his target as he continued to hold the stance. After the energy rushed he smiled only to nodded, "You are strong...I guess I should turn it up a level...AHHHHHH!!!!" Soon the black hair would turn yellow as he smiled now having spiky yellow hair.
Counter Action: Instant Transmission - 10% Chakra - Evade 1 Attack | Counter Converse: If used to evade 1 Attack, perform Kamehameha at target. [Pay Kamehameha + Instant Transmission Cost together.]
Action: Turned SSJ: Attributes: 1.25
Chakra: 100% -30% [70%/100%

O Strength: 99 |125
O Endurance: 58 | 73
O Dexterity: 57 | 71

O Awareness: 96 | 120
O Sanity: 120 | 150
O Intelligence: 88 | 110(edited)
DMG for Kamehameha = 51

Tsukasa [NJT]Today at 1:08 AM
[48/99 HP on Tsukasa.]
Tsukasa would be surprised as the man just, straight up vanished. Where could he have gone? Was the fight already over? Did this mean that Tsukasa won? Was that man even REAL?
All those answers and more were answered when Tsukasa heard the man from behind. The Genin turned to look, and was greeted with the blue energy blast. Which sent the boy flying across the field, and boy did he feel pretty bad after that. He ended up face down on the ground. Luckily, he had kept a good grip on his weapon. So that was still present.

The boy felt rather bitter about all this. The last couple of weeks had basically been him feeling like he was down all the time. Ever since he had lost in his exam, there were small losses here and there. And it irritated him to no end. He was a child of the Mibu Clan, and they were supposed to be strongest. At least that was what he had been taught throughout his life. Recently, that hadn’t really been the case for him. And he HATED himself for it.

Oh boy, if his dad were here to see this. He’d be even angrier. Would probably force Tsukasa to redo the basics of his training. Actually that wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Anyways, Tsukasa needed to get back to the fight.

The boy punched the ground, and forced himself onto his feet. He wasn’t going to just give up now, he had to win. Not only for the clan, but for himself. This would be the first step to pulling himself out of whatever mental thing he had fallen into.
The boy would look at the sheath on his arm. His headband was snugly tied to it, a choice he made due to his prior shame. Well, no more he decided. He unwrapped it from his gauntlet and tied it around his head. He would wear this with pride, dammit!

Tsukasa glared at Goku, who now had blonde hair for whatever reason, and he raised his sword. This guy might have tricked him with… whatever that was. But he’d find a way around it, and beat him! No matter what it would take.

The boy continued to look at his opponent. How was he going to approach here? He had already used his blade, so perhaps this Goku had already thought of a way to counter it. Heck, he was probably trying to predict Tsukasa’s next move! Well he’d just have to do something totally unsuspected. At first, Tsukasa considered throwing a Kunai, but he decided against it. The man would probably counter with his disappearing trick again.

Perhaps… Maybe he would have a better chance going for a frontal assault. So that meant…

Tsukasa cracked a smile and then flipped his blade so he’d be holding it in reverse. He then suddenly broke into a dash, and went with one of the most classic Taijutsu skills… A punch!

It was a skill he picked up after watching his friend fight. Taijutsu was a good skill to have, he thought. Not as good as swordsmanship, but hey it had its uses.

[Tl:dr Tsukasa uses Lancer.]

Grand Dice Master: AvraeBOTToday at 1:45 AM
@Tsukasa [NJT]
Result: 1d20 (1)
Total: 1
Critical Fail!

Tsukasa [NJT]Today at 1:45 AM

Omninshu [NJTGM]Today at 1:49 AM
falls over

Omninshu [NJTGM]Today at 4:10 PM
The attack that was coming at goku would miss as he blinked confused for a moment. Pointing at Tsukasa he was trying to figure out what he was attacking. "Why are you attacking the air?" Goku believed he was upset at something he smelt or had taken a deep breath of something that was foul.
HP: 41/99
Chakra: 65% [-5% SSJ]
Stamina: 100%
[No attack made]

Tsukasa [NJT]Today at 4:43 PM
Tsukasa zoomed right past Goku. And for a few moments, he was just confused. The man hadn’t even moved! Maybe he had put too much focus into the attack? No matter the reason, this… this was even more insulting than if Goku used that trick again. The boy let out a low growl and shifted his tanto back to it’s usual grip.

Tsukasa just turned to his opponent. He’d chastise himself later. Notably, the boy’s eyes seemed a bit… off.

[Reached the word count, so activating the Akagan. -20% Chakra.]
New Stats:
O Strength: 114
O Endurance: 67
O Dexterity: 66

O Awareness: 110
O Sanity: 138
O Intelligence: 101
HP: 48/99
Chakra: 60%
Stamina: 90%

Omninshu [NJTGM]Today at 4:56 PM
Suddenly with a burst of rage the power around them changed it was not more violent and blood crazed. Staring over at the person Goku smiled at them and leaned over taking a stance. "Wow, you were hiding your power level from me. Now the real fight begins.." With that being said Goku Jumped into the air and began charging his technique, "!!!" With that the rush of energy continued to fly forward at Tsukasa.

Chakra: 45%/100%
Stamina: 100
O Strength: 99 |125
O Endurance: 58 | 73
O Dexterity: 57 | 71

O Awareness: 96 | 120
O Sanity: 120 | 150
O Intelligence: 88 | 110

DMG KamehameHa: 60(edited)

Grand Dice Master: AvraeBOTToday at 4:56 PM
@Omninshu [NJTGM]
Result: 1d20 (12)
Total: 12

Tsukasa [NJT]Today at 5:07 PM
The genin would start to run as soon as he saw the man jump. If there was going to be any time to get a good hit in, it would be now! As soon as Tsukasa got close enough, he’d jump and go for a sword slash.

[Counter: Basic Sword Attack. Damage: 117.]

Omninshu [NJTGM]Today at 5:28 PM
The blade would come close cutting at Goku's body as he landed on the ground holding where the cut got him. "Not bad." Revert back to normal his hair would turn back black as he moved to stand back up. "It seems you got me as I cannot beat you just as I am...maybe next time we can battle to our fullest until next time." He would place his fingers on his on forehead and vanish leaving a green bean on the ground.

Tsukasa [NJT]Today at 5:35 PM
Tsukasa would land onto the ground, and he looked around to find... The man was gone. And in his place, there was now a bean. "Alright..." Tsukasa picked up the bean, and decided to go home.
He needed to train.

Omninshu [NJTGM]Today at 5:36 PM
[Thank you for the small battle test, Also you obtain Senzu Bean: Full Restores and Removes any and all negative effects. This includes shadow clone's effect as well.]

(Tsukasa gains 923 EXP, unlocks his Doujutsu, and gets a Senzu Bean!)
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Test Fight.
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