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 Mercenary Guild

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Mercinary Guild
Section for profiles of all mercinaries and NPCs for "Zaber/Enjin" character's use.

Ravana "The Insatiable" Sensōkami

Mercenary Guild EVSOLWq

Profile: wrote:

Ravana is a rogue ninja from the Shishen continent, long before it was aware by the eastern countries. Born in a wartorn country and age, he learned to survive on the streets. He stole and fought with little shame in it as survival of the fittest was the rule he had to live by. He was discovered to have potential so he was drafted into shinobi ranks for that country. Though training as a shinobi made him skilled with a sword and taught him to discipline in martial arts, even from monks,  nothing could stop him from  his desires. Worldy and physical desires drove him forward as a bandit lord and mercenary.

He soon earned an infamous reputation as a thief, swordsman, and reaped his spoils of war wherever he went. He fought enemies, stole treasure, and known for countless offenses against being a pervert and womanizer via genjutsu. He was dubbed a rogue ninja of Shishen, and soon sought out more to concur and explore in the eastern continents. He served time among the shinobi of Kiri, acting as a mercinary there but soon grew bored.  He soon arrives in Iwa-- where he is cockblocked by a red-headed Shinobi and tries to turn him in.

Amused by his fighting spirit, the larger swordsman took the kid under his wing to teach him Taijutsu-- and introduced him to the Blood Vale Tigers. Though a selfish bastard, he grew a soft spot for the kid and saw him as a potential pupil.

Ravana is a laidback, fun-loving, boastful older man. He is shameless in his actions, not having an ounce of doubt or guilt in what he does. He will gladly wear the brand of rogue so long as he can persue his desires and freedom as he sees fit. Freedom is the one treasure he will never put a price on. Despite his simplistic demeanor, he is surprisingly wise about the inner self and forces that drive a person. It was that wisdom that taught him the basics of the inner gates of Shishen continent. He will say any challenge as fun and the thrill of even death amuses him. To him, the only reason to fight is to fight itself. For a hedonist, he is the strongest one yet.  

Mercenary Guild BO758I0

Level of Merc: Kage : Lvl 75 (+375 % bonus)
Client of: Asura Jiin
Affiliation: Gessoku Akatsuki
AP: 6,750


Health: 1037

Brawn: 1037
Endurance: 835
Dexterity: 960

Intelligence: 600
Awareness: 650
Sanity: 600

Chakra: 250% (+150%)
Stamina: 325% (+225%)


1. Raiton 100%
2. Fuuton 100%
3. Suiton 100%

Mercenary Guild J9e5m4I
Character Gear:


Jutsu List:

- Jutsu Count: 2 E Rank + 2 D Rank + 2 C Rank + 2 B Rank + 2 A Rank + 1 S Rank
- Element Count: 3

Mercenary Guild OfvuwFm

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Occupation[s] : Crafter of Chakra-infused items (weapons and items), fisherman
Post[s] : 2035
Joined : 2014-05-24

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Mercenary Guild OfvuwFm
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Mercenary Guild
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