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 Forbidden Fruit Speed Run

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Forbidden Fruit Speed Run Empty
PostSubject: Forbidden Fruit Speed Run   Forbidden Fruit Speed Run EmptyFri Aug 03 2018, 03:44

Arriving at the gates of Konoha the young Uchiha would look upwards at everything but only be reminded of the darkness he was in now. Smiling he continued to walk as people would stare at him for a bit. He was greeted by the guard as he continued inward.

Guard: “Hello, sir…may I assist you anywhere?”

Turning his head to the slight left he smiled and shook his head. As Tsukiyomi had been wandering around the area and trained his senses a bit for just this reason. He continued to have a mask of a tengu on him but smiled under it as he let his voice come out but deep to mask it.

Tsukiyomi: “Thank you for the concern…but no I will be fine. Now excuse me…”

Walking into through the gates he could hear the quietness of the sleeping village as he smiled jumping around the buildings. He would arrive at the place that he use to call home but turned his attention towards the Inn as he continued his way.

Inn Keeper: “Hey…do you need anything if not please leave.”

Turning to place a few ryo on the desk only think could cross his mind. Tsukiyomi was not in a hurry to move through with his mission but he knew what needed to be done. Inn keeper would pause for a bit before looking at the short figure.

Inn Keerp: “Well?”

Tsukiyomi: “ I need a room and you can keep the rest…”

Leaving the amount with a bit more the inn keeper looked at the figure with a smile. The turned to hand the figure some keys for the room. As the Inn Keeper turned they began smiling bigger saying.

Inn Keeper: “That is room 15 it will be on the right hand side you cannot miss it I promise!”

Tsukiyomi took the keys and made his way to the room as he felt against the wall. He would carefully make his way to the fifteenth door. As he walked into he would smile trying to get a feel of everything. It was different without the sense of sight but he figured he had everything he needed as he placed the mask off his face throwing it onto the bed and removed his cloak to show the anbu armor he had been wearing. He would remove the armor and move to head towards the bathroom.

Tsukiyomi: “Its been a while since I had a good bath…”

Turning on the water to the tub he began to undress and get cleaned up for a bit. As he continued to be in the bathroom he was lay back thinking to himself. It was hard for him to be back here to be back home in this place he left thinking it was their fault but he figured he would start something to help the country grow and the best way in doing so was by having it completely under control for a better tomorrow. He kept the scarf off but his eyes closed as he reached over getting bandages to place over his eyes.

Tsukiyomi: “This sucks…opening them would ruin this…but at the same time I just have to stay in control and keep pushing forward for things.”

Finishing with his bath he stood up reaching over for his towel as he dried himself off walking out of the bathroom. He would be left smiling as he was relaxed now. As he turned he moved to get clothes from his pack to place them on. As he felt on them he could only smile and shake his head.

Tsukiyomi: “Thank you…Mrs. Sakura…”

He placed on his new clothing that seemed to be the same cloth feeling as Grave’s Priest Garb. With that he finished placing on the armor and turned to feel a new mask as he placed that onto his face. It was smoother and more vibrant with a shine of blood red on it. It matched him more so but the feeling of no eyes holes made things better as he turned to place on his other gear. The weights still on him he could only keep holding them as he moved to get ready for his part of the mission.

Flashes would come back to him with his father smiling and mother smiling but soon vanish as the battle between his brother and him would erupt. Only to end with his brother’s death and being attacked by the group he swore he would work for in order to keep Konoha from danger. Though the danger was more inside the village itself without anyone knowing. Making his way to the top of the inn’s rooftop he continued to stare into the vast darkness of his eyelids only with a bandage wrapping around his eyes.

Memories of Konoha would start to flood into his mind once more as he began thinking of his target and the object he was hunting for now. The part of Phase 2 begins with the awareness of change has taken root and it seems that was time for them all to move. With that Tsukiyomi vanished from his spot moving through the village carefully as he made his way to the Hokage’s Office. With that he appeared at the rooftop thinking to himself as to how it all came down to this. Yet it was an warm ease of a feeling as he knew nobody was near though there would be some in the inside the building as he moved down the stairs could it be that it was a trap? No it was not as it seemed easy for him to move through the area.

Hearing voices Tsukiyomi stopped hiding against a wall and soon found a doorway that made seem like it was easy access. Twisting the knob he slowly eased into the door way to hide a bit until the foot steps had passed him. It was different for him as he could see the outline of things with his senses now heighten a bit more than others. As he moved from it he remember the stories of how the object was from what was explained during the mission meetings. As he continued to move forward with everything he game to a stop at another doorway but did not hear anyone moving from the inside.

Tsukiyomi: “Base on memory this is the location that I need to get into…”

He slowly twisted the doorknob only to feel it locked as he kneeled down he began working at the door’s lock only to get it seconds later he pushed it open easing himself into the studies of what the Hokage’s Office would have storage of all scrolls that would have seen better days. Feeling around once more he continued to figure out what he was looking forward. He felt around for the right scroll only to come to feel something different as he felt the lock on it.

Tsukiyomi: “This has to be the scroll…”

Soon some other shinobi would come into the room. Yelling as they caught a hold of Tsukiyomi as he turned to make a break for it with the scroll under his arms.


Talking about a failed mission but it was still allowing him to move to a new location with the scroll as he rushed out. But was soon stopped by another Chunin whom was taken out with one hit from the elbow from Tsukiyomi as he continued to move through the area. Leaving the Hokage’s palace he came to the top of the roof and turned to hear foot steps coming.

Tsukiyomi: “Great…more…I know I did not knock that other one out but I still need to keep moving or else I’ll be in trouble for sure.”

Thinking of a place he could run too he smiled under the mask as he made his move vanishing with his speed he had to hurry to his the location of his fallen home. To which he could smell of the burning wood still. But he needed to hurry with opening the scroll he felt at the engravings on it. The memory came to him as his father shared how it worked with understanding things. With that though Tsukiyomi quickly took the scroll placing it on his back and moving once again to keep the trail from seeming as though he had returned back to the village. He came to the opening forest as he placed the scroll down only to have someone come to him with a large blade and smile.

Chunin: “So…I caught you thief thinking you can run and steal our things without any issue huh?”

Turning with his hands into the air, Tsukiyomi would just show the mask on his face and not answer to the person. As the chunin would take the blade they rushed only to be blocked by a Kunai as the masked figure continued to push them back a bit more then kicking them into the stomach having them slide backwards a bit.

Tsukiyomi would keep his voice masked by not speaking but continue to deal with the person that followed him as they continued to clash with their weapons they were pushed back leaving nothing but damage to them. As they stood up slowly the mask figured would soon be taken out from behind by another chunin whom was wielding two blades. Tsukiyomi took one step forward to the other chunin only to fall to the ground weaken from the strike.

Chunin B: “How weak, they thought they can get away. Oh well time to see who you really are.”

As the Chunin leaned over to remove the mask from Tsukiyomi he would vanish leaving no trace of himself. Both chunins would stare at each other as the second one would glance around for the real person that created the clone.

Chunin A: “What the hell was that?!”

Chunin B: “It was a Shadow Clone jutsu…”

Meanwhile coming back to the Inn later on afterwards it would seem all was good as someone came knocking at the door. Removing the mask and clothing he walked over with his cloak on and tengu mask on him. Answering the door to see a Jounin looking at the person.

Jounin A: “Sorry sir to bug you but could we come in and have a look around we have had reports of someone breaking in to places.”

Tsukiyomi would bow allowing them to come into his Inn. They continued to brush pass him as they started to search for clues of his reason for coming to Konoha. But it was when another Jounin came into the room and smiled at the figure behind the mask and told everyone to leave that things became interesting for them.

Jounin B: “So…you returned after all…Uchiha Tsukiyomi…”

The figure was the man that took the life of his friend but then started everything to spiral for Tsukiyomi. It was then Tsukiyomi removed his blade slowly getting ready to strike at the Jounin but held off from it as the person had something to offer it seemed.

Jounin B: “Listen carefully, the world is different now then what you know…its time like this we should work together if you do not want me to tell them. I know you came and stole the Kinjutsu scroll I would suggest you follow orders like old times and come meet me at the memorial I have some missions I want you to go on for me and begin working unlock side the new order of Konoha how does that sound?”

Tsukiyomi “New order of Konoha…seems like shit but I will visit you because I have something I want to ask you personal anyway.”

Jounin B: “Well that is fair and all but let us not forget that even if you want revenge for her you will not get it as long as I’m alive but let’s not try anything is that clear?”

Nodding to that the Jounin would leave as Tsukiyomi would only mumble to himself. “I hate that man…damn…Danko”

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Forbidden Fruit Speed Run
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