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 Spearing Ahead (Crafting thread)

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Spearing Ahead (Crafting thread) Empty
PostSubject: Spearing Ahead (Crafting thread)   Spearing Ahead (Crafting thread) EmptyFri Jul 27 2018, 08:37

In the midsts of the Chunin exams, Asura had been getting many under the table orders for new weaponry. He was always happy to make such items. In fact the quality for it was pretty high and with Hayabusa's information he knew more about the client. A shinobi from the hidden leaf. Some cocky fellow who wanted a spear.

Using the sun metal Asura had from Shinkoku, he was able to forge a slick looking spear, and much like he made, it enhanced the power of fire chakra one had.

It would be a nice peace for anyone in the land of fire.

Crafted Results:

A long polearm weapon sturdily made with a pointed blade at the type. The curve or point is meant for piercing attacks as well as good use to defend via the base of the weapon. It requires great strength and dexterity to properly wield this weapon.
Type: Martial.
P. Effect:

Material: 3 Ingots + 2 gem slots (optional)
Material Used: 3 Platinum Ingots, + 1 Ruby +

Spear of Agni
>(to be written out later)

+ Type: Martial, Two-Handed Weapon
+ Effect: +12 Brawn. +12 End, &  Katon DMG/Resistance +15% (x1.15)
+ Damage: 60

Spearing Ahead (Crafting thread) OfvuwFm
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Spearing Ahead (Crafting thread)
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