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 C-Rank Mission: (01)

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Spec. Jounin

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PostSubject: C-Rank Mission: (01)   C-Rank Mission: (01) EmptyFri Jul 27 2018, 02:11

A usual breeze carried herself through the valley and streets of the Hidden Leaf Village. Down the roads, cheerful people socialized and mingled within the market place. Restaurants and food trucks were filled with lines. Overlooking this entire valley, was the fresh gennin, Yukimura Senju, The Monkey of Konoha. While he was unsure about the Alias given to him by the administration office, Yukimura was surely glad to finally be recognized as a ninja.
His brother Noboyuki Senju, who was a few months older than he, had been given a alias that sounded a bit cooler: The Blade of Konoha. Both Senju, were now some of the most talk about names amongst the leaf village.
On this day, Yukimura sat atop the great stone faces of the Hokage. It was always one of his relaxing spots. It allowed him to get into a great mindset before training. A lot had already happened since his Gennin training had begun. Mei-Lee Hyuuga, his long-time love interest, had been removed from his squad, leaving a team consisting of just he and his brother.
Yukimura felt his body cool a bit, which led him to believe a figure was now standing over him.
“Can I help you?” Yukimura ask.
“We’ve been summoned.” The voice said.
“Can’t it wait?” Yukimura questioned.
“No We have missions” The voice replied. Yukimura stood up and turned around to face a white haired boy who wore similar clothing to his own. His hair also was short in the front and extended into a pony tail in the back.
“The Hokage sucks” Yukimura said.
“Yeah little brother… than take his job” Noboyuki joked.
“Trust me I will!” He said with a grin.

Later that day.
“You let the Boar destroy Ms. Maima’s Crop field!” The Chunnin yelled as he held the scroll in his hand.
“But he’s dead.” Yukimura said stubbornly as he folded his arms. Noboyuki elbowed his little brother as the listened to the examiner bicker to them.
“Shut up Yukimura you’re going to get us in even more trouble” He said.
“I don’t see what the big deal is!” Yukimura yelled back.
“Relax Fuzen, I’ll take this one” a Younger man in full Jounin garb said. It was Sensei Minoru, a close teacher to both Nobuyki and Minoru. “It’s simple Yukimura. Completing a mission is all about finesse. Say for example your job is to steal a very important document in a heavily guarded fortress. While it may be easier to just brute force your way in, as Ninja our job is to get in and out undetected. So if you go one and leave a mess with prints and a trail that leads right back to you-“
“THAN YOU JUST STARTED A WAR!” Fuzen yelled. Minoru stared at the Chunin and shook his head.
“Fuzen’s right, You just started a war. These missions we give you are not to be taken lightly and should be done as meticulous as possible. Don’t fail a mission.” Minoru said, “That includes Miss Maima’s Crop field”



Yukimura Senju
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C-Rank Mission: (01)
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