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 Travel To Konoha

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Spec. Jounin

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PostSubject: Travel To Konoha   Travel To Konoha EmptyThu Jul 26 2018, 02:50

“You’re kidding me, right?” Mei-Lee complained as she stared at the other two boys who had packed their bags. Yukimura pushed one more weapon into his back and fastened the bag.
“No miss Mei-Lee, we are walking back to the leaf village.” Yukimura said. Noboyuki let out a slight laugh as he listened to the two bicker.
“You’re going to make me walk? Can’t your friend just teleport us back?” She asked as she folded her arms. Yukimura gave her a stare signifying his annoyance with her. Hayabusa had disappeared off somewhere which is why they were in the predicament in the first place.
“Listen Mei-Lee. I don’t know where Hayabusa is. I’d rather not ask that other guy.. Eli either if he has any abilities. As far as the Woman goes? She’s crazy.” Yukimura said handing her a bag to carry. Mei-Lee grabbed the bag realizing she was burdened with the task of carrying the food.
“You’re apart of their team now… Aren’t You?” She asked. Everyone stopped to see how Yukimura would respond. Even he was surprised at the events that occurred while they were on dream island.
“My Goal is to become a Jounin 1st.” He said noting that his priorities at the moment were not Gesshoku.

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Travel To Konoha
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