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x Curse of Waves x

X Many moons ago, a powerful king ruled over the land of the Steel Empire guiding his people with love and only to leave fear with those that were his enemy. For he wield these powerful weapons that no man would dare use in battle. Though because of this a powerful dark spell was used to summon forth powerful beings with markings of unknown origins. As they brought destruction and fear to the land the King ready his men charging into battle. However it would soon be the down fall with only him living. With that a great and powerful priest sealed the powers of each being into themselves. Calling them the curses of change.

Years have passed and the great priest transferred the curses to his loving daughter Morgana whom now houses them. Though now the new king guards her with his fellow knights to be sure the past never repeats itself.

Key Notes
- The Cursed Waves, our entities that take the form of curse seals. They are able to speak with whomever they are placed onto however they cannot be removed or placed by normal means. It takes a very special technique and skill to do so.
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+ Curse of Waves +
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