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 Present Day 5 "It was all an Illusion, but not these two!" Solo/RP/ Meeting of Tsukiyomi and Phantom

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Present Day 5 "It was all an Illusion, but not these two!" Solo/RP/ Meeting of Tsukiyomi and Phantom Empty
PostSubject: Present Day 5 "It was all an Illusion, but not these two!" Solo/RP/ Meeting of Tsukiyomi and Phantom   Present Day 5 "It was all an Illusion, but not these two!" Solo/RP/ Meeting of Tsukiyomi and Phantom EmptyThu Jun 14 2018, 07:30

- Present Day –

Toshi awoke from his bed turning to look at the image of family once more and then sighed heavily. IT came down to it the boy had been somewhere for only months that felt like years to him but the mystery of solving the black flame came back to trigger a small fragment left in him.

“That’s right…I solved the mystery it was called Enton…then they appeared but she was there as well…:

Thinking about it once more images started to flood his mind as it came down to what happen that day and what caused everything to happen to him now.

- Past Day –

Coming back to Konoha he was excited to see everyone once again. The young age was gone the boy was now grown bit during the summer. Things seemed different in Konoha with age and seem a bit taller. Walking around people would stare at him and whisper but to him he was unsure as to what.

It was minutes later that the excitement that Toshi had on his face would turn to sorrow and grief. His home destroyed his family buried and him left alone with nothing to show for. He was able to go through the destroyed home finding pits and pieces of his past before long a Jounin would appear leaving a message for him.

It continued to flash only for him to see the bodies of his father and wife. It was said that were executed with one swing so the death was swift. Leaving him to stare at the headless bodies Toshi came to feeling nothing but an empty shell that day. It stormed and rain as the little boy that was dreaming of becoming better would grow up becoming something of an empty shell, emotions, family and place to belong all were taken from him.

Until a voice was heard whispering to him from a figure that would be wearing a black cloak with a large white mask.

“They died…swiftly that I assure you…but you are what we want.”

That moment erupted in violence as he attacked the figure within the city limits but they soon made and escape out to the forest where each would exchange blow for blow and attacking each other with only hand to hand combat. It came down both to where Toshi was the only one staring the enemy down tired and feeling heavy.

It came once more the whisper and feeling of Kou rubbing his arm as he gained more rage within him to push further. That moment the figure smiled creating a jutsu with a sphere in hand, however it would craft from a light blue to a black sphere raging around with flames. Unable to stop he saw it, the black flames that he was searching for. Contact soon made with both body and attack leaving Toshi yelling in pain and falling to the ground rolling around trying to put out the flames but only made them spread.

He soon would stop only to lay their burning with his eyes fading he saw the figure lean over and whisper once more.

“Not yet…I promise you can see them again, just not now.”

The time came where he awoke in a lab and so began the journey to which the figure would ask him to remember it all, everything that made Toshi grow to this point.

- Present Day –

It finally came down Toshi was walking down the hall as the brown haired female would lock eyes with him once more he turned pushing her against the wall with his forearm against her neck pressing hard making sure she understood something.

“You get it through your head, you can never have her place nor will I allow it. But I know you know where the fuck that asshole is I want to face him now!”

She gasped for air feeling as though her life was on the line but soon letting go Toshi watched her body fall as she would cough getting up slowly nodding to him. Fear now grasped over her body as she continued to shake and continued to have Toshi follow him to the arena to where the battle would start for them.

“Ah…the Hyuuga has finally decided to have the past and present come to as whole. Just like how light and dark are forever apart of this world. It will always be a hellish chaos…will it ever change…”

The voice continued only for Toshi to take a hard look at the figure once more all he could think of was the black flames, the bodies left with no heads, the home that he was happy with destroyed. It came down to only one thing.

“No…but I’ll walk this path of killing your ass for taking everything from me!”

The burst of speed caused the figure to turn getting a defensive stance as the battle started with each one clashing with everyone. Pushing off Toshi was starting to focus more and more on the target at hand leaving him to notice a difference in the figures pattern. As each one continued the battle the brown hair female watched holding onto her clipboard until a tall figure appeared before her staring at them fighting. It softly let out a calm guidance of words.

“Do not worry…this time everything will be better.”

The two in the arena were left trading blows for blows but Toshi was noticing the attacks were different than before they had become sharper as though figure was training during the same time he was training. As both would continue to fighting for another hour it came down to one thing coming up. The black sphere of flames would appear once more and Toshi was ready for it and he leaned over getting into a defensive stance but firing off with great speed.

As the sphere was starting to repeat itself coming almost into contact with Toshi he pulled his fist back yelling out.

“I’ve been holding this back for a long time, Sixteen Trigrams – Vaccum Hell Fist!”

With that a burst of pressure fired from his fist pushing the figure with a great violent wind only to have the friction start sparks. Bursting the figure on fire as they went flying backwards into the wall. Leaving them twitching with their head falling down Toshi took his steps forward only to grab them lifting them up pulling his fist back but soon the mask would crack slowly from the forehead down only to finally split. With that moment Toshi’s fist came down with his eyes filled with shock and tears as he could only mutter.


The female that he believed to be dead in his tightly gripped fist, the woman he loved and cared for the one he came home to and found dead. Was alive and in his hands about to be killed. Soon her eye would open and widen with shock as well. She softly said as she was deep pain.


Confused he shook his head and laid her on the ground leaning over to try and figure out what was going on but he kept her close until a medical team came rushing in getting her. Toshi tried to stop them but it was soon stopped as another voice could be heard.

“ENOUGH! Take her to the medical bay and have her recover quickly!”

The medical team did as they said leaving Toshi to stop turning slowly to see that his father would be standing behind Toshi. What on earth was happening first his wife and now his father alive in the same place that was a mystery to him.

“Toshi my so…”

The words were cut short as Toshi delivered a powerful punch to the side of his father’s face leaving an imprint of his fist. Toshi pulled back glance at his father.

“What the hell did you do? What the hell is going on? Why are you and Kou alive?!”

Toshi’s father recovered from the hit as it caused him to take a step back and pulling forward he frowned at his son and then turned to begin talking and explaining.

“While you were out a mission a while back, me and Kou…were attacked by a unknown group of figures. To which tried to kill Kou in exchange I stopped them but I lost my left arm in doing so. After which the leader found us and attacked me once again leaving me almost for dead. Though I came to get stronger and find the person however after defeating him. This place this organization that has been running for a while had fall unto my control. Though Kou was alive and well she was not the Kou you loved nor the Asami that I named.”

Toshi was confused as to what happen as he pointed at the doorway to which she was taken down.


Soon the brown haired female rushed yelling to Toshi.

“Its true!!”

Toshi’s eyes locked on to her wanting to attack her but held back his rage but soon saw his father’s arm come between both of them as he continued to explain.

“The leader placed a curse seal one her to which she must obey the leader of this organization mind, body and soul. Even if the leader is to be killed the curse seal cannot break. It was not until I found a way to break it…which was only the heart of another’s love could break it. So I had her attack our home destroying it having her destroy dummies of our bodies and had her run into you more than once.”

Toshi thought back to all the times a figure attacked him before the events. They were the ones that started it all. Then after his return the figure attacked him again with the black sphere it left more questions on his mind but came down to having him stare at his father.


His father nodded and the brown haired female started to cry as though she was in pain because every day she was with Toshi watching him suffer.

“Sir Toshi…she came to start being herself against slowly and she continued to yearn for you. Each night she’d sneak into the room and lay with you but soon vanish as though something was wrong. She was getting better but it was not enough.”

Toshi fell to his knees only to figure out now, the figure that took everything from him the one person that was his reasoning for revenge would soon be the one he yearned for as well the only person he loved and figured was dead. Before he was about to snap a medical shinobi came rushing out speaking to everyone.

“She’s resting right now, the seal cannot be found anywhere on her body sir…she’s free.”

Toshi had tears but stood up only to be taken out by his father from behind. Leaving him to fall to the ground out cold leaving him laying on the floor soon in his dreams he could hear the voice of Kou speaking with him teasing him. It soon came he woke up in pain and bandage. With a short haired female staring out of window seeing the sun’s rays beaming onto the male’s body.

“I have missed you so much, Toshi.”

Toshi’s eyes widen as he saw whom it was and the voice of the woman he loved finally came to back to him. After which Toshi and Kou began talking, she was told everything and she explained she remembered being kidnapped and being brainwashed by a curse seal that caused her to follow orders strictly without reason. She could see all the damage she was doing but for her it was like being in a prison only able to watch but not do anything. Toshi was curious if she was also hurt physically but she let out a laugh stating to him.

“They were not monsters they respected me as one of their own but it was because I was stronger than most.”

He locked eyes one her and nodded because the strike from the flamed technique did leave the mark on his chest of a spiral flame. Their reunion soon stopped as Toshi’s father would come walking into the room to bring flowers for Toshi and smile seeing his son awake. Toshi felt the happiness once more but it soon stopped as he thought about something.

“What happen to the leader’s body?”

The father turned waving his hand saying it did not matter. Leaving it alone but it soon came down to it. Toshi’s smile would vanish and ask again.

“Father…what happen to the leader’s body?”

“Toshi why are you worried about that?”

“Because…I want to know…what happen to it.”

Toshi’s father turned shaking his head, “We destroyed it.”

It was not until he nodded before saying, “Byakugan KAI!” With that a burst of chakra started to rage as the visions around him started to spiral out of control leaving him nothing but darkness before long he came to the light as both bodies were left on the floor of the arena.


Toshi’s father came running over to him, “Finally do you have any idea where you are Toshi, Toshi speak with me!”

The warm in brace of a hug came only to see his father then being held tightly by Kou.

“What…what happen…Kou…Father.”

Kou was left in tears holding Toshi tightly. Toshi came back finally to see where he was at it seemed he was in a cavern of some kind with darkness flowing around as he was pulled out from it everyone gathered around helping him up.

“What…happen to me…you guys are alive?”

Toshi’s voice was confused and his body seemed skinner like it had eaten in days. It came down it as his father explained.

“Toshi, you haven’t been home in mouths we have been looking for you, Kou felt something was off as you should’ve reported back home but she felt that you were around her and I used the byakugan and found you here.”

Toshi blinked for a moment and was trying to piece together what had happen, it came to him in a flash.

- Few Months Earlier –

Traveling down the dirt road Toshi had obtained a headband that was strange but also heard mysterious of a black flame that destroyed and Inn had continued his adventure to find it all. Until he heard a voice whispering telling him to save them.

Toshi glanced around and found a cave to which it walked into only to find a tag as he picked it up before long he’d fall into a deep slumber with a brown hair female smiling at him from within the gave holding him.

- Present Time –

“That’s right…I picked up a tag…”

The search team brought forth the tag and pointing at it. With Toshi nodding at it they explained to everyone what it was.

“It was a sealing jutsu tag, seemed someone place a powerful genjutsu in it and you happen to pick it up and be trapped. But for you to break that genjutsu must have been hard.”

Toshi nodded before turning to everyone saying, “I just wanna go home…I stink and I can really go for some home cooked meals.”

Kou just held onto Toshi as he smiled saying softly, “I missed you so much, Kou.”

- A Few Days passed –

Placing on his suit and tie Toshi did a light stretch in his home and came walking out seeing everyone having breakfast. Kou stared at him saying with a flirty remark.

“Oh going out with some other woman?!”

His father started to choke on the coffee before looking up at both of them. Leaving Toshi to laugh after he explained about the brown hair female to them upon his returned he just looked over at Kou saying.

“No…oh godly no being with another woman is one thing, but being stuck in a genjutsu for months because of a woman…yeah no thanks.” He gave a light wink as he got ready to head out. Toshi’s life was finally changing It was dark at first but now the light has shown through the veil of darkness. But it was not long before the male figure ran into someone.

“Ow...” Rubbing his head he turned looking at them, “Oh sorry about that sir.” A figure wielding three swords turned to look at the figure and pointed to them.

“You’re fine…”

Soon another figure appeared before them only with their eyes to be seen but Toshi was getting ready to make a step forward he could only notice a tengu mask on the other figure with the blades before he took one step forward he stopped himself to question them.

“What’s your business here…”

Both figures stood in their place only for the one with three blades to answer.

“We have orders to gather information it should not matter to someone like you.”

Everyone would wait calmly but it soon would leave to having Toshi vanishing coming at the figure with the mask with is fist pulled back.

“Stay out of this one…”

The one hidden in a black clothing nodded only to see both males clash with Toshi having his fist caught by the figure once Toshi was confused to know how powerful these people were. Being thrown over the figures shoulder Toshi would slide across the ground jumping up dusting himself off but only smiling saying.

“Oh cmon, I just got these cloths and how their dirty…you know dirt does not come out well in white pal!”

Rushing over Toshi started to throw punches at the tengu masked one. But they were dodging each easily without having any issues what so ever. Toshi’s eyes continued to watch the figure turning to throw a kick they vanished into the air leaving themselves open as Toshi pulled his fist back and released a violent wind at the target.

“Sixteen Trigrams – Vacuum Hell Fist!”

Soon left in a spark of flames and landing on their back it would seem the battle ended as Toshi smiled blowing on his fist but was soon caught off guard with a kick to the stomach. Standing the tengu masked figure would put out the flames of his cloak placing it back on. A smoke was seen coming from it he leaned over putting out the smoke before saying.

“That was a nice hit…my turn…”

Releasing a powerful burst of wind the figure would give a dark glare at the figure from behind the sharingan would trigger leaving them to continue watch but only mutter a few words which would leave Toshi lost for words.

“Kage Bureudo…Kufu.”

Soon after which Toshi’s eyes would widen as he could see his death appear before him leaving seeing the figure not exist in front of him leaving him uneasy and controlled by his fear. Toshi continued to search around for the target unable to find even a hint of them.

‘Stay calm…he’s strong…okay maybe a little too strong but then how do you defeat someone like…’

Soon the thoughts were stopped, as cold steal would be pressed against his with a sharp point at it.

“Tell me something, who are you?”

The figure asked curiously about the person that attacked without even gauging himself against his enemy. Toshi would answer with a smile on his trying to regain his calm.

“I’m Toshi…how about you stranger…”

The figure turned to see its partner shrugging it off as it would seem pointless to tell the person. As they were at death’s gate now.

“I’m Kimo Tsuha, It’s a pleasure to meet you but sadly this will be a quick end for you.”

Toshi closed his eyes only to smile at he knew this was going to be the end of him before smiling saying.

“Not yet…Futon – Burst!”

A powerful gust of wind came from the users body throwing them back having Toshi become free as his enemy began to slide backwards. Leaving Toshi a good opening for attack powering his fist up once more rushing over. Only to spin rapidly with his fists ready.

“Sixteen Trigrams – Sixty Four Fists!”

Tsuha was caught into the attack having it spin constantly taking damage to his body. But only for him to fall over on to his back the black clothing figure watched the damage and was amazed to see Tsuha take the damage like that. But soon he’d fade into nothing only to have Toshi look around confused it suddenly came, darkness once again appeared around him. With that seven strikes were made leaving Tsuha standing as the darkness faded.


As he sheathed the blade that was used only a body of jacket fell to the ground as he glanced over Tsuha was shocked by the outcome. Turning his attentions over to the fence he took a step forward staring at the male whom was now wearing a white button shirt with a black tie on it.

“I have to say, we keep trading moves and countering each other…but with my speed…you cannot catch me…”

Tsuha placed his sword on his back and nodded as he took his cloak. Toshi blinked before jumping down yelling out.


Tsuha on the other hand nodded that they were as he the other figure vanished leaving Toshi to be standing confused only to see Kou and his father running over confused at everything.

“Toshi what happen and why are you all dirty?!”

He turned to Kou and his father and sighed knowing this was going to be fun to explain.

“Well…I felt like training is all.”

Leaving the area it seemed that things were getting ready to change as both figures stopped the top of a building with one another. Softly placing his right hand over his chest Tsuha let out a small gasp of air.

“You okay?”

Nodding to the figure in black he turned to him saying, “We should get him he’s got some power in him as well…but it’s a bit different if he was fighting me at full power i think he couldv’e taken me out if I was not serious a bit.”

Blinking to that the figure leaned over saying, “You know that’s for our leader to decided, but if he did this must damage to you then it may be best that we take him.”

Tsuha leaned upwards shaking off the damage a bit saying, “No worries though, we can ask later on after all we are only here for information nothing more nothing less and I do believe we gathered a bit of information but to be sure we should continue to gather more split up?”

The figure nodded as both would vanish leaving each other to deal with each part of their mission.

Words: 3823

Toshi: +1912
Tsukiyomi: +1912 +3% = 1969

Learned: Toshi
- Futon – Burst
- Vacuum Hell Fist

Learned: Tsukiyomi
- Interaction Chakra Method
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Present Day 5 "It was all an Illusion, but not these two!" Solo/RP/ Meeting of Tsukiyomi and Phantom
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