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 The Tri - Paths - Tsukiyomi + Phantom Leave Taki Grave tracks a new force. [RP-Solo]

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The Tri - Paths - Tsukiyomi + Phantom Leave Taki Grave tracks a new force. [RP-Solo] Empty
PostSubject: The Tri - Paths - Tsukiyomi + Phantom Leave Taki Grave tracks a new force. [RP-Solo]   The Tri - Paths - Tsukiyomi + Phantom Leave Taki Grave tracks a new force. [RP-Solo] EmptyWed Jun 13 2018, 13:33

The wind started blow across the empty sky brushing against the tree’s leaves that were blocking the sun’s rays perfectly as Grave was laying down at the trunk of a nearby tree relaxing. Beside him Tsukiyomi would be resting with his swords near his side. Within the branch with a foot hanging downward Phantom continue to keep a close watch on everything. Though it was starting to get dull with them all hanging around everywhere with nothing to do. Soon the roaring yell of anger would be echoing through the village as Grave and everyone shot up looking over with their eyes wide. Sou was left with his right eye twitching the back of his firmly pressed against his waist as he pointed at each one of them individually.

Sou: “The hell are you guys doing!!”

The anger pointed directly at each one of them as Grave set up to blink wildly before standing up to dust himself off. He cleared his throat, with his eyes closed doing a soft cough and glanced over with a serious look at Sou with that opening his mouth and lifting his right index finger into the air Grave spoke saying with pride and encouragement for others around.

Grave: “Being lazy!”

Everyone fell over and Phantom fell from the tree landing in a nearby bush with Tsukiyomi sitting up sighing heavily as he glanced over at Grave. Sou stood up slowly and pointed at Grave only to calm down a bit before speaking.

Sou: “That I can see sir…but still we should be getting ready as I spoke with Hanzo already everything seems good and becoming the Damiyo of this location is set for me. Now anything else we should be doing besides me running around?”

Grave rubbed his chin and smiled.

Grave: “Well for starters, congratz you’re now the new damiyo of the village cause I figured it be easier. Second PHANTOM RECOVER ALREADY!!”

Phantom shot his head through the bushes staring at everyone with his eyes blinking.

Grave: “You and Tsukiyomi are going to be heading to a new location…I need you both to go to Konoha.”

Tsukiyomi’s eyes would widen as he glanced over at Grave wanting to question it. Though he figured Grave had something up his sleeve the reason he was having him go to Konoha once again. Closing his eyes softly he gripped tightly on his blades before standing slowly dusting himself off and waved his hand for Phantom to follow. Phantom paused and looked over at Grave confused for a moment. Grave gave a light nod for him to follow Tsukiyomi. Turning to face both of them Grave placed his hand on Tsukiyomi speaking with him before he got further away.

Grave: “Listen, the mission for you is simple check and see what has been said over the next work about anything. IF it comes down to it we may be able to move freely without issues but I rather be ready. Phantom will cover you I promise you that much.”

Tsukiyomi stayed quiet and just moving forward having Grave’s hand slowly fall to his side. Sou walked over to Grave and leaned over to whisper into his ear.

Sou: “What is up with Tsukiyomi?”

Grave shook his head ignoring that question because it was the fact that Tsukiyomi had his moment finally shown. Earlier as the rain would fall on the land of Hikari on top of a hilltop Tsukiyomi would be seen yelling at the top of his lungs in anger and pain as Grave would watch from the distances. Standing behind Grave a pinked hair Kunochi would lean on Grave’s shoulder while her breasts would press against his back having him melt a bit with a blush before acting calmly.

Sakura: “Is he okay…he’s been out for 4 hours and yelling constantly.”

Grave: “He’s fine…he’s just coming to reality that he’s not strong enough to change the future just yet.

Sakura: “It’s about that last mission is it not?”

Grave nodded but continued to watch over Tsukiyomi before sighing. Fast forwarding back to the present Grave turned to smile at Sou.

Grave: “No worries though…come on let’s go try the technique out!”

Grave ran off as Sou blinked and followed Grave to where ever they were going. As they continued to run through the forest they came to an empty field with Grave landing softly and Sou landing next to him confused as to what was going on.

Sou: “Okay….so we’re here what now?”

Grave smiled as he created two hand seals and then clapped his hands. With that strange dome would start to generate from Grave stretching across the area as it continued to grow more and more.

Grave: “Kekkei Jutsu - Asakura - Hakken Kekkai”

With the barrier full expanding across the country Grave was able to detect everyone within the barrier and smiled but it soon came to a shock and he shook his head and looked over towards the east of them. Sou would stare for a moment before asking Grave what was wrong.

Sou: “Grave you okay…you look like you’ve seen a ghost?”

Grave shook his head and smiled at Sou as he began to explain. About the technique and how it worked to Sou which allowed him to help with detecting enemies or even allies in danger.

Grave: “Well the technique helps me sense or detect others that enter the country…but for some reason I detected something had much bigger force to it. It was about the same as the tailed beast…so I want you to stay in Taki just in case something comes up. I’m going to head over to the new location of this force I’m feeling if anything comes up I’ll give you heads up, Daimyo Sou.”

Sou blinked and shook his head with a smile as Grave would rush off into the woods leaving him behind. Looking up at the sky seeing no clouds and how peaceful it was Sou could only say to himself.

Sou: “I miss you too Yiniko…”

Words: 1007

Tsukiyomi and Phantom Leave for Konoha.
Grave traces the source.
Sou becomes Daimyo of Taki
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The Tri - Paths - Tsukiyomi + Phantom Leave Taki Grave tracks a new force. [RP-Solo]
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