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PostSubject: Hyuuga Toshi - Member: Grave Breaker   Hyuuga Toshi - Member: Grave Breaker EmptySun Jun 10 2018, 02:13

Fuuton -
Fuuton - Burst
> Create a large burst of wind from the users body to push enemies away.
+ Type: Offensive + Defensive
+ Hand Seal[s] + Rank: 0 + D
+ Effect: Reduces Restrains PWR by Half.

Taijutsu -
+ - Double Strike - >
> Using one’s palms or fist they perform a basic hit with a jab and cross.
+ Type: Offensive
+ Rank: E
+ Parent Jutsu: n/a
+ Creator: Hyuuga Toshi

+ - Rising Uppercut- >
> Coming from a kneeling position forcing one’s body upward with great velocity to deliver a contact blow to the chin or stomach.
+ Type: Offensive
+ Rank: E
+ Parent Jutsu: n/a
+ Creator: Hyuuga Toshi

+ -  Slashing Punch - >
> Aiming at the side of the body of their target, the motion of the fist moves with a slashing motion to it.
+ Type: Offensive
+ Rank: E
+ Parent Jutsu: n/a
+ Creator: Hyuuga Toshi

+ - Machine Gun Punch: Novice - >
> Using the speed and power of a jab, its not just one to two hits fly out, but three quick bursts.
+ Type: Offensive
+ Rank:D
+ Parent Jutsu: Double Strike
+ Creator: Hyuuga Toshi

+ - Machine Gun Punch: Adept - >
> The previous version allowed a burst of jabs to hit the target quick without any issue now the jabs start becoming a bit faster with the use of using a cross and jab in motion causing three quick hits.
+ Type: Offensive
+ Rank: C
+ Effect: DMG x1.30
+ Parent Jutsu: Machine Gun Punch: Novice
+ Creator: Hyuuga Toshi

+ - Kaikishoku (Total Eclipse) - >
> After hitting the target into the air appears facing them placing their index finger on the target’s chest allowing them do a complete full sync while in the air.
+ Type: Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: C
+ Effect: Fall w/ Opponent + “Hizakari DMG x1.10 IF used in same Turn”
+ Parent Jutsu:
+ Creator: Hyuuga Toshi

+ - Hizakari (High Noon) - >
> Rushing towards the lifting their hands into the air one brings the crushing force unto the head of their enemy.
+ Type: Offensive
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: D
+ Parent Jutsu: Double Strike
+ Creator: Hyuuga Toshi

+ - Chouyou (Morning Sun)
> The force of a rising uppercut pushed even higher as it shoves the weight of the user upwards with the fist lifting off the ground slightly
+ Type:Offensive
+ Rank: D
+ Effect: Stun target upon contact [Cannot be used back to back]
+ Parent Jutsu: Rising Uppercut
[+ Creator:] Hyuuga Toshi

+ -Sixteen Trigrams - Kaijigoku – “Revolving Hell” - >
> Unlike its counterpart, it does not release chakra to block. Its uses one’s speed in order to greater damage as well block damage as they are spinning faster that one cannot stop them. Without having to focus on the rotation and chakra one is able to just focus on rotation. The faster one moves the dangerous they become.
+ Rank: ?
+ Effect: Blocked DMG + Damage = DEX
+ Creator: Hyuuga Toshi

+ - Sixteen Trigrams - Sixty Four Fists - >
> Its counterpart is gentle while this form uses the powers of Katabuku, its lands the hits in the form of fists unlike its counterpart that can use either palm or fingers. Because of its power it can leave an opponent weaken far worse than one using the Hakke Rokujūyon Shō. However it’s the speed that causes the destruction on the target’s body.
+ Stamina Cost: -18%
+ Rank: ?
+ Effect: DMG = DEX | Target - Cannot exceed 64% Chakra [Until healed]
+ Creator: Hyuuga Toshi

+ - Sixteen Trigrams - Vacuum Hell Fist - >
> Likes its counterpart it generates a powerful burst of wind when using one's fist, however the fricition from the release cause flames to spark.
+ Stamina Cost: -28%
+ Type: Offensive + Defensive
+ Rank: [?]
+  Effect: DMG x1.25 | Counter: Opponent's DMG -25% | Causes Grade 1 Burn

+ - Immortal Speed - >
> With knowledge of knowing Shunshin is used traveling at fast paces but required something the like leaves or smoke to work. This technique uses one’s quick movement they are able to vanish leaving afterimage of themselves as they have already moved to a different position either away from the target or near the target.
+ Type: Supplementary
+ Rank: C
+ Effect: Evade 1 Attack & Travel Time -50% (x0.50)
+ Parent Jutsu: Shunshin
+ Creator: Hyuuga Toshi

+ - Immortal Strike - >
> Using the ability of Immortal Speed, if the target evades an attack they are taken by surprise from behind by another hit of the same attack leaving no opens. The target is unable to avoid because of the speed in which the caster is going at.
+ Type: Offensive + Supplementary
+ Rank: D
+ Effect: If “Players” attack is evaded, (Counter) deal Melee DMG to Target. [Cannot be used back to back]
+ Parent Jutsu: Immortal Speed
+ Creator: Hyuuga Toshi

Styles -
+ - Katabuku - “To go down(Sun)”Style - >
> The form uses chakra flowing into the fists, unlike gentle fist using the palm or index middle finger combo. Though upon contact it does not block the Tenketsu it crushes it stopping the connection causing one’s chakra to drop greatly. Applied with enough force one is able to crush the “Eight Gate” Points sealing them from ever being unlocked. One Elements can be used increasing the effects greatly.
+ Type: Passive
+ Limit: - - - -
+ Effect: BRW & DEX x1.15 + Opponent’s MAX Chakra -10% + Seals “___” Gate upon contact.
+ Drawback: Target must be specific when sealing “___” Gate.
+ Parent Style: Gentle Fist
+ Creator: Hyuuga Toshi

+ - Eight Immortals Style (Stances are treated as Hachimon | Stances = 50% of Hachimon requirements.) - >
> While traveling and training, a style was created in order to mimic the very beings of the “Eight Immortals.” Allowing a different stance to allow a more fluent but powerful new forms of techniques in which were developed by the Main Hyuuga Clan Member, “Toshi” Using Gentle Fist & Katabuku the Eight Immortal Style is born. The style is passive however the stances are not to be taken likely as they are used to be in form of wise choices.
+ Type: Passive
+ Effect: (Varies on Stance)
+ Activation of Stance: -1 Turn
+ Switching: Counter (In-Mid of an Attack)
+ Creator: Hyuuga Toshi

+ - ”Eight Immortal Stances”- +

+ - He Xian’Gu – Lotus Flower Stance - >
> Weaving the hands as though they are blooming one is able to use the stance in likely hood of lotus while the stance seems odd, it helps improves one’s Health, Mental and Physical state.
+ Limit: 4 Turns
+ Effect: HP x1.15 Per Turn | Max Stamina +25%  | Nexus Attributes x1.25

+ - Cao Guojiu – Jade Tablet Stance - >
> A form of mystical energies cover the body of the giving a strange jade color aura, allowing one’s energy to be restored while a battle continues on. It helps improve the powers of stamina but also cut down one’s exhaustion.
+ Limit: 4 Turns
+ Effect: +15% Stamina  Per Turn | Stamina Cost Halved (Does not work on “X” Costs)

+ - Li Tieguai – Iron Crutch & Gourd Stance - >
> Tightening the muscles to point of breaking even iron one is able to cause heavy damage upon contact, even more so their body’s sweat releases a strange aura behind them as their shadow appears before them allowing them to evade damage as it takes it.
+ Limit: 4 Turns
+ Effect: Taijutsu + Melee DMG x1.15 | Shadow Evade – Evade 1 Attack (Cannot be used back to back)

+ - Lan Caihe – Bamboo Flower Basket Stance - >
> A strange stance that allows the body to move in the fluid motion allowing one to without the use of extra energy being burned up. This allows one to evade at the right moments or even strike without any issue from hesitation.
+ Limit: 4 Turns
+ Effect: Evade 1 Attack; Counter opponent Surrender 1 Turn. [Cannot be used back to back)

+ - Luo Dongbin – Sword Dispelling Evil Spirits Stance- >
> Having the one palm face up while fingers are together in the form of a point, its symbolizes a blade that would deal damage to one of evil intent or evil spirits. The power is strong enough to focus strength to a single point destroying a certain area.
+ Limit: 4 Turns
+ Effect: Brawn x1.50

+ - Han Xiangzi – Swift Hand’s Petals written in Gold Stance - >
> Moving the one’s hands in a circle like motion as though one is writing the formation of this stance is taking a peaceful and relaxing motion which within motions the figure finishes off an enemy with their godly speed as though they were finishing up a writing.
+ Limit: 4 Turns
+ Effect: Dexterity x1.50

+ - Zhang Guo – Zhongtiao Mountain Stance - >
> A powerful stance that not only improves one’s endurance but allows one to reach a level of awareness hitting their true potential for a battle. While in this state one fights without worry but also with a smile on their face as they are enjoying the battle.
+ Limit: 4 Turns
+ Effect: Nexus Attributes x1.25 (Excluding END) | END x1.50

+ - Zhongli Quan – Fan of Living Gold and Deadly Silver Stance - >
> The fingers are spread apart as they are opened they palms are always facing upwards or downwards allowing one to blow their enemies back or forth with a sweeping of their hands. However it does not deal damage it absorbs life force converting it into the one using the stance.
+ Limit: 4 Turns
+ Effect: Melee Strikes = Opponent -15% HP (x.15) = Player Recovers “X” HP instead of damage
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Hyuuga Toshi - Member: Grave Breaker
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