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PostSubject: Uchiha Tsukiyomi - Member: Grave Breaker   Uchiha Tsukiyomi  - Member: Grave Breaker EmptySun Jun 10 2018, 02:05

Ninjutsu -
+ - Intersection Chakra Method - >
By reading the movements of the enemy, one is able to focus chakra to their hands or joints allowing them to improve their defense and catching attacks with ease canceling some of them.
+ Type: Defensive + Supplmentary [Counter]
+ Hand Seal + Rank: 0 + D
+ Effect: Block Melee/ Taijutsu equal to or less of BRW

Style -
+ - Shadow Reflection Style - >
> The reflexes that perform this style are increased allowing the user to seem to vanish only to reappear at the last minute.
+ Type: Inactive + Supplementary
+ Limit: 3
+ Effect: Unlock Kenjutsu “Shadow Blade Techniques” + 1 Attack = Direct DMG (Shadow Blade Technique Only)

Bukijutsu -
+ - Kage Bureudo - Kufu (Shadow Blade Fear) - >
- Releasing a killing intent within the style is a bit different as it causes a dark glare to freeze the target. Feel uneasy and become overwhelm by fear of death greatly than normal. Because of this the target will no longer be able to sense the presence of the player. It only works though on those with weak levels of chakra.
+ Type: Supplementary
+ Rank: E
+ Effect: Enemy gain "Fear or Frighten" | Chakra +15% more than Enemy
+ Requirement: Killing Intent Ability

+ - Kage Bureudo - Hen'i (Shadow Blade Displacement) - >
- While in the Shadow Reflection Style, the player is able to cause a strange aura to cover their body that seems hard to see to the naked eye. But when attacked the player is hit by the attack only to break into a black mist like. Leaving them to reappear later for a greater attack. The opponent will even have a hard time tracking the presence of the player until its too late.
+ Upkeep: Ties with Style effects
+ Type: Defensive + Supplementary
+ Rank: B
+ Effect: Awareness +25% [x1.25]

+ - Kage Bureudo - Suigetsu (Shadow Blade Water Moon) - >
- Feeling of one's chakra the enemies techniques become easy to read. When attacked by a chakra based technique the player can use the flow their pressure to cause the technique to be completely useless. The user must pay chakra equal to the chakra cost of the technique that end. Its best to use it against weak techniques.
+ Type: Defensive
+ Rank: E
+ Effect: Nullify Ninjutsu based upon Technique's Chakra Cost.

+ - Kage Bureudo - Yorunotobari (Shadow Blade Veil of Darkness) - >
- Releasing the shadow reflections pure power in form, the player engulfs everything and everyone into a sheet of darkness. But while in this the player is hidden from sight and senses of all targets as they move closer to their enemy. Upon coming to arrive they release the full force of, "Yorunotobari". As it creates seven black blades striking down their target.
+ Type: Offensive + Supplementary [Counter]
+ Rank: A
+ Effect: Sword DMG x7 | Awareness x2 | Evade 1 Attack
+ Restrictions: Chakra +25% more than Enemy | Requires Stamina + Chakra to be paid.

Mangekyo -
- Enton - Amatsukami - Blaze Heavenly Gods
With connections to the heavenly gods, the flames of Amaterasu and the shape of the moon from Tsukiyomi appear hovering above. As the black flames spiral they engage onto the target firing at great speeds like spears at the target flooding the radius in darkness.
+ Chakra Cost: 35%
+ Eternal Darkness Cost: -2 ED
+ Type: Offensive
+ Hand Seal[s] + Rank: 1 & [?]
+ Effect: Causes Max Burn Grade

- Takamagahara - Plain of High Heaven -
> A powerful illusionary technique that captures its targets different than most. As it effects the body not the mind causing them freeze unable to strike the target as though they are a being of high royalty. The illusion can be casted without having to make any eye contact also triggers upon physical contact, but the Mangekyou Sharingan must be activated.
+ Chakra Cost: -35%
+ Eternal Darkness Cost: -2 ED
+ Type: Supplementary + Contact/Visual
+ Hand Seal[s] + Rank: 0 + [?]
+ Effect: Targets unable to move/attack "Player" for 3 Turn[s] + N. Attributes -25% when captured.
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Uchiha Tsukiyomi - Member: Grave Breaker
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