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PostSubject: Grave Asakura - Member: Grave Breaker   Sun Jun 10 2018, 01:40

- Ninjutsus -
+ - Bijuu Keiro - Tailed Beast Channel - >
> Activating the cloak of the bijuu around the body, one is able to launch at fast speeds to take down an enemy or target. The technique is straight forward but can quickly change directions if in a tight situation. This helps give an edge in battle if one's not careful they can overuse chakra.
+ Type: Supplementary + [Counter]
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 0 + A
+ Effect: DEX x1.30 (+30%) | Evade 1 Attack [Requires Bijuu Cloak]
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Jikuu Technique - Asakura Rinbo - Morning Storehouse Limbo
< Creating a portal to another "dimension" One is able to step through and travel with ease to a new location. With using the thought of leaving the location they have visited is possible. Training within this dimension is also possible but comes with a huge risk. As time is warped in this dimension one's body tires faster but not without gains. One must speak the verbal command to enter and leave.
+ Hand Seal[s] + Rank: 1 + Touching of Surface + Verbal Command, "Open" | S
+ Effect: Sub -Space (Infinite Space/Storage) | Travel to known location w/ thought | Gives "Instant Escape"

+ - Time Deity Domain - Toki Kamui Kokudo - >
> Engulfing others into the domain of time/space. Time is completed twisted as 1 second could equal 1 hour or 1 day. Using a large amount of chakra the Caster does not feel the issues its enemy would. It is meant to be used as a way to finish off targets.
+ Upkeep: -40%
+ Type: Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: Clapping of hands, Yelling " Technique Name" [0] + S
+ Effect: Opponent's DEX Halved | Player's DEX x2
+ Requirements & Restrictions: Asakura Limbo & Asakura Rinbo: Toki Kamui
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Toki Kamui Asakura Rinbo - Time Deity's Morning Storehouse Limbo - >
+ As Asakura Rinbo was a dimension in which it does not have time making it incomplete, then Toki Kamui Kokudo was a small dimension in which it does not have space making it incomplete. Now the two halves are jointed together creating the finalized version of the technique. One that has time and space in place. The powers are so greatly increased and finalized that the technique is considered a Kinjutsu because of its overwhelming effects. Once one has entered they may not come back alive the longer they stay within the more dangers it holds.
+ Type: Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: Verbal Command, "My Lord" + "S"
+ Effect: Opponent DEX /2 (Per Turn Max: 3 Turns) & Player's Rolls /2 [Max: 3 Turns]
+ Requirement & Restriction: Must know, Asakura Rinbo & Toki Kamui Kokudo
+ Drawback: On 4th Turn everything is restored.
+Creator: Asakura Grave

Medical - Ninjutsus +
+ - Medical Ninjutsu - Heavenly Rejuvenation - >
> For those wanting the powers of their techniques causing greater damage or even in the deal against of heavy damage. The powers of this medical ninjutsu speeds up the cells to grow and recover the human body but also helps giving some life back while in battle. It was created for the medical corps, the user is covered in a blinding light as their body is healed.
+ Chakra Cost: -80% (Act) [Upkeep: Costs Halved]
+ Type: Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: - - - + S
+ Effect: (During Battle) - HP x1.75 (Per Turn + During Training) & Stress Level reduced to 0
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ -Seal: Morning Storehouse Rewrite - Fuin: Asakura Kakikaeru - >
> Using the powers of Medical Ninjutsu and Fuinjutsu, one is able to rewind any/all damage done to their body. From which is copied by memory that is written within the seal then once triggering it rewrites the body causing it to show as though nothing ever happen. The high ability of this technique pushes beyond normal means medical knowledge, causing one basically out live the battleground normally.
+ Type: Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 0 + S
+ Effect: 1- Remove all Negative Effects. | Restore Body Parts lost/destroyed | Restores HP = 25% SE
+ Drawback: If eye(s) damage/removed cannot restore  | Technique can trigger when damage is detected cost cannot be affect by effects. | Can only be used on Caster.
+ Requirement & Restriction: Medical Knowledge Master + Fuinjutsu Knowledge
+Creator: Asakura Grave

Barrier Ninjutsu +
+ Kekkei Technique - Asakura - Hakken Kekkai - Morning Storehouse - Detection Barrier -
< Using the sensing ability of locating with awarenss this barrier pushes the awarenss even further having it based upon's one's souls strength. The stronger the soul the easier it is to detect someone or something.
+ Hand Seal[s] & Rank: 2 + Clapping hands together & D
+ Effect: Detect one's Soul and locate them.
+ Requires: Reinou/Goei Reinou - Ability + Awareness Sense

+ - Asakura: Doenjin Rougoku - Morning Storehouse: Earth Battle Encampment Prison - >
> Having chakra focused at the finger tips upon contact with the ground. The creation of a large cube barrier enveloping a location of caster's choosing, protecting anything contained within it. One making contact outside the barrier will be attacked by large spears of stones.
+ Type: Defensive + Offensive
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: (Slam hands onto ground once all finger tips glow) + A
+ Effect: Barrier PWR = 35% END + Stone Spears DMG = 25% END [Uses Ninjutsu Formula]
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Asakura Rei Rou Kekkei: Morning Storehouse Spirit Prison Barrier - >
> With a single hand seal, a sphere is generated around the caster forming a reddish color barrier that shields one from damage and effects. This shield is known to be an absolute defense because of its powers. Though its trade as one must give up movement in order to perform the technique and keep up the barrier the caster can hover and control the direction it moves.
+ Upkeep: -40% Chakra
+ Type: Defensive
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 1 + S
+ Effect: Blocks DMG = “Soul” | (Liquid, Gas, and Plasma) Effects + DMG Negated | Levitation (Able to Hover)
+ Drawback: Cannot attack while barrier is up.

Fuinjutsu +
+ Technique Formula Sealing - >
+ Using the formulas of creating techniques, one can use the abilities and knowledge of seals to place techniques into items, weapons or even equipment to be used in battle. However they will take some form of triggering based upon actions. They can also drain chakra from the user in order to cast the technique.
+ Type:Contact
+ Hand Seal & Rank: 1 & D
+ Effect: Able to seal Jutsus w/n [Items, Weapons or Equipment]
+ Restrictions: Can only done on Custom - Made weapons.

+ - Inverse Protection Seal - Saka Engo Fuin - >
> The strange seal is placed within the, "Zaiten Gourds" This keeps them safe from every breaking or being destroyed. The seal activates as soon as chakra is either placed into it or sealed into it. It causes the chakra within it to protect the Gourd from every breaking or from being opened unless its by the caster.
+ Contact + Type: Touch + Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 1 + B
+ Effect: Seal/Item cannot break unless Caster or Overpower the chakra sealed within. + Works only on Equipment.
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - The Three Powers: Heaven, Earth and Man Seal - Sansai Fuin - >
> This seal keeps the power of "Jouten" under lock down, as one that does not share blood of the Asakura Clan cannot wield it freely. The seal causes the blade to weaken as it requires the ability, "Rainou" This was placed on to keep watch of the sword and keep those unworthy from using it. The seal cannot be removed unless one's SE is strong enough to break the seal.
+ Contact + Type: Touch + Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 4 + B
+ Effect:  "Jouton" Damage = "0" < [IF Ability: Rainou/Goei Rainou is not on character] + Seal cannot be broken
Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Gogyou Asakura Fuin - Five Elemental Morning Storehouse Seal - >
> Like its counterpart, the seal completely locks the use of all and anything chakra that its placed onto. The seal's strength is determined by the Spiritual Energy of the caster during the time of its creation. But it also has a nasty affect that weakens the target as well.
+ Type: Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 1 (Touch target) + A
+ Effect: Target: Max Chakra lowers by Caster's Sanity + Intelligence & (Nexus) Attributes Halved
+ Requirement & Restriction: Have Reinou - Spiritual Ability + Jutsu: Gogyou Fuin
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Tensha Ketsueki Fuin - Transcription Blood Seal - >
> Using blood, one is able to transfer techniques into items or people allowing them to be triggered based upon a certain rule. That is given to by the caster. But in order to trigger the seal one must speak, "Active" To begin the jutsus affect.
+ Health Cost: -15 HP
+ Contact + Type: Touch & Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 2 (Verbal Command, "Active) + A
+ Effect: Seal "1" Jutsu w/n Target Person & Place 1 Rule to trigger technique.
+ Requirement & Restriction: Jutsu: Transcription Seal
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Throne of the Nine Kings - >
> This fuinjutsu is placed onto the caster, after which it causes them to become a sealing vessel for the tailed beasts chakra. It requires the fuinjutsu “Servant of the Nine Kings” to trigger its full effect as the body becomes a throne.
+ Type: Supplementary + Touch Contact
+ Hand Seal + Rank: 6 + S
+ Effect: Allows one seal the tailed beast chakra within their body.
+ Drawback: Tailed Beast Chakra Stored: 0% | After usage must be recharged
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Servant of the Nine Kings - >
> A fuinjutsu that allows the caster to release the powers that were stored within him. After which their chakra becomes a bit unstable but allows them to battle on a different level.
+ Type: Supplementary + Touch Contact
+ Hand Seal + Rank: 6 + S
+ Effect: Released Stored Tailed Beast Chakra, Increasing Caster’s Max Chakra | Restores lost Chakra | Cannot only be used 1 Time in battle.
+ Drawback: Once used must recharge Tailed Beast Chakra Gauge
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Rokubousei Fuin Taipu: Chien Chien Hexagram Sealing Style: Chien Chien - >
> Fusing two of the same seal, causing a new balance an effect, this is actually a "Key" or "Counter" to Grave's Sealing Style. This will release any of the seals placed that are Hexagram seal.
+ Contact + Type: Touch & Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 1 [Rat]+ S
+ Effect: Release/Break any Hakke Fuin Taipu Seal or Rokubousei Fuin Taipu
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Hakku Fuin Taipu: Kun - Eight Trigram Sealing Style: Kun - >
> This technique absorbs one's energy into another target. In doing so Grave must first either be under or place something under the target in order to seal. Upon sealing three broken lines in halves will somewhere on the target.
+ Contact + Type: Touch & Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 1 [Snake] + A
+ Effect: Seal Being (Soul) = to/less that Soul
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Hakke Fuin Taipu: Chen Eight Trigrams Sealing Style: Chen - >
> Fearing of a great enemy of a larger mass. The seal was created in order to seal a target into a human body or an object. Its powers can be broken if not used correctly.
+ Contact + Type: Touch & Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 4 + S
+ Effect: Seals Target "Soul" w/n Object [Target must be KO.]
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ Hakke Fuin Taipu: Chien - Eight Trigrams Sealing Style: Chien - >
> Encase of emergency of release, this key was designed to unlock any seal of the "Eight Trigrams Sealing Style." Those who used this would have to release a certain amount of chakra to break the seal. One must place their palm on the target's seal to trigger.
+ Contact + Type: Touch & Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 0 + S
+ Effect: Break/Release any Hakke Fuin Taipu Seal
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Hakku Fuin Taipu: Tui - Eight Trigrams Sealing Style: Tui - >
> One broken line above two solid lines, one is able to cause the use of drains to be reversed on someone. As the target will be using more energy in order to use techniques. Upon release or breaking the target and caster will lose all energy.
+ Contact + Type: Touch + Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 0 + S
+ Effect: Costs x2 & If released/broken Caster & Target's Energy reduces to 1%.
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Heaven and Earth Protection Seal - Tenjou Engo Fuin - >
> The powerful seal that once place cannot be removed unless caster does so. Once place one's body freezes and is unable to ever move as it using one's spiritual energy against them.
+ Contact + Type: Touch + Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 1 + A
+ Effect: Freezes Target & Nexus Attributes -50% Soul
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

Senjutsu +
+ -Senjutsu - Fumetsusen - Immortal Hand - >
> Focusing nature chakra to the finger tips or palm of the hand one is able to heal others instantly without any side effects or drawbacks.
+ Type: Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 0 + B
+ Parent Jutsu: Shousen
+ Effect: HP x1.50 [Per Turn]

+ - Senjutsu - Chidori – Sage Art – One Thousand Birds - >
> Focusing nature chakra to the chidori the blue/white chakra will become a vibrant green color showing that it has taken in the powers of nature chakra to improve its damage output with the nature chakra it makes reactions a bit easier to avoid contact.
+ Upkeep: -38% Chakra
+ Type: Offensive
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 7 + S
+ Effect: Stuns
+ Parent Jutsu: Chidori

Katon +
+ - Katon – Morning Storehouse Red Scarlet Dragon – Asakura Akaenshokuryu - >
[> Using the style of the developed for Bijuu Control, the casters right arm will grow a strange marking of a dragon with the head going towards the palm. Throwing a fist causes the air to erupt with flames rushing out like a dragon towards the enemy leaving a mid-scar on the land. The technique is able to be used multiple times in battle unlike its counterpart.]
+ Type: < - Offensive
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 1 & S
+ Effect: Katon Control x2 =  DMG + Burn Battle Effect [Max]
+ Parent Jutsu: < - [N/A]
+ Creator: Asakura Grave + Requires Metsubiju (Tailed Beast) Style

Enton +
+ - Enton – Morning Storehouse Black Hell Dragon – Asakura Kuronarukuryuu- >
[> Using the style developed for Bijuu Control, the caster left arm will grow a strange marking of a dragon with the head leading towards the palm. As one releases a powerful punch it erupts the air with a powerful black flamed dragon towards it enemy. However it continues to draw life from its caster as it burns the air it cuts oxygen from the caster for a while]
+ Type: < - [Offensive]
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 1 & S
+ Effect: Enton Control x4 = DMG + Burn Battle Effect [Max] + -15% HP Per Turn
+ Parent Jutsu:  [Morning Storehouse Red Scarlet Dragon – Asakura Akaenshokuryuu]
+ Creator: Asakura Grave + Metsubiju (Tailed Beast) Style

Raiton +
+ - Lightning Style - Asakura Royal Armor - >
> By generating a large bolt of electricity around the body, One's reflex and reactions increase dramatically. The power of the technique is based upon the chakra being poured out allowing them to improve their skills.
+ Chakra Cost: -35%/-18% Upkeep
+ Type: Supportive
+ Hand Seal[s] + Rank: - - - + B
+ Effect: DEX increases by Chakra Cost. [x1.35]
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Lightning Release: Thousand Bird's Drilling Beak - >
- A powerful and pushed form of chidori, this allows it to be focused within a single but deadly strike. As it makes contact drilling into one's body.
+ Chakra Cost: -55% / -28% Upkeep
+ Type: Offensive
+ Hand Seal + Rank: {Chakra Flow} + A
+ Effect: DMG = Direct DMG
+ Requirement: Chidori + Chakra Flow
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

Kouton +
+ - Kouton – Kyukyoku Shirudo – Ultimate Shield - >
> Being a carbon based life form, one’s chakra increases the carbon atoms within the body causing them to take a steel/iron color mix this gives them a great striking power but also a powerful defensive as well. Due to the change it allows the user to actually wear it a suit of armor but as skin causing no lack for speed or reflexes.]
+ Chakra Cost: -35% / -18% Upkeep
+ Type: Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 0 + B
+ Effect: Melee/Taijutsu DMG & Endurance x1.25
+ Parent Jutsu: - - -
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Kouton – Hiraishin – Lightning Rod - >
> Using the ability of chakra absorption with the effect of a metal, the rod can be fired into anything as it continues to help ground the powers of Raiton causing them to lose power becoming useless in battle.
+ Type: Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 3 + E
+ Effect: Raiton Techniques Damage + Effect Negated
+ Parent Jutsu: N/A
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

Suiton +
+ -Water Style - Asakura's Poison Mist - >
- By leaking poison into the air through their sweat glands. The target will be effected allowing the shinobi to deal with them easier. The thicker the mist becomes the harder is to be seen and have them.
+ Health Cost: -25 HP | -13 HP to increase effect.
+ Hand Seal[s] + Rank: 2 + S
+ Effect: Air Masks [Null] +  -15% HP (1Turn = +5% HP Effect) (Per Turn) | Max: 3 Times

Mokuton +
+ - Mokuton – Buranchi Jaberin – Branch Javelin - >
> Chakra molds into a large wooden spear for the caster to throw launching it into targets. After making contact the caster can use a hand seal causing the wooden spear to branch outward causing heavier damage from within.]
+ Type: Offensive
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: < - 1 + D
+ Effect Release = Target loses -10% HP
+ Parent Jutsu: n/a
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Wood Release: Seeking Spores - >
> By releasing of a mist of spores, one can be covered allowing the ability to track their target no matter where the go.
+ Type: Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank(s): 1 + E
+ Effect: Track/detect anyone anywhere. [Excludes time/space dimensions.]
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Mokuton: Nature Antenna - >
> Creating a large tree within the area nature energy will start gathering to this single point. This allows one to obtain nature energy easier instead of having to wait for it. The large tree is open for attack even if it does not seem like it. But only the one whom created the tree can take the energy for it.
+ Type: Supplementary
+ Hand Seal + Rank: 3 + B
+ Effect: Gather (+28%) Nature Energy (Per Turn) | -1 Turn to transfer to Caster | Tree's END = -35% END
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Wood Release: White Rose Dragon - >
> A dragon created from the soft and calm beauty of white roses. The power of the beast allows it to absorb energies on anything it makes contact with. This can be problem if caught by this as it will or is able to drain you to having nothing.
+ Type: Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 3 + B
+ Effect: Restrained PWR = Mokuton Control + BRW | -18% Chakra & Stamina (Per Turn)
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Wood Release: Red Rose Dragon - >
> A dragon created from the beauty of red roses, the power of the beast is striking as it rushes over to leave no target alive. Having thorns coming from its sides and face this beast is something to be wary of.
+ Type: Supplementary + Offensive
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 3 + B
+ Effect: Restrained PWR = Mokuton + BRW & -18% HP (Per Turn)
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Wood Style - Asakura Buddha - >
- The summoning of a great statue, that is a figure of the Asakuras as it appears on a lotus believing to have three stages allowing each one to giving an unique ability to itself. The technique is hard to control at first but allows one to reach higher state of "Enlightenment."
+ Hand Seal[s] + Rank: 4 + S
+ Effect: Varies on Version being used | 1 Turn  = Switching Stance [Starts in Zazou]
+ Version:
Zazou - "Sitting" 10 x Mokuton Control  = DMG Blocked | -20% Chakra = Upkeep
Ryuuzou - "Standing" 20 x Mokuton Control = | -40% Chakra = Upkeep
Hankazou - "Half - Leg Pose" 15 x Mokuton Control = Restrain PWR | -30% Chakra = Upkeep

+ - Wood Release: Unity Rose Dragon - >
> The dragon is created from the soft and calm beauty of the white rose, and the deadly beauty of the red rose. The power of the beast is striking yet also able to absorb. As it is covered in thorns the power of this beast should not be taken likely if you get caught by it.
+ Type: Supplementary + Offensive
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 6 + S
+ Effect: Restraining PWR = Mokuton Control + BRW x2 | -35% HP | -35% Chakra & Stamina (Per Turn)
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Mokuton: Demon Specter Puppet Clone - >
> Creating a puppet like clone from wood style the figure does not look like the controller as it will only has its face be nothing like a blank slate, this form allows the clone to be hard to see. It will wear a cloak of mokuton and only able to perform mokuton techniques in order to keep from harm. It travels in order to obtain information but it can leave a country to do so. It will not be defeated easily as one must cut off the head of the clone in order to defeated. Once defeated the information is given back to the caster.
+ Type: Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 1 + S
+ Effect: Puppet = 25% Base (Nexus) Attributes, Cannot be destroyed until head is cut off | Travel 1 Country from Caster | Information it learns transfers back to caster.| Chakra Cap = Chakra Cost
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

Ranton +
+ - Ranton – Nioi - Aura - >
> Creating and focusing chakra outwards of the body ranton will wrap around his caster given a light thin glow around the body. This helps screen off damage and side effects from Ranton + Raiton techniques as they would reflect off from the aura.
+ Upkeep: -5% [Per Turn]
+ Type:  Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 1 + D
+Effect:  Negates Ranton / Raiton – Effect & Halve Damage
+ Parent Jutsu: [Raiton – Lightning Armor + Asakura Lightning Armor]
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Ranton – Rasensori YoYo – Spiral Razor YoYo - >
[> Focusing Raiton & Suiton around the sphere, Rasengan. The water splashes into a thin layer as its charged by the raiton effect as it creates a thin disc around the orb. When released its guided towards its target by the caster with a thin line like a string to the casters hand.
+ Type: Offensive
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 0 + S
+ Effect: Ignores 50% of END to cause Damage | IF Evaded, Halve DMG is deal to Target | Player needs +500 Awareness for when it comes back, If lower than -500 Player takes Halved DMG.
+ Parent Jutsu: [Rasengan]
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

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Grave Breaker

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PostSubject: Re: Grave Asakura - Member: Grave Breaker   Sun Jun 10 2018, 02:01

Bukijutsu -
+ - Askaura: Tsue'atsu - Morning Storehouse: Pressure Staff - >
> By releasing the power of one's staff it creates a powerful pressure of air to push someone back. The power of the technique based upon the damage of the weapon and spiritual energy within the staff.
+ Type: Offensive + Supplementary
+ Combo + Rank:1 + E
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Asakura: Byakko - Morning Storehouse: White Tiger - >
> By focusing the spiritual energy within the weapon one can release the powers of the western heaven's White Tiger. As the rush of the staff will coming like a tiger if the user misses, The opponent will be pulled in by the force taking a second strike.
+ Type: Offensive
+ Rank: D
+ Combo + Effect: 2 & IF Miss/Evaded Halve DMG to cause Damage
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Ten Seibai: Heaven Judgment: T.Lv: 1 (Max: 10) (EXP: 0/500) ( EXP Carries Over | Lv x 500 = New EXP) - >
> By focusing their energy source into the blade, it amplifies it to a degree only to having the swing allow a massive circular release of the energy as it digs into the ground leaving a long line aiming at its target or targets. With that making contact they are surely erased from existence or as some would believe. The technique will get stronger each time it is used.
+ Type: Offensive
+ Rank: A
+ Effect: DMG = 25% Soul (Lv: 5 = +25%) (Lv: 10 = +25%)
+ Level Up: 1 Use = 100 EXP
+ Requirement: Uncommon Blade or higher

+ - Asakura: Ken' Atsu - Morning Storehouse: Pressure Sword - >
> By releasing the power of one's sword it creates a powerful pressure of air to push someone back. The power of the technique based upon the damage of the weapon and spiritual energy within the blade.
+ Type: Offensive + Supplementary
+ Rank: E
+ Combo + Effect: 1
+ Requirement & Restriction:
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Asakura: Suzaku - Morning Storehouse:  Vermilion Bird - >
> With spiritual energy focused within the blade the friction between the energy will cause the blade to heat up quickly. With one swing the user will call forth, "Suzaku" The southern heaven's Vermilion Bird. The beast cannot be stopped as when its killed it will be reborn again until making contact.
+ Type: Offensive + Supplementary
+ Rank: B
+ Combo + Effect: 1 + Miss/Evaded Halve DMG performing "Rebirth" Next turn to inflict Full Damage. (Cannot be Evaded)
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Jigoku Seibai: Hell's Punishment - >
> Seeing the force of energy around a technique, if greater than one's own chakra levels. They can take the energy and technique reversing it back at them in the form of a crescent release. But it can only be released if the force is greater than one's one energy.
+ Type: Offensive + Defensive + Counter
+ Rank: B
+ Effect: Reflect Enemy's DMG back at them, adding Ten Seibai's to DMG. (Counter)
+ Requirement & Restriction: Ten Seibai Lv: 5 & Uncommon Blade or higher + Enemies must have higher Soul

+ - Chikyou Hitoku: Earth's Concealment - >
> When a form of energy is coming at the caster they are able to use the blade to absorb the damage and transfer it into them as energy. However this causes a back fire as the blade will begin to heat up causing damage on to the wielder. Depending on the energy will vary on the damage done.
+ Type: Defensive + Supplementary
+ Rank: B
+ Effect: DMG Absorb / 100 = Chakra & Stamina Restored & Direct DMG
+ Requirement & Restriction: Rare Blade or Higher & Tenseibai Lv: 8 + Jigokuseibai

+ - Rinbo Tobari: Limbo Curtain Lv: 1 (Max: 10) (EXP: 0/1250) ( EXP Carries Over | Lv x 500 = New EXP - >
> Ripping the blade into the air this causes a slice in the sky which sucks anything into nothingness. The power is linked to how Limbo works however when sent there is no escape and can cause instant death if one is below a certain amount of energy. If one can master the technique they may be able to use the final version.
+ Type: Offensive + Supplementary
+ Rank: S
+ Effect: Target Less than 5% HP = Instant Death (Lv: 5 = +5%) & (Lv: 10 = +5%)
+ Level Up: 1 Use = 250 EXP
+ Requirement & Restriction: Super Rare Blade or Higher + Asakura Limbo (Technique) & Limbo Sphere (Technique)

+ - Tenjigoku Ouda - >
> Infusing the powers of the wielder the technique shows no mercy when used as it is stronger than the full force of the "Jigoku Seibai" With one mighty swing the burst of energy can destroy and rip anything to pieces leaving only destruction the technique was cast away because of the recoil onto the wielder and until a blade strong enough to handle the power wielder and technique could be forged.
+ Type: Offensive
+ Rank: S
+ Effect: Brawn + Sanity + Intelligence + Awareness = DMG
+ Requirement + Drawback: Personal Custom Blade [+50 DMG], Player takes 50% of DMG directly.
+ Advantage: Meito Ability [Negates Drawback]

Styles -
+ - Matou {To Wear} Style - >
> Taking in the chakra of the bijuu differently than forming a cloak. The Jinchuriki will have a new wear of clothing that take the form of the beasts color and tail count but look like a priest's or priestess's robes. The powers from this allow one to reach the full form of the bijuu but if it were human.
+ Cost: Bijuu Full Form System
+ Type: Inactive
+ Limit: Bijuu Full Form System
+ Effect: Nexus Attributes x2 & Use of Character + Bijuu Techniques & Abilities
+ Requirement & Restriction: 100% Bijuu Control + Bijuu Full Mode unlocked & Cannot use Full Form while in this style.
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

Metsubiju Stylo – Tailed Beast Slayer Style
> This fully mastered form of the Matou Style that was created by Grave. It can be used by those with the powers of a Bijuu. As Grave created Matou for the same reason, however he has noted there could be a few types of users of this style. Those that met the requirements of Matou and Metsubiju Style could even use powerful techniques that allowed understanding of the bijuus and themselves.

+ Pure Gene: Those that have a Bijuu sealed within them, by someone or themselves. Another name is known as “Jinchuriki.”
Requirement: Sealed Bijuu

+ Pseudo Gene: Those that have obtained the powers of a Bijuu through the use of items or experiments by someone or themselves. Another name is known as “Pseudo Jinchuriki.”
Requirement: Implant “Bijuu” Kyuutai

+ Nexus Gene: Those that have obtained and have the powers of a Bijuu sealed within them and use of an item by someone of themselves. Another name is known as “Core Jinchuriki.”
Requirement: Sealed Bijuu + Implant “Bijuu” Kyuutai

+ - Metsubiju (Tailed Beast) Style - >
- The style designed by Grave Asakura to battle against the Bijuu and Jinchurikis. As this now focuses on the inner powers of the user and forces the bijuu’s power to be wield without any dangerous effects. Though the style allows the use of powerful techniques as well.
+ Type: Passive
+ Limit: Varies on (Mode)
+ Effect: Elements of Bijuu Add to Player. (Creates EX – Slot 1, Etc) + (Modes)
+ Drawback: Character Obtains “Seal of Tsuki” (Can be effected by Genjutsu) + (Modes)
+ Requirement & Restrictions: Matou Style + Can only create 3 Techniques of Bijuu Element.
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

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