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 F. Combat & Survival (PvP)

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PostSubject: F. Combat & Survival (PvP)   May 15th 2018, 20:45

~ Combat Survival (PvP) Section Guide ~

x Battles are fought day and night, so ready yourself up cause one never knows when someone may find and challenge you to a battle. The strongest will always have a way to win. This will cover everything from PvE to PvP battling as both share the same system and it will also help show how to use Pets and Mercenaries in battle.

~ Getting Ready! ~
x Battles are done heavily by a Dice Roll or Battle Dice {BD}. Starting off one is able to only do one Action during turn. After which the player rolls the BD to determine the hit/miss result. During which the defending player can evade or counter attack.

Basic & Advance:

> Some Abilities, Items or even Techniques can help the results of the Battle Dice. The Max value is "20" without boosts, note that all/any Abilities, Items, and/or Techniques that is boosting cannot unlock the use of "Critical Hits."
- Item(s), Tool(s), Attacks = Ends Turn (-1 Action)
- Defending = Ends Turn
- Escape = Redo Turn if Failed
- Evade = DEX x2 of Incoming Attack
- Counter = Must be complete requirements.
Roll Rating
- Results: 1 - 5 = Nightmarish Fail (Where were you aiming?)
- Results: 6 - 10 = Fail (Off by a little!)
- Results: 11 - 15 = Successful Hit (There you go.)
- Results: 16 - 20 = Critical Success [DMG x 1.15] (Awesome Hit!)

~ Going First! ~
x There are many ways to going first but only one way is true. The base of a roll depends on the type of battle you are into.  The three types are listed and explained below on how they work.

Battle Types:

~  Honorable Battle! ~
x Battles have winners and losers no matter what the outcome is just know doing one's best is the key. Showing good sports about it also means something in return is earned, usually a powerful ally or rival. Now the rules to defeat.


~ Reaping the Rewards! ~
x Certain items can be obtain while in specific events the ranking of these items can be known as "Ancient or Legendary." Now when defeating an opponent one can take the items and/or ryo from them as well gain the battle rewards on top.


Action Formulas:
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F. Combat & Survival (PvP)
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