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 E. Shifting Waves of Change & Boshi Guide

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PostSubject: E. Shifting Waves of Change & Boshi Guide   Mon May 14 2018, 23:50

< - Tale of the Shifting Waves of Change - >
> The shifting waves of change were said to be 8 powerful curse seal users that would bring destruction and creation behind them. Shaping the world into something they believed would be their own personal peace, however with that came with a price for those that obtain these curses had no choice but to follow what they did as it continued to devour them from the inside out but giving them great powers in exchange.

> As the users were able to turn their bodies into strange beings they would force change to an era with this power. Those that obtain these curses were called, “Boshi” (Epitaph) even so they obtain a seal called “Yugameru” (To Corrupt) across their body that would glow when summoning the curse. It changes colors over time allowing great things to happen for one that controls themselves. When one controlled this power they were able to freely use their abilities outside and perform what is known as Boshijutsus.


< - Shifting Wave of Terror: Skeyth - >
> Walking from the shadows, death follows those who have been branded by this curse. For they will be the reason they earn the name terror of shadows. With the wave of terror shadows will consume your mind causing you to go insane but with greater power.
Basic Information:
Boshi Gains:

< - Shifting Wave of Mirage: Ennes - >
> Walking from the waves of a false hope, those that follow will find peace from this wave of change, however its only an illusion that is foreshows to those that face it. It hides the truth from the eyes of all creating a powerful illusion that it controls to the fullest.
Basic Information:
Boshi Gains:

< - Shifting Wave of Propagation: Magnus - >
> The very strange being unlike the other shifting waves, when this one was defeated it would not just die, it would give birth to another form allowing it to continue to battle. It would show that living and dying are tied together very strongly. But if one would gain this they would be close to being a immortal in some ways.
Basic Information:
Boshi Gains:

< - Shifting Wave of Dark Futures: Helfed - >
> Walking from the darkness of the future, this shifting wave did not bring hope but only continued to visit countless villages speaking of a dark future taking the light of hope, turning it into nothing but panic and discord. As it was only bring the truth of the “Revelation.”
Basic Information:
Boshi Gains:

< - Shifting Wave of Evil Plots: Gourru - >
> Hiding within the shadows, this shifting wave helped from the darkness given each other shifting wave the ability to complete its task. However it was defeated leaving the others confused and lost. Though with the knowledge it had it was able to counter act any form of situation when in danger. When one full changes into this being they obtain a red and blue shield and sword with a pedal design on each one.
Basic Information:
Boshi Gains:

< - Shifting Wave of Temptress: Matacha - >
> This has was not said to have a form, however it would be taking the form of a white cat, that would always stay by the side of its master. However its true abilities is to cause someone to attack anyone of its choice. Its power would grow if fully transformed formed. From which the cat would fuse with its master creating a strange humanoid feline being with razor claws.
Basic Information:
Boshi Gains:

< - Shifting Wave of Avenging: Tervus - >
> Walking from the shadows this shifting wave was rather set on punishment and destruction as it would travel destroying all in its path punishing those that missed used their abilities. After being defeated it was sealed however when one uses this power it would seem that anyone that comes in contact with the Boshi would be bond allowing the Boshi to attack dealing damage to them.
Basic Information:
Boshi Gains:

< - Shifting Wave of Samara: Corbanic - >
> This powerful entity exists only within the shadows after the other shifting waves have changed and destroyed all. Due to the loneliness it used its ability to rebirth everything and defeated its own kind having them become nothing much then simple curse seals that were placed into a single human. Now this being sleeps within waiting to be freed and used once again. However there is a legend that says from the light of rebirth causes the shadow of non existence.
Basic Information:
Jinchuriki Gains:
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E. Shifting Waves of Change & Boshi Guide
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