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 ~Pursuit~ {Hayabusa}{Bounty: Kaze Len}

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PostSubject: ~Pursuit~ {Hayabusa}{Bounty: Kaze Len}   October 17th 2017, 08:46

The day had just begun. Hayabusa had spent the last two months doing the duties of a village leader and regaining the morale of his people. It had come time for him to begin to put things back in motion.
“Lord Hayabusa…” Eliot said, as he had entered the room. Hayabusa sat there on his throne, cloaked in his Gesshoku Akatsuki garb.
He had been followed by Ayane. Both of his ordained lieutenants in front of him. He smiled at her, and she returned the smile.
“Eliot… Ayane… you two have been most helpful to me these last few months. I hope that, with my being here, you both got a well-deserved break. The time has come for me to depart once more. While I am gone… I need the two of you to begin training your enforcers in your field…”
“Your siblings are already well adept to running the country.” Ayane noted.
“This is fine… now is the time to start plunging them into the public as ambassadors. And Eliot… Helena would be a great oracle. Begin training her as the eyes and ears of the organization.”
“Are we being replaced?” Eliot asked.
“Quite the opposite… we will be coming to the public as an organization soon. I want my lieutenants at my side to show our structure.”
“Very well…” he looked at Ayane and they both nodded.
“I will be back in about two weeks. Be prepared to go on a journey by then.” They nodded, and left the room. Hayabusa looked into his mask at the Shinobi Profile of Kaze Len.
“Let us begin our game…”
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~Pursuit~ {Hayabusa}{Bounty: Kaze Len}
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