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 XV : C-Ranked Mission: A Moment

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PostSubject: XV : C-Ranked Mission: A Moment   Fri Aug 04 2017, 13:19

~ x - XV : C-Ranked Missions: A Moment - x ~

Iona walked through Iwagakure's graveyard. The forecast was gray and melancholy, it complimented the environment well. In her hands Iona carried a bouquet of lilies. Beside her was a little boy with long black hair; he also carried a handful of lilies. Despite the morbid tone the two have them had content expressions on their faces. As Iona and the young boy walked through the grave yard they heard the calls of a large Raven.
"Kraa. Kraa. Kraa."
The young boy looked up at the direction of the Raven's calls. The smile on his face grew even larger at the sight of the Gray Raven.
"Koki!" Did you come to see dad too?" he asked with excitement. The Raven cried in confirmation.
Iona chuckled at the sight of the boy and the Raven. She was said that she let Koki go, but it was for his best interests. He wasn't exactly the type of pet you kept in the house and since Iona's ninja days were long gone, she saw little point in keeping him cooped up for the rest of his life.
"If you're here, Koki I'm guess Chiasa should be nearby." Iona said.
Sure enough Chiasa appeared behind her. She was dressed in her battle skirt attire, something that she was slowly started to appreciate. The young boy's eyes were fixated on her.
"You might not be a ninja anymore Iona-Sensei, but you still haven't forgotten the training." Chiasa stated. Koki flew towards Chiasa and landed on her shoulder. "Thanks again for Koki. I couldn't ask for a better companion."
Iona smiled at Chiasa's words. Shoji had said that she is hard to deal with, but yet since she has met her Chiasa had been nothing but punctual and respectful.
"Oh, Chiasa you don't have to call me that anymore. My teaching days are long over. I'm focused on being a mom these days." Chiasa took notice of the boy walking beside her, this was the first time that she saw anyone in Iona's family. "Speaking of which, let me introduce you to my son, Date Yoshimitsu." Iona looked over at her son, whom was still stunned by Chiasa. "Yoshimitsu, this is Chiasa's Jiin. She is Koki's new owner." Iona's words seemed to snap him out of his wonderment state. Yoshimitsu shook his head and ran up to Chiasa.
"So your the one taking care of Koki now?" He asked.
Chiasa wasn't used to dealing with kids. In fact she tried to avoid them whenever possible, but this was an important situation so she thought she could at least humor the young boy. Chiasa kneeled down and with a smile she responded,
"That's right. You mom thought that it would be better for him if he travelled with me for a while and got some exercise." Chiasa could notice the slight disappointment in the boy's expression. Obviously, Koki meant a lot to him. "Since he is my first pet, I was hoping that you could give me some tips. I've never had a Raven before." as she spoke, she could see the childlike excitement come back in the boys face.
"SURE! He really likes flying. I mean he REALLY likes flying. So make sure that he gets lots of open room. He also likes to fight. Probably just as much as flying. I used to help him train, so that's how you know he's really strong. Oh. Oh. and make sure he eats fish. He sometimes forgets to eat fish, but its really good for him." the boy exclaimed.
Chiasa laughed. "My he sounds really high maintenance, I hope I don't disappoint him."
"I don't think you will. Mom says you are really smart and besides I think Koki is nicer to pretty girls." the boy responded.
"I'll keep that in mind, Yoshimitsu." Chiasa stood back up and shook her head. "You better watch your boy. If he keeps talking like this all the girls in the village will be after him." Iona laughed with Chiasa.

"So, Shoji sent you two here to watch over us?" Iona asked Chiasa as they continued to walk through the cemetery.
"Yes, he wouldn't hear anything I had to say. He just said guard those two like your life depended on it." Chiasa sighed sometimes I wonder about my teacher. Shoji is very capable, he has so many layers. Chiasa explained.
Iona chuckled, "Oh more than you realize Chiasa, my dear. but his hard is in the right place. Besides he is just keeping a promise to my late boyfriend. You can't really fault him for it."
"Is that where you and Yoshimitsu were headed to?" Chiasa asked.
Iona nodded, "Yes, once a month we head over to Yoshi's grave and place down fresh lilies. I used to dread this walk, but since I started bringing Yoshimitsu I've become quite happy and content with life."

Chiasa watched over the two of them from a distanced as they approached Yoshi's grave. This was a family moment for them and she felt it was inappropriate for her to be present. She wondered what promise Shoji made in order for him to be so protective of his former teacher. Whatever it was, it meant a lot to him and he was fully prepared in keeping it. Iona and Yoshimitsu remained at the grave for 10 minutes before leaving. While still in the distance Chiasa followed them back home. Yoshimitsu happily skipped ahead of his mom, while she chuckled lightly. Iona looked over at Chiasa's direction and smiled. She wasn't sure if she could see her face, but Chiasa smiled back. | 967 Words |
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PostSubject: Final Results   Fri Aug 04 2017, 13:22

x - Final Results - x

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XV : C-Ranked Mission: A Moment
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