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 Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank C - Minor Escort)

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Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank C - Minor Escort) Empty
PostSubject: Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank C - Minor Escort)   Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank C - Minor Escort) EmptyMon Jul 10 2017, 20:05

It seemed like any other normal day, the same came up it was stayed within the sky it would slowly go down to bring darkness to the world showing the beauty of the heavens. At least that how it seemed but instead this time around it was loud clashing of metal within a small village as Toshi would be seen sliding across the ground with blood coming from the right side of his head as he was smirking at the giant brute that came stomping out with a smile on their face.

“Oh, so you still have some fight left in you huh boy?”

Toshi smiled clearing the blood from his head, making sure it did not cloud his vision with a maroon color. As he looked over at the figure with a katana, he kept his kunai close thinking to himself, ‘how did I end up with this mission.’

Flashing back to the point of him answering the door a Jounin had a blank expression on their face before tilting their head saying, ”Hello, is Hyuuga Toshi here?” Toshi blinked for a minute before mumbling to himself with one headphone over his ear, “he must be new…” Shaking his head he answered,” Yes that would be me?”

The Jounin blinked for a moment before nodding handing him a message telling him, “Please accept this message and mission I wish you luck.” Turning way a figure was left standing behind him as the body was some what shaped like a mini hourglass. The female removed the cover from her face as she nodded, “Hello, my name is Sukana Mitutsuki. I’m from a small village to the south of here…however I’m from an important family and I wish to be escorted back due to being targeted.” Toshi blinked for a moment before Kou appeared behind him giving an evil glare as he turned back to her pointing to the female saying, “Mission…”

Kou calmed down afterwards and nodded as Toshi would clean up his things and head out escorting the female. It seemed easy at first from what he thought as bandits tried to kidnap her, trap them both and leave them for dead. But it was worse as the boss decided to show his ugly face to the battle leaving where toshi is now. Smiling though the female was dropped at her families and escaped which left only Toshi and the boss.

“Time to die kid…sorry…”

As the man rushed with the katana pulled back Toshi smirked yelling out, “Kai” As he would soon vanish appearing behind the man crushing him from behind with a back kick to the spinal cord crushing it leaving the man falling over unable to move. Toshi landed on the other hand with a smile on his face.

“No…I would kill you but I decided to play the nice card for once. I’m going home try not to piss me off next time we meet if we ever do…oh by the way the girl you were after she already left…nice try but you’ll need to move faster next time.” Toshi turned walking away leaving the man on the ground beaten and defeated but it was soon the man was yelling at him.

“Damn you, I won’t forget…you boy.”

A figure appeared beside the man smiling as they leaned over all that was heard was the screams of the man but soon nothing as the body was gone and only blood remained. Even with Toshi vanishing he believed the villagers got to the man but the mission was completed as he returned home but soon was given another request as he sighed heavily getting some bandages on looking back at his wife who was taking care of him with a smile.

Wc: 625
MF: 63
Mission Completed!
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Chapter ?: Toshi's Side Job (Mission Rank C - Minor Escort)
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