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 Chapter 2: Toshi's Summer con3 - Solo/Training/Learning

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Chapter 2: Toshi's Summer con3 - Solo/Training/Learning Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 2: Toshi's Summer con3 - Solo/Training/Learning   Chapter 2: Toshi's Summer con3 - Solo/Training/Learning EmptyFri Jul 07 2017, 22:25

The night sky appeared like every other night, clear with the gems shining brightly teasing mankind once again about the heavens. Toshi on the other hand seemed to be staring at the target in front of him thinking to himself of things that he had been going through from the battles of the figures to the battles of his father that allowed him to train even harder. The night sky was as clear for one to see yet to Toshi it was cloudy like his mind filled with thoughts of the things around him. He could only grip his fists tightly thinking more and more to himself.

The young Hyuuga was not questioning his way of living but the path he needed to go in order to live. Everyone that was a Genin was enjoying themselves and having fun as they continued to train, take missions and be on their own or with a team. Toshi decided it was best for him to be alone and away from a team because of his skills but also because of how he was around people in general. Closing his eyes he started to relax his mind finally only to soon feel the warmth of a body coming close to him as he smirked a bit before turning his head to feel the person’s lips press against his cheek as he shook his head softly.


He would soon open his eyes to see her standing with a smile on her face as she nuzzled against him not wanting to let go of the young boy as he knew something was on her mind. Though the thoughts running in her mind would be like one jumping from one place to another within a split second. Before opening his eyes slowly Kou moved back saying to him softly in the ear.

“Toshi…are you really okay?”

She would speak to him softly in the ear but it was more less as though she was worried about his well being as though he could not be able to grasp what he really wanted or the weight of being a main branch within the Hyuuga Clan. He knew that he was strong but he knew holding the Hyuuga name tall with honor would leave him struggling a bit for what he wanted for himself and what was best for the clan.


Answering with a nervously voice Toshi knew she could feel him lying about it all. But Kou smiled coming back to wrap her arms around him once again holding him tightly as though she was protecting him from harm. Thinking about it all he knew that she was just doing her job as a lover, making sure he was happy. Yet the job of a lover was he really keeping her happy by training and trying to keep her safe from harm. He lifted his head up a bit thinking to himself but smiled.

“Kou…I’m fine now…I know what I have to in order to make you happy and safe.”

Kou would sit her head back slowly staring at him wondering what that was. But she grabbed his hand holding on to his tightly while their fingers where interlaced together. Toshi blinked for a moment as the expression on his face was caught off guard by the grabbing of his hand. It would soon melt to his eyes locking on to her gazing as though he was staring deep into her soul.

“Really now, what is that if I must ask Toshi?”

He smiled giving her a thumbs up with his eyes closed giving a big smile. He knew the dream would be hard but he would accept it in order to become stronger and keeping her safe.

“I’m going to become the next Hokage…”

Kou stared at him for a moment to be confused for a bit but then shake her head with a big smile hugging him with tears. She knew it would be dangerous of a job but also a dream that may shatter him with its results but she knew he would do anything he could in order to protect her. Sitting back up to stare into his eyes she nodded with some tears in her eyes.

“Yes…that is a wonderful dream and goal do it…I shall be right beside you supporting you all the way!”

With those words, that statement Toshi could not help but close his eyes shedding one tear as he just leaned over to kiss her on the lips softly pulling her body to his. Then moving away slowly blushing at her beauty nodding to her. Cause he knew that meant he had to start his new training in order to get stronger allowing him to even reach a harder goal that not everyone may support him for but he would be able to do.

“Thank you…Kou…”

Soon appearing within the doorway was a shadowy figure that would speak with a bit of cheer but also a questioning tone. Coming into the light of the moon that was shining its beams through the room. The adult Hyuuga would stand with a smile after speaking their words to Toshi and Kou.

“Become the next Hokage, now how do you plan on doing that actually?”

Knowing the current Hokage was a Hyuuga already would leave to have Toshi place his dreams on hold but he would shake them off as he turned to the figure. Standing tall to stare at the figure with pride holding his ground before coming closer to stare into the pale eyes of the figure.

“Simple…my working my ass off father…”

Toshi’s words had his father step back with a smile turning away waving his hand into the air before long, saying to his son with a bit of advice.

“If you plan on doing that…then I guess we should begin our training and get you stronger than what you are now do you not agree?”

Toshi nodded as he turned to Kou whom was smiling with her hands together before running up from behind pushing him to go train. Nodding to that Toshi would leave with a smile turning to grab his headphones, then placing his cloak on rushing down the hallways that would lead down to the training dojo to where both Hyuuga’s would be standing across from one another as they both first nodded to each other before turning back to taking a stance. However thinking about it Toshi stayed still waiting for the right moment to attack.

While his father took on the gentle fist stance he waited for his son’s movements but examining his body the boy was not in stance nor was he in the position to really defend himself for incoming attacks. This was good chance to teach his son how battles really work within the real world. As the man’s speed increased for a split second he appeared before his son pushing forward with his right palm aiming at Toshi. Who suddenly vanished himself only appearing later on by his father’s side as they would both clash with their palms pushing back and forth one each other making sure neither one made contact.

It was strange his father continued to watch his son, he was using the gentle fist style but more so in control than normal. It seemed the training would be paying off for his son. But the father moved down to sweep his son’s feet from under him as Toshi was falling backwards from the attack his father hovered over him to bring a crushing blow from his palm. As it moved aiming towards his stomach Toshi took his palm forming a fist having both the palm and fist land on each other as one pushed the other down and the other one was pushed back. Jumping back to his feet Toshi smiled at his father.

Whom was staring at him as the connection between attacks hit, he felt his son’s chakra network seemed to be damaged from the use of his fist onto his father’s palm but it was different. Soon his father grabbed his palm noticing it was shaking violently as he used the byakugan he would take noticed on to the damage.

“What, but…how we both clashed together with our attacks…why am I damage but not you?”

Toshi took his stance finally which would seem like gentle fist but one arm would be extended half way with a fist being formed another tucked to his side having another fist formed. Soon the flow of chakra would start to appear as he smiled at his father giving him the answer.

“Because…this style was created to bring down anyone that would dare use that style against the Hyuuga…its known as… Katabuku “

His eyes widen as he stared at the new stance that his son had created in order to counter the gentle fist that had been taught for many generations. It was suddenly being rivaled but not by sheer power but in everything the gentle fist would do as well. Using fists instead of palms, his father took a closer look at his palm seeing the network of chakra was not blocked off but crushed from the sheer amount of power, then the rush of chakra flooded into the blow.

“I see…so that style will be the style that stops the Hyuuga’s that go against our nations. You truly are a ‘Bright’ child you know that Toshi.”

The elderly Hyuuga took a stance once more as he soon was able to calm his hand rushing at his son moving in close to begin spinning quickly as he neared his son. The rush would soon release chakra as Toshi smiled doing the same thing but instead of releasing chakra he would continue to spin clashing with the force of the rotations pushing both backwards against the ground.

His father stood up slowly confused once more, “What…another technique? This time you rotated but did not release your chakra to counter mine.”

Toshi would stand up as well shaking his head knowing it was going to hurt but smiled. “That was known as Kaijigoku, instead of focusing on the rotating of speed, chakra being forced out at the same time trying to keep the chakra outward. I just removed the focus of chakra and increased the focus on the speed causing a matching speed without the use of chakra being spent. So whatever damage you were planning on doing to mean I was able to cut through your technique with my own making sure we both get canceled out. One absolute defense…fighting against an absolute defense and offense.”

His father was standing amazed thinking everything had been planned out, thus only thing to do was using the next form of techniques. Rushing over the two Hyuuga’s were starting to trade attacks but avoiding the attack only to push one another to another stage but it was soon his father took the step forward entering the next stance allowing the next technique to appear. Soon keeping his eyes closed his father moved forward to throw two hits at his son…but suddenly countered with two hits from fists then as the next two hits were coming they soon were blocked as well. Which the third motion of using four hits only to be countered with four hits from Toshi’s fist.

After which another sixteen strikes came from Toshi’s father, but it was soon countered as well with Toshi’s sixteen hit fist combo. Leaving the final thirty two hit combo from which had appeared to see the battle and was amazed as both Hyuuga’s were trading blows but Toshi was smiling countering his father’s techniques leaving them to finish yelling out to each other.

Toshi’s Father: “Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms! “

Toshi: “Sixteen Trigrams Sixty-Four Fists!”

Soon both Hyuuga’s would be apart from each other as Toshi was breathing heavily watching his father for a bit before having to take a knee from using the techniques all in a row. Shaking his head he turned to glance at his father whom was still standing but soon started shaking as he fell to his knees looking at his hands noticing how badly damage his network was.

“That…technique…it was countering all my blows but in exchanged damaged my and your body huh.”

Nodding to his father he knew that he was hit from the sixty four palms but was left smiling as he stood up looking over at his father with a huge smile on his face but his father stood up as well taking a different stance as he took a step forward yelling out.

“Eight Trigrams - Vacuum Wall Palm!”

Soon a burst of air came rushing at Toshi throwing him backwards to the ground, slowly picking himself up his father appeared again performing the same technique throwing Toshi backwards again landing on the ground. Thinking to himself he never knew of this technique but lifted up slowly thinking to himself.

‘So, another technique existed that even I was unaware of…great.’

His father took a few steps closer before getting ready to lift his palms to his son. The Hyuuga smiled with great pleasure and pride as he nodded to his son. Knowing that he created a way to combat against the Hyuuga for it one was going to turn against the clan but even so, it was not enough as his son was unable to defeat him in combat meaning that he still had a lot of training to go on. As Toshi smiled he stared at the ground knowing the ending was perfect for him as his father would get ready to bring down his palm to push his son into the floor aiming to finish the little bout between them. Toshi’s eyes closed slowly as though he was going to accept it until Kou yelled out to him.


Hearing her voice Toshi eyes widen as he mumbled under his breath, “KAI!!” That moment a spark came from within him as his father’s palm came crushing down but missed his son as the young male was up but behind him smiling at his father before yelling once more, “KAI!” Within his mind two gates had finally opened from within him. His father turned with shock before saying.


That moment allowed Toshi to vanish appearing before his father before kneeling down throwing his fists at his father aiming directly as his face but soon stopped mid way as he pulled his arm back smiling at his father. He soon calmed down returning back to normal breathing heavily as he smiled saying to his father.

“How was that, I tried to keep them a secret but I had learned them while I was studying at the academy, but I was unable to trigger them without having to really be pushed so I have you to thank for that father.”

His father blinked and smiled moving passed his son’s fist placing his shaking hand on his son’s head saying, “You did wonderful…”

That moment he closed his eyes with a smile falling backwards only for both Kou and Toshi to caught him helping his father to his bedroom. Toshi worried as he figured he’d over do it again in training as he took his father to the bedroom several hours had passed as he awoke with a medical nin staring down at the hyuuga male.

“You are alive that’s good to hear.”

Toshi’s father stared at the young kids at they came rushing over to check on the man. Toshi was almost in tears while Kou was crying into the blankets holding on to his hands. The Hyuuga blinked for a moment staring at the medical ninja with a confused expression.

Bowing to the Hyuuga the medical ninja began to explain, “you pushed your body to its limits, amazing honestly the chakra network was heavily damaged in your hands but I was able to repair them. I was unaware of what happen until your son explained the style which gave me an idea what caused the damage and how to fix it. But all you needed was some good resting after that. So I suggest not training for a few days and be on bed rest for a while.”

Toshi’s father nodded with a smile staring at his children with a smile.

“I will thank you sir.”

The medical ninja nodded taking their things and leaving the Hyuuga’s quarters. Kou and Toshi stayed by their father’s side only with him smiling at them both before punching Toshi upside the head. Toshi stood shaking rubbing his head in pain as he stared at his father then closed his eyes in pain.

“Hey…now that hurt what did I do wrong this time!”

His father shook his head and pointed down to Kou whom was still crying about the wounded father. Toshi blinked and sighed lightly leaning over to Kou’s shoulder saying to her with a finger pointing at the old man.

“He’s not dead…I just made his tired and he just needed an old man’s nap is all.”

Soon another hit came flying across hitting Toshi upside the head having him tilts his head with tears coming down his face as that hit was worse than the last one.

“That hurt…more…worse part is…it was in the same spot…”

Kou stood up pouting at Toshi hitting him next as she yelled out.

“You could have killed him Toshi you big bully!!”

Toshi leaned over taking the hits as he stared at his father who’s arms were crossed just nodding whispering to himself.


Toshi just looked into the air confused and thinking this was setup from the beginning because of the fact of him coming up with ways to counter his father’s gentle fist, heavenly rotation and the eight trigrams sixty four palms. He planned it all for the aftermath. Sighing against heavily with his wife beating on him Toshi softly said to himself.


WC: 3001
Basic Training: -7 TP
+ Learned Custom Techniques: Katabuku, Kaijigoku, Sixteen Trigrams Sixty Four Fists.
+ Hachimon: Kaimon & Kyumon
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Chapter 2: Toshi's Summer con3 - Solo/Training/Learning Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 2: Toshi's Summer con3 - Solo/Training/Learning   Chapter 2: Toshi's Summer con3 - Solo/Training/Learning EmptyFri Jul 07 2017, 22:26

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Chapter 2: Toshi's Summer con3 - Solo/Training/Learning Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 2: Toshi's Summer con3 - Solo/Training/Learning   Chapter 2: Toshi's Summer con3 - Solo/Training/Learning EmptyFri Jul 07 2017, 22:26

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Chapter 2: Toshi's Summer con3 - Solo/Training/Learning Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 2: Toshi's Summer con3 - Solo/Training/Learning   Chapter 2: Toshi's Summer con3 - Solo/Training/Learning Empty

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Chapter 2: Toshi's Summer con3 - Solo/Training/Learning
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