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 Chapter 1: Toshi's Spring con3. Solo/RP

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Chapter 1: Toshi's Spring con3. Solo/RP Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 1: Toshi's Spring con3. Solo/RP   Chapter 1: Toshi's Spring con3. Solo/RP EmptySun Jul 02 2017, 16:28

Returning from the date with Kou after he was kidnapped from his talk with his father Toshi was looking upwards at the house before thinking to himself as to what he wanted to do with his life now that he had started becoming a genin. Walking towards the front door slowly he placed his hand against the sliding door opening it with his eyes opening slowly looking upwards towards his father standing waiting for him as he nodded to the return of Toshi.

“Welcome back, Kou came back before you and she was cheerful as always, are you ready to continue the training that me and you were about to started with?”

Toshi closed his eyes taking his hands placing them softly into his pocket nodding as he knew it was about that time for him to learn a few things. The slight nod he gave off allowed his father to smile big having his son follow him to the dojo floor where they usually did the work out together. As they stood they stared on the opposite of each other smiling as they soon vanished leaving the sound echoing of their feet rubbing off the wood as they neared with Toshi having his pulled back and his father having his palm coming to make contact with each other’s attack pushing off as they continued move faster and faster matching the moves with one another.

Sliding around the floor Toshi continued to avoid the attacks as best he could as he would continue moving his eyes having the byakugan activated watching his father’s movements but also getting into the gentle fist style. Rushing quickly he knew he was unable to avoid the attacks from his father’s fast speed. But Toshi had performed a quick jab then moved back to having the hook come across the air with his father blocking the first with his left forearm then having it turn down and using his palm to strike Toshi in the stomach pushing him backwards aiming towards the ground, but it was before Toshi could even touch the ground with his back his father was hovering above him to have his palms come down with a striking force aiming at his son.

Toshi blinked but did not lose his cool as he used his right hand placing it behind him pushing off with his speed and power to dodge the incoming attack but landed on his stomach sliding only to try and recover fast enough before his father appeared before him spinning quickly, Toshi jumped back watching the rotation as it soon calmed down Toshi rushed into perform his technique,

“Machine Gun Punch!”

A small fury of punches were launched from the jabbing hand only to be blocked but it was soon that a cross came flying from the other end of the left hand coming at his father face but was evaded as his father slowly turned with the hit having it miss but brought his hand around to strike Toshi to the face sending him flying to the ground but also sliding to the outside field as his father would walk over casual staring at his son.

“Toshi…though we are Hyuuga the gentle fist should used the powers of speed, reflex and even a calm mind to strike at the enemy. If you move without a flow or even stiff you can never strike a target and you will remain getting beat as we must not allow that too happen we are a proud clan…thus we must continue to become stronger is that clear.”

Toshi nodded lifting his head up slowly shaking off the attack before getting into a stance smiling with the byakugan active still. He took a deep breath in and relaxed his body once more as he leaned over giving him the amount of space to just launch at a fast speed pulling back with a smile as he ducked down aiming at his father’s chin to bring an upper cut faster as it launched lifting Toshi from the ground but his father was able to catch it but was still pushed off the ground a bit as he was in mid air a bit. Arriving into the air he stared his father into the face, tapping him on the chest with his index finger as they started to sync with the fall.

‘What…this is like the Shadow dance technique…but instead from behind…its from the front of staring at your target…why?’

Toshi, smiled after clapping his together pulling them behind him and then with a powerful pull struck them directly on to the chest of his father like a hammer watching his father fire off like a rocket into the ground landing next to the location staring at crater as the dust was starting to clear Toshi smiled mumbling to himself.

‘Hmm, still too slow with them but they provided a good counter attack with both of them…then Machine Gun Punch is improving slightly…which is not bad at all either.’

His father stood up dusting themselves off staring at Toshi with a smile on his face. The damage that was done did not even phase on his father’s clothing as they were perfectly still fixed as he continued watching his son with an amazing expression as he was not that shocked to know his son had been working on new techniques.

“Very good, however you are using force again be sure to change that force into something else and be lighter with it understood.”

Toshi nodded only to see his father vanished appearing before him striking Toshi in the stomach feeling the ports suddenly close on his stomach having fall over Toshi was in a lot of pain as he could not help but breath lightly before feeling the effects once again from the gentle fist making contact onto one’s chakra points. Shaking it off he stood up staring at his father sighing heavily.

“Okay…that hurt and was uncalled for.”

Thinking about the motions his father was doing it was gentle completely as the attacks from Toshi were not they were rough and making contact with his father was starting to become a bit harder as he leaned forward once more getting into back into his stance as he rushed over once more to try his luck with his old techniques he learned before but was soon stopped as he noticed his fist was starting to become a bit warped and confused with it at first he felt the vibrations from the chakra coming from his father as a large rotation took Toshi spinning him in a circle launching him outwards away from his father hitting the ground harder than before as he tried to recover but was thrown to fast that he continued sliding until making contact with a tree.

After finishing the rotation his father walked over towards the damage tree staring at Toshi shaking his head.

“So did you learn something about the techniques and the true way we fight my son or are you going to continue fight with power instead of brains?”

Toshi slowly started to recover walking from the tree that he was launched into as he placed his hands on each side of the tree pulling himself out from the trunk staring at his father with his eyes sharper like before. Toshi’s mind had switched once again but this time was a bit different as he leaned forward rushing but stopped only to quickly vanish ducking to the right appearing from behind yelling out,

“Here we go!”

Soon two strikes landed on his father’s arm then four hits on his stomach, after which it became sixteen hits which turned to thirty two hits finishing with a max number of sixty four hits that would launch his father backwards leaving Toshi standing breathing heavily staring at his father was shaking from being hit. Smiling at his son he nodded to him only to fall to his knees knowing the damage was too much for him but he knew his son finally understood what he was suppose to Toshi watched his father and laid down beside him breathing heavily.

“Let’s rest…here for a bit…”

Toshi soon closed his eyes as his father stood up slowly shaking off some of the damage to none that was done to him as he looked at his son to whisper.

“So close…but I was able to save myself from the damage as I expelled a bit of chakra to take the hits but allowed me to match were you were going to strike at on my body…though I had proud of you let’s get you inside.

His father leaned over picking up his son taking Toshi to his bedroom as he laid him down with Kou coming from her room to see her father – in law placing Toshi in his room as he smiled the adulty hyuuga turned waving his hand as Kou walked in shutting the door leaving the two of them alone as she would lay beside him holding him close to her body. Kissing him on the cheek as they both would fall asleep together.

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Chapter 1: Toshi's Spring con3. Solo/RP
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