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 The Clan of Spirits...deceased... Solo - RP

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PostSubject: The Clan of Spirits...deceased... Solo - RP   Wed Jun 21 2017, 18:07

Tsukiyomi and Grave awoke walking from the hospital and glanced around as everyone just stared at them for a bit it was not long before someone appeared and glancing up at Grave pointing to him.

“You…are you Grave Asakura?”

Grave had blinked confused slightly and nodded replying.

“Yes I am why do you ask?”

Soon after asking Jounin appeared before him and were shocked before having him and Tsukiyomi be taken to the quarters of the Asakura Clan. Grave stood there in shock with the damage done to the distract and fell over upset about everything.

“What…what happen?”

Grave shocked by it all before they turned to see Tsukiyomi whom was staring at Grave confused a bit.

“The clan was attacked it seems but nobody was able to obtain the warning from them or the S.O.S from the clan so it was done in moments possibly even seconds. But all we know is the clan member’s bodies are nowhere to be found within the district.”

The jounin stopped as his partner placed his hand on his shoulder stopping him.

“Grave…please understand we are truly sorry about this…”

Grave stood up slowly and looked into the air only to find some comforted in the words before turning to them with tears in his eyes nodding.

“Thank you for telling me at least…I…wish to…be alone.”

The jounin bowed as they took their leave as Grave took a few steps into the district destroyed by the view of it all as he started to visit every room and show a breaking emotion before Tsukiyomi. The young man was confused about this before he watched as Grave stood up shutting the door to the dojo were they trained.

“Its time we go…”

He placed his hands on the ground creating a black vortex as they both vanished. The Jounin figured it was taking too long as they came rushing in looking for Grave but he was nowhere to be found.

“Damn it…he’s gone too…you don’t think he’s the one that killed everyone?”

The jounin asked his leader before the man turned back around saying.

“We cannot say he did remember we have no bodies for all we know…the clan members are not even dead…but we must be ready for anything.”

After which Grave and Tsukiyomi continued to walk the white deserted as Grave turned looking back at Tsukiyomi.

“When we get back I need you to train harder than before and we need to figure out what element you have under your belt got it?”

Tsukiyomi nodded confused for a bit but just allowed it to be.

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The Clan of Spirits...deceased... Solo - RP
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