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 Empire of Marsh

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PostSubject: Empire of Marsh   Tue May 23 2017, 17:52

- Empire of Marsh -
> An unlawful land covered in swamps for miles. It is also nicknamed the Blood Swamps for the lives it has claimed by its beasts, noxious fumes, and those who drowned in the sticky, thick swamps. Areas are also like tar pits—consuming those unlucky to fall in it. It is also rumored that a hidden village exists in this country—composed of many rogue shinobi or criminals. They seek out bounties and work through this network, allowing them to live in hard times. Anyone who value their lives—or their wallets should never venture through this area.
+ Country Data +
x. Prominent Tribes: n/a
x. Border Policy: n/a
x. Standing Point: n/a
x. Climate: Mucky
x. Population: n/a

+ Government +
x. Cardinal: n/a
x. Adviser: n/a
x. Alliances: n/a
x. Military Strength (SPAG):  
+ Resting Lounge +
x. Hospital + Price: 0
Open + Max HP = Cost (1 Night) [Fully Restore HP, Chakra, Stamina)
x. Inns + Price: 0
Open + 50% Max HP = Cost (1 Night) [Restore 50% HP, Chakra, Stamina)

+ Surrounding Countries +
^ North of: ---
v South of: Turtle Empire
> East of:  Demon Empire
< West of: Deer Empire
+ Hazards +
+ Bandits & Thieves
+ Wild Animals
+ Notable Sights +
n/a - Effect:
Owner: n/a
n/a - Effect:
Owner: n/a
n/a - Effect:
Owner: n/a
n/a - Effect:
Owner: n/a
n/a - Effect:
Owner: n/a

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Empire of Marsh
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